Kaye's Report and Official Results

ProFormance Pics and Report


30 Sept: Kaye's acknowledgement and report: The first Pro Formance Physique & Figure Champions in Tauranga was a great success.   The sponsors provided a large number of give aways to the athletes including bags, teeshirts, products and discount vouchers.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Lisa for her coverage of the show during the lead up and on the day.   With 62 competitors (mostly women) the show ran smoothly, giving enough time for Justin to go through an arm training session at Bay Bodyfit.  Those who attended felt it was well worth while and Justin was very informative.

With our involvement with Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga Trust, the night show started with Carol Robson having her head shaved.   She had raised $1,035 through facebook and other donations.  The crowd added another $540 while she was getting her head shaved and the promoters Darrel and Kaye from Pro Formance Training & Nutrition donated $1,900 from the door takings and entry fees - a total of $3,475.     Julie Blake from the Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga Trust was very  impressed with the professionalism of the show and the contributions given.

We would like to thank  Lee-Anne Wann for the great job she did MC'ing the show and  Justin Rys  for his involvement over the entire weekend.    Thanks also needs to go to the backstage helpers, scrutineers, judges, sponsors and of course the athletes themselves.      

We have already started planning for next year.  Official results at bottom of page.

Lisa's Happy Snaps and Report
The ProFormance CNI's this year will be remembered for the sea of ladies who took the stage this year.  But we're sure the men and audience didn't mind looking at the high calibre athletes on display amongst the 62 athletes. 

Two inspirational ladies that come to mind are that of Carol Robson who bravely shaved off her hair for breast cancer in front of the audience. And that of Sheryl Shenkel who suffers from muscular distrophy competing in the masters physique class. We hope to do a story on Sheryl as it musn't be easy to train when your body doesn't want to communicate with you.
Kaye and Lisa
Nice to see some familiar faces and bodies on stage like Lorraine Chester in the Masters Physique and Belinda Muller-Jack who was in great condition with full muscles to take out the u55kg and the Overalls.  The figure classes attracted huge line ups with very competitive bodies on show.  The senior figure 45+ class with 7 athletes saw Farah Deobhakta continuing her winning form to add another title to her growing list!  Donna Randell went into the Sen Figure 35+ has hot favourite but she did have to fend off some pretty tough competition from Tina Merriman who has great symmetry but it was donna's extra little bit of condition that edge her in this class.

Novice Figure Short and Tall classes showed us that there is some nice emerging talent coming through the ranks.

Sheryl Shenkel

Overall Winners 
It must've been a close contest between the figures of Claire Torr and Kym McCullough for the Novice Figure Short Title.  Kym was nice and lean but perhaps Claire just edged Kym out on structure.  Judges must've thought 'how are we going to figure this out' when 11 girls walked on stage in the Novice Figure Tall class.  All the figures had their own uniqueness and all would've worked super hard to get there, so girls you should all be proud of that.  However there had to be a winner and after many comparisons the judges decided that Nikki TeWano edged out Susan Barr and Brenda Iremonger for the title for her great condition.
The Open figure class always provides much curiosity about who was going to show up and this year we had some intuition at that the mighty Monty (aka Karen Montague) might be here.  And ta da!  there she was in the Open Figure against Paula Adsett and Kirstine Nelson.  Kaye Perry was the only short open figure. Monty came out looking large and lean, and showing much more thickness and detail on most bodyparts and showed a nice overall package and took the class.  

While there was a lack of men, there certainly wasn't a lack of quality.  All the guys in the various classes came in great condition.  Grant Carter showed he has endurance as this would be his 4th show this year and he still came in good nick to take out the masters class. The Environment boys Pule, Chris, Alex, Tony and Tufi did a great job placing and winnin in their classes with Pule taking out the overall title. It was nice to see him so emotional about his win. Coudn't happen to nicer guy.

Men's Overall

Speaking of the Overalls. The Figure battle was a much anticipated one with some top figures going toe to toe. Donna Randell was the reighing overall champ up against Monty who was in great shape, add in Farah's detail and symmetry you have a lineup that would make the judges work. As you can see from the pics below, it was a great contest but it was Monty's size, condition and detail that got her over the line for Overalls this year.

Was also good to see Justin Rys back onstage and wowing the crowd with his big physique.  Lee Ann Wan, MC for the night show also did a fantastic job keeping the show flowing and entertaining during the night's event.

Thanks Kaye and Darrel for putting on a very efficient and friendly show that was enjoyable for athletes and audience alike. We look forward to what you have in store next year!

