New NABBA/WFF Stage Pics and Report!  

left: Jo Stewart Interview Video here   


Jo Stewart pumping up and
You can watch Jo guest posing at the
NABBA/WFF Top of the South comp in
Nelson this Saturday 10 Sept.
  Ali G vs Toia
for Overall WFF Figure
WFF Stage Pics    
Masters 50 and 40+    
 Glamour and Fitness    
Athletic Class 3 and 4    
Athletic Class  2    
Athletic Class 1    
Figure Class 2    
Figure Class 1    

WFF Men Overall    
NABBA Stage Pics    
Masters Men    
Masters Men 50    
Novice Men    
Senior Figure    
Open Figure    
Men Class 1 and 3    
Men Class 2    
Novice and Open Physique    


Firstly we must congratulate Dave Smith on being unanimously voted New Zealand President of the NABBA/WFF at their committee meeting on Saturday before the show.  Wendy Apaapa is Vice President and Lisa Bailey is Treasurer. Missy Hawkins, Secretary.
Chairperson Of Judges: Maree Stubbington ( Women ) Alex Simays: ( Men ). Webmaster/Admin Officer: Missy Hawkins. Marketing / Sponsorship Manager: Garry Jones. Merchandising Consultant: Richard Parnham. Member Recruitment Liaison: Leanne Simays.

Dave Smith with
World NABBA/WFF President
Graeme Lancefield
Secondly we congratulate contest organisers Wendy Apaapa and Leanne Simays, and their awesome team on running a smooth and efficient show which was enjoyed by all.  The show was a sell out with all the seats of the 600 seat theatre being filled providing a great atmosphere for the athletes as they clapped and cheered their friends on stage.  The show began about 45min late but the organisers got through the classes pretty quick and the show was finished by 7pm, well in time for athletes to have dinner and enjoy the rest of their evening.

Just over 50 athletes competed. While the classes were small, every class was of high quality beginning with the WFF Glamour and Fitness class.  These girls were gorgeous and beautifully presented their figures in their bikinis, sports outfit and evening gowns which showed their fit bodies.  Australian Juliet Cotterill took out the Glamour while the super fit Tara Puke wowed us with her fast and funky fitness routine.

There was a great battle between Ali G and Jayne in the WFF class 2 and Ali was pushed by Jane's great condition but Ali just had that extra width that got her first place and the overall title.  That's her second overall in 2 days after winning the Overall physique at INBA Taupo a day earlier.  Toia has made a huge improvement since last year, bringing down her legs and nailed her condition to take the WFF class 1 over Toia and Davina who also had lean figures.

The WFF men's classes also had some fine physiques.  Lou Vecchio and Ali Mehrez from Australia took out the WFF 3 and 4 classses respectively. We also note that Tiare Tawera, who has documented his journey via his Pukana programme on Maori TV also shaped into a fine hunk on the day.  We'll find out when the footage will be on TV and let you know. WFF class 1 was a tough contest between Sifa Mafi, Vallance Te Ratana, Peter Veuriso and Clay Hay.  Sifa took this one with his conditioned and ripped body.
Lisa with Tiare.
Watch his journey on Maori telly!

NABBA classes continued the trend of great physiques.  Matthew Matenga won the Men's 40 classes with his full and lean muscle, and great posing!  Good to see Phil Kuklinski step on stage in the o50 class and he displayed a hard and defined physique he's known for. There was a tight contest in the Novice class between George Hatzopoulos and Delpreet Singh but George took out the title with his fuller and more detailed physique.  

The 3 figures in the NABBA Senior Figure 35 had totally different bodies but all equally impressive in their own way.  The most inspirational of them all would be of Mary Rahiti who had lost over 60kg in 3 years to compete at a weight of 62kg. The loss was awesome but we're sure the win was sweet for her too.  Naera Johnson surprised us by competing in the NABBA Figure class 2 where she revealed an impressively lean and hardened figure. One that also won her the Overall Figure title.  Another good contest was between Karen Montague and Teneka Hyndman in Class 1.  Karen looks a lot leaner than in previous shows while Teneka still had those boulder shoulders and great structure so it was Teneka that took this one.

   Ofcourse what the crowd was there to see was the big boys and girls in the physique classes.  There was a very tight contest between Nelly Vaoesa and 'quadzilla' Hamish Carter in Class 3.  I didn't see this class from front of stage so not sure how these 2 compared under stage lights but from backstage they looked super close.  There must've only been a point that separted these 2 fine hunks.  Kristian Bray outmuscled the tall physique of Jake Campus in Class 1.

The NABBA class 2 provided a muscle feast for the eyes.  The biggest to feast on, or should that be beast, is Mark Reed!  Since we last saw him 2 years ago, Mark has put on some impressive size on his upper body and more cuts in his legs.  His size combined with his condition made for a crowd pleasing physique - especially during his entertaining routine.  Who knew this quiet big guy can move.  He went on to win the Overall Title.

The other impressive physique was Johnson Reihana. Johnson has turned his physique around since the last time we saw him. He's come in much tighter, more muscular and leaner than we've ever seen him and we saw how much he enjoyed his new physique on stage as he revelled in posing against big Mark.  If Johnson just had another 10kg on him, he could've been a contender but this time had to settle for 2nd.  Garth Van Der Merwe looks like has put on some good size but just needed to come in a little sharper.  Bee Nupae has a nice structure but just needs a little more mass and he'll definitely be a contender in this class.

