Exercising with baby

  This article is dedicated to all the new Mums who want to get into exercise with their new baby.  Models are my yummy mummy friend Sam and her 14 week old boy Connor - who happens to be my Godson.

Thanks to Summer from Workoutsanywhere.com for the article! 

New mums are always worried about losing the baby weight after giving 
birth, but finding the time can be an issue with a baby that now 
demands your full attention. Finding exercises that include your baby 
or toddler, and can be completed anywhere, can help keep you on track. 
Plus you are introducing fitness to your child at a very young age, 
helping them develop healthy lifetime habits. Let's look at 5 simple 
exercises that use your baby as weight and inspiration.

Baby Crunch - Begin by laying flat on your back with knees bent. Place 
your baby on your abdomen, allowing him to rest against your legs. 
Place your hands behind head for support, with elbows out, or keep 
them on the sides of your baby to steady them. Contract your stomach 
and lift up while bringing your upper body toward your legs and baby. 
Try to raise your shoulder blades off the ground completely, keeping 
your neck in a neutral, relaxed position with your chin angled toward 
the ceiling. Return to starting position and repeat.


Baby Hip Lift - Continuing on your back with your knees raised and 
your baby resting against your thighs, raise your hips toward the 
ceiling, keeping your shoulders on the ground. Hold this position at 
the top for 2 seconds and then repeat from starting position.


Baby Chest Press
- Continuing on your back for one more exercise, take 
your baby into your arms, bending your elbows at a 90 degree angle to 
your body with your baby is resting on your chest. Slowly raise your 
arms until your baby is in the air above your chest. Make this 
exercise more difficult by keeping your elbows at your side and 
raising your baby from this position. Return to starting position and 


Baby Squat - This squat can be done by standing with your back against 
a wall if you are worried about balance, or with a stability ball for 
more challenge. Wall Option: Begin by standing with your back against 
the wall, feet hip width apart about 8-12 inches out from the wall. 
Hold your baby against your abdomen near your hips so that when you go 
into the squat position she will be resting on your upper thighs. Bend 
your knees and slide down the wall into the squat position, keeping 
your knees above your ankles. You can also hold your baby 6 inches 
away from your body for a more challenging workout for your arms. 

Stability Ball Option: Begin standing in front of a stability ball 
with your feet hip width apart, your baby in the same position as 
above. Bend your knees into a squat position attempting to touch the 
ball with your buttocks. Emphasize pushing your hips back as if you 
are sitting in a chair to help you keep your knees above your ankles. 
Return to starting position and repeat.


Baby Pushup
- Begin up on your toes (or knees) and hands with your 
hands placed on the floor, just slightly wider than your chest, with 
your baby lying on the floor under your chest. Keep your arms straight 
without locking your elbows, and your back straight. Bend your elbows 
to slowly lower your body towards your baby. Give your baby a kiss or 
a raspberry, return to starting position and repeat.

There's also lunges and free squats

There you go, few simple exercises that work the major muscle groups all 
while having fun with your baby. Be sure to engage your baby while you 
are working out so they enjoy the experience as much as possible and 
you'll reach your goals that much faster.

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9 Feb 10

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