Kaye and Darrel                 Keith and Kaye
Hope you enjoy the pics
Lisa, Go Figure
26 Sept 10

For more pics go to Muscleimaging.com here
Lisa with Team Eggcel; Layla, Belinda and John Tuki

Overall Winners
Belinda Muller-Jack
Pule Sakao
Karen Montague

Open Figure    
Kaye, Kirstine 3, Monty 1, Paulette 2  
Right: Overall contenders
Farah, Donna, Monty, Kaye, Niki

Senior Figure 45+    
                              Denise, Carol 3, Farah 1, Lynne 2  
Senior Figure 35+    
Toia,Eva,Julie 3,Tina 2,Donna 1
Novice Figure Short    
   Julie 3, Kym 2, Claire 1  
Novice Figure Tall    
Susan 2, Nikki 1, Brenda 3
Masters Physique 45+    
Sheryl 3, Jane, Lorraine 1, Delwyn 2   
Novice Physique    
 Joanne Kapua  Sharon Edmonds 
Open Physique u55kg    
Awhina 3, Belinda 1, Wendy 2  

Masters Men    
Grant 1, Paul 2, Brett 3    
Novice Men u70 and 70-80    
Chris and Pule
70-80      u70

left: Majit u70
Novice Men o80kg    
Tufi 1, Alex 2    
Novice Athletic    
Tony 3, Fabian 1, Scott 2
Open Men 70-80kg    
  Miguel 2, Naki 1, Duncan 4  
 Naki, 70-80kg winner   Lance, 80-90kg winner

Happy Snaps!
John Tuki and Tony Ligaliga
hooking up their kids :)
 The two Lynne Wrights Lee Ann Wann keeping
Justin out of trouble
Johnson and Maureen Judges: Brian, Esther and Mark  Troublemakers in the backrow
Elle with one of her hot boys
Monty, Kaye and Donna Elle with the Environment Gym
 Justin and Lee Ann Open Physique Thorn between the roses?
  We spotted you Darryn! The big gun show
We saw your lean faces
and bodies too
Tim and Daniel (right)

Carol Robson's
Brave Feat for Cancer

You still look gorgeous Carol

Big Teams    
The girls of Kaye's Clan  Team Fitness 24/7 Team  Environment Gym Team
Te Awamutu Team  Team Taranaki Marise and her Ocean Blue babes
Competing Cousies Paul and Kym
enjoying backstage delights
Grant and Sheryl
  Tim and Keilah the proud
parents of the
Gym Team (right)
  Justin Rys  
Assume the position
....for tanning today Justin

Justin's Training Pics and
Video here

Teenage Men: William Falconer 1st

Masters Men over 50: Grant Carter - 1st, Paul Adams 2nd, Brett Johnstone 3rd

Masters Physique women over 45: Lorraine Chester 1st, Delwyn Evans 2nd, Sheryl Schenkel 3rd

Senior Figure Over 35: Donna Randell 1st, Tina Merrimen 2nd, Julie Forbes 3rd

Senior Figure Over 45: Farrah Deobhaka 1st, Lyn Wright 2nd, Carol Robson (with a shaved head) 3rd

Junior Figure: Neka O'Neill 1st

Novice Figure short: Claire Torr 1st, Kym McCullough 2nd, Julie Baines 3rd

Novice Figure Tall (12 competitors); Nikki Te Wano 1st, Susan Barr 2nd, Brenda Iremonger 3rd

Open Figure Short: Kaye Perry 1st

Open Figure Tall: Karen Montague 1st, Paulette Adsett 2nd, Kirstine Nelson 3rd

Novice Physique Women under 55kg: Joanne Kapua 1st

Novice Physique Women over 55kg:Sharon Edmonds 1st

Open Physique Women Under 55kg: Belinda Muller-Jack 1st, Wendy Sole 2nd, Awhina TeKa 3rd

Novice Men Under 70kg: Pule Sakaio 1st, Manjit Pooni 2nd

Novice Men 70-80kg: Christopher Gooch 1st

Novice Men Over 80kg: Tufi Tufuga 1st, Alex Brown 2nd

Open Men 70-80kgs: Naki Rasmussen 1st, Miguel Villalobos 2nd, Brendon Lawrence 3rd

Open Men Over 80kg: Lance Te Kiri 1st

Athletic/Classic Men: Fabian Korzelius 1st, Scott Mayhew 2nd, Tony MacMillan 3rd


Figure - Karen Montague

Women Physique - Belinda Muller Jack

Mens - Pule Sakaio

Team Selection to Country of Origin: Donna Randell, Karen Montague, Kaye Perry, Lorraine Chester, Belinda Muller-Jack, Naki Rasmussen, Pule Sakaio, Lance Te Kiri

Best posing routines - Alex Brown and Paulette Adsett


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