Then finally, it was time for the Physique Women to come on stage.  Most of the theatre was still packed in anticipation of this posedown of the year between seasoned athletes Kaye O'Neill and Jo Stewart.  The crowd were in awe as the ladies came up and posed indiviually in their routines first.  Each had great muscle mass and definition so it was going to be interesting to see how they compared side by side in compulsory poses.  When they came back on for their compulsories, the crowd relished in what was going to be a great competition ahead.  As they went through their poses, you could see that Jo had the extra edge on Kaye with her dense muscle but Kaye showed her trademark condition, especially in her legs and glutes.  It was going to be a tight and it was Jo that nudged out Kaye in this one.  The girls showed great comraderie, after their posedown they served champagne on stage and enjoyed their moment of competition.

More pics of Jo and Kaye mid way down page.

It was a fantastic day of competition and the inaugural NABBA/WFF Pan Pacific Champs was a great start to what will be a great contest in the Auckland and New Zealand contest calendar.

Thanks to NABBA/WFF for letting us take happy snaps and sharing them with our viewers!

Lisa, Go Figure
30 August 2011

NABBA Snaps    
 Jo and Bee Kristian and Tarsh Naera and Jamie
Film crew  Lynn and Peter  No stress
Kaye pumps up.     Johnson and Maureen.  This is the best we've seen Johnson, yay!
Jo and Mark Reed  Teneka wth film crew  Watch out George, he's getting up!
Hamish and Mark Naera with Underground Muscle Team
Jamie and Kyle

NABBA Senior Figure 35    

Lynn, Mary 1st, Lyn



Mary was 126kg 3 years ago!!!
Now she's 62kg. Awesome.

NABBA Figure Class 1 and 2     
Karen 2nd and Teneka 1st
class 1


Naera Class 2
and overall winner

NABBA Masters Men o40    
          ?, Matthew 1, Darrin   Darrin getting some zzzzzss
NABBA Grandmaster o50  
Tony, Phil 1st, Peter 
NABBA Novice Men    
  George 1st  
 NABBA class 3    
Micky, Nelly, Hamish 1    
NABBA class 1    
Jake, Kristian 1st    
NABBA Class 2    

Mark 1st, Bee, Garth, Johnson 



NABBA Physique Women




Happy Snaps    
Nic and Paul
of Topmark Nutrition
Tarsh and Lisa Friendly rivalry
Myer of Nutrition Systems
with Kyle of Underground Muscle
Kyle with his tasty protein

Graeme, Alex, Annette and Donny

Lisa and Lesley
Judges Maree and Sally  Alison Rainbow and her hubby  Garry and Bronson
Leo and his NBE clothing  Barbara with Ray the compere  Wendy walked many kms on show day
 Athletes at briefing Tarren and Naera  Kaye and Daryl
   The trophies were beautiful!  

WFF Snaps    
 Overall WFF Winners: Ali G, Figure. Tom Wojcik, Athletic 
Toia, Brenda, Maureen,
Mary from 247 Gym
Tiare and the
Pukana TV crew
Hernan gets happy slaps
from the tan team
   ? and Debbie  Lisa with her Uncle Phil Wendy and Chris keeping
the show running 
 Lou and Ali from Aus Toia and Ali battle
for Overall babes
 Chris and Valance
  Ali channels Austin Powers  
Glamour and Fitness    
 Glamour girls Juliet Cotterill 1st, Kerry Ratcliff, Rachel Simons heat up backstage too
Tara Puke - Fitness

below: Tara's cheer squad!
WFF class 2    
  Lisa, 3, Ali 1, Jane 3
WFF class 1    
Toia 1, Yoko, Davina    
WFF Teenage WFF Class 3 and 4 Class 4
 Jordan 2, Cameron 1            Ali 1, Tiare 2

WFF  Masters Athletic

Jerry            Gordon 
Class 3

      Lou 1, Aman 2 
  Tom, Masters o35  
WFF Athletic class 2


     Chris 1, Hernan 2 
WFF Athletic class 1


Sifa 1 

WFF Overall conteders


24 Aug: With 4 days to go, the inaugural NABBA/WFF Pan Pacific Champs to be held at the Bruce Mason Theatre on Sunday 28 August promises to be an exciting one.  Although we're  not sure the exact numbers of athletes who'll be turning up for the event, we know they'll be alot.  And that no doubt many who competed at the INBA Natural Champs in Taupo (on Sat 27th) will also hurry to Akl to compete on Sunday.

Much interest will be on the Open Physique Women's class where we'll see 2 of NZ's best physiques Kaye O'Neill and Jo Stewart posedown in the NABBA class. There maybe more in this class but it has not been confirmed to us.  We know Jo and Kaye have been working super hard to reveal their best physiques and we know the audience will appreciate all their effort too.  We caught up with Kaye at the NABBA BOP show to discuss how she feels about the showdown and you can click the right pic to watch. 


Kaye Video!
Kaye talks about her prep
for the NABBA/WFF and
we watch her in action



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