NZIFBB Waikato Champs
Pics from Paul McSweeney!

Overall Winners
Nathan O'Hearn, Physique
Farah Deobhakta, Figure AND Physique    
Sheldon Thomson, Bikini
Brooke Thomsen
Farah, Nathan, Brooke, Sheldon

Fitness.   Brooke Thomsen    
Bikini Short    
Bikini Tall    
Figure Tall and Short    
Physique Women u55, o55    
Masters Women 35+, 45+    

Teen and Junior Men    
Masters 40 and 50+    
Nov Men u70    
Nov Men 70-80    
Nov Men 80-90, o90    
Classic men    
Mixed Pairs    

Open Men 70-80, 80-85    
 Open Men 85-90    
Open Men 90-100    
Open Men o100    


Farah - far left Overall Fig    Bikini class
    Steve and Carolyn
                     Sheldon Bikini and Brooke, Fitness winner  
  Nuria with 'Team NfusioN'
Brooke and Sheldon
Taleia and Brooke

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