Just when we thought no other show could possibly beat the NABBA Counties show of 64 athletes, Waikato did just that by attracting close to 70 athletes to the competition.  So well done to NABBA on their great run and to the organisers Marianne and Teresa, who we're told, didn't have sponsors or prizes 4 weeks before comp! They certainly did a great job putting it all together to make it a friendly and well organised for the athletes.  
Teresa and Lisa

The show was highlighted by the number of women who made up huge classes. Shape and particularly the Novice Figure Tall class of 12 was awesome to see.  We saw lots of masters physique and masters athletic but where were the open men?!  perhaps they're waiting for the nationals to reveal themselves.  Kristian Bray continuted his winning run in the novice physique tall class but didn't quite manage the overall beaten out by the sharp Matt Matenga who also won the Masters 40+ class.  
In the women, Gill McCann came in the best condition we've seen her in the Novice Physique class but unfortunately was place 3rd.  Another surprising 2nd placegetter was Watson Pita in the novice physique who looked well balanced and had nice muscle mass.

Four of the best contests for the night would be in the Shape class where the judges had a tough decision to make between the top 3 of Cushla, Melanie and Stella.  All gorgeous with different qualities. 
Coro Fizek,
Team Trophy winner

Also gorgeous were the Senior Figure 35 and 45 classes.  Good to see seasoned competitors Farah Deobhakta, Gladys Matthews and Cathy Orevich along with Eva Terres posing down.

Rick Uljfalussy
and Dean Shilton
in open athletic.  Probably Rick edged out Dean with his super sharp legs and better stage confidence. The other was the close figures of Sue Bettridge and Janine Haywood in the Open Figure.  Sue perhaps just edged out Janine by being a little bit harder, she also took out the Overall.

Once again another fun and well organised NABBA event!
Thank you.

Lisa, Go Figure
3 August 10

Muscleimaging also has pics up here

Unfortunately MuscleImaging has requested us to take off the stage pics and vids from this contest but you'll be able to see them at
Muscleimaging.com. Sorry to Keith Jolly for any inconvenince caused from our pics.

Lisa's Happy Snaps!
Leanne Roulston (right)
and her Musashi helper
 Janine and Lisa  Athletes gather backstage
Overall Winners Lisa, Matt, Sue, Rick, Rachel, Cushla   Big novice tall class
Battle of the mohawks Melanie (2nd) sizzles in Shape Open Figure
Sue 1, Teneka 3, Janine 2
Sheta (NZ Body) sponsor
and (trophy girl) Vanessa
 Kaye's Tauranga Crew Senior Figures
Cathy, Farah, Gladys
 Dean, Open Athletic Kristian hunts for another trophy   Master Cuts
Marise Ballough with her
Ocean Blue Gym Team Babes
 Women's physique Tough Shape Class
 Rick U.....sy  Masters Men Matt and Dave (Nov Phys 1st)
reflects on his tattoo
Yes honey you can
use my lipstick :)
Novice Physique Watson and Hemi
2nd Nov Phys, 1st Master Ath
Tarsh capturing her man  Melanie heats up the fire escape  Kristian in motion
 Rick and Dean in Open Ath Cathy and Gladys are ok
with wearing the same bikini
Lisa, Fitness winner
    Sue and Janine in the land
of the Amazon Lyn and Kelly
Team Taumaranui  Team Teresa aka Thames  Team Matamata
 Colleen plays dressup again Teen Men Sue's hard figure
 Kym and Vanessa  Allen, Maree and Naera  Vanessa and Jason
 Leanne and Brian Kaye (trying) to keep Darrel
under control
Lisa and Stacey in the
same space
above: Sheta and Lucy,
and below her other son
Lincoln. Bodybuilder
in making
Delwyn and Kirsty keep things
moving backstage


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