Are you ready to diet?

Dieting isn't easy and there are times when you really shouldn't try to do it. Whether you are trying to lose weight for a contest or for your own personal challenge, you first must have your mind in the right place before your body can get into gear too.
For your best possible dieting conditions, I'd like to give you some quick points to consider before contemplating your body changing event.

The worst times to diet

Sample Image  On Holiday. Your whole eating and training routine goes out of sync. You're in relaxation mode as you're out to enjoy yourself so its very hard to control what and how much you eat.

During a major change in your life. During this time you're usually stressed out and drained of energy. Your mind and body won't be dedicated to your diet.
At the end of an important relationship. If you've just broken up with your husband/wife or partner the last thing you want to do is diet as you'll be still in a state of stress - this only adds more stress to your life.

When someone else wants you to. You have to make up your own mind about going on a diet, afterall, you're the one that's going to be in charge of what's going into your body. If dieting is someone else's idea, your heart won't be in it and you'll probably feel rebellious about doing it and end up eating more which defeats the purpose.

During a family crisis. If you have family in hospital or perhaps your partner has lost their job then your energy will be chanelled towards them. So dieting shouldn't be on the agenda until the crisis is over so you can devote yourself fully to the plan.

  The best times to diet

A special event.
If you have a Ball, wedding, reunion, a bodybuilding contest you need to look great for then this will be great incentive for you to diet.
When you've just had some good news. You've landed a new job, you're going on a trip or your long lost friend is visiting. Your good news will help create a positive attitude and that's essential for dieting.

When you need to buy new clothes. If your mind is ready to diet, then treat yourself to some new clothes that is a size smaller. This extra little pressure will help to give you extra focus.

When making a change to your personal appearance. If you've made a change to your hairstyle then this could be a great time to also change the rest of your body. Could be start of the new you!
When life is calm. When there is little stress in your life and all your training and work is going to plan, you'll be more motivated to stick to your diet plan.


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