11-Optimumlogo2  Optimum Nutrition NABBA Auckland Champs
  Backstage Happy Snaps!
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Overall Winners: Sarah Goldsmith, Shape.  Mateo Vaihu, Physique. Craig Smith, Athletic. Jody Walford, Figure. Helen Aloiai, Physique

Donna Randell looking great
with help from Optimum!
    Lisa and Ali Rainbow  Lisa and Ed 
Lisa did great job MCing
night show
Nic of Topmark having
Amino Energy shots 
Kyle (Underground Muscle)
and Lisa
 Lisa and Ali G with our cool ANB Kiwi team uniforms yay!  Mateo with the ladies (again)
Donelle, Julia and Sheree
 BIG Garth and ???  Mark and Mark The big boys 
 Trophy girls Tarsh and Kirsty  Hardcore Nutrition  Cathy O did great job
as backstage marshall
Lisa and HOT samoans
Elle and Tony
 Leanne and Kaye  Rick, Erena, Janine and Kym
Team Tempest Kristian
and Tarsh
Bronson, Garry and Helen  Kaye, Monty and Lisa
Alex, Chris and Tony hanging
loose in the back
 Tom and Jim  Judges
Mateo 'the Matrix' and ? Tarryn and her boys
Craig and Leon
Its the Sly Fox's
 Lisa, Ali G and Ali R  MuscleMilk chick and Donelle     Jody and Marise 

Open girls;
Jody, Johanna and Donelle
MataMata Babes
Rebecca, Monty, Sarah and ?
Team Ocean Blue 
Kaye's CNI Girls Like Mother Like Daughter Jody concentrates 
Waiting to go on stage  Johanna and Nikki (Nov Fig 1st)  
 Senior Physique  Michelle (right) and her client  
 Senior Figures    
Sarah's winning shape  Shape girls  Fabiany and Donelle

Mando  Leon Nice Hair
 Aron and Matthew  T and supporters  Tony and Environment Team
   Good time was had by all  
 Planking Safely  Time to put the feet up and get some tan
 Sleep  ...and eat  


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