Lisa's Happy Snaps, NABBA and WFF Stage Pics!

left: Brian and Mark                            


NABBA Masters 40    
Mr Oompa Loompa Brian 2nd.  Mark 1st   Gavin 3rd
Masters 50+    
   Phil 1, 2  
NABBA Class 2    
 5,      3,     1,       4,       2    
NABBA - not sure class!    
NABBA Senior Figure, Open and  Physique  
NABBA Class 3    
 Can always rely on Kristian for some crazy moves  

NABBA Class ??    
NABBA Class 1 and 2 (we think)    
Eddie clearly having a great time in class of his own.   

Happy Snaps!    
Well well we couldn't imagine
this pic a couple years ago!
Garry, Dave and Mark
Nice thought from Richard
and Mark of an appreciation
award for Go Figure awweee
  All athletes got protein prize!  
Allan, Dave and Tom        , Leanne and Alex Tarsh cheers on Kristian
 Wendy, Gypsy and Nelly Keeping out the rif raf Lisa with Peter from
Naera and Maree Congrats kat Hall
4 mths pregnant
Allan and Terry (Wellington
Always fun at the
Optimum Nutrition Stand
 Vital Strength Charlie making BSc
look good
  WFF Jnr and Masters Photoshoot backstage
 Leanne and Barbara  Kerry the lone Glamour Girl Johnson and Dean 

The very competitive
WFF Class 2

 ?  and Tanya Happy Flatties
Lesley and Eddie
Lesley is like the cat that
got the cream but better
Ali G and Teneka Cute couple Jake and Stacey  NABBA Figures and Physie
Lisa with Team Tempest  
There goes the tan train
Brian, Mark and Gavin
in a tough Masters 40 class
    Good to see Brian back
Elliot and Hamish
Team Flex Fitness
   OK lets compare the glutes  
 Overall Figures  Overall Athletic compare  Lauren and Kaye
Overall Physique Tom and Chris  
  Kaye and Lesley  

WFF Pics!

 Glamour Model    
 Kerry Ratcliffe used her
old wedding dress as her
evening gown
                                      More on Kerry's journey in our Wonder Woman profile soon. 
WFF Masters 40+    
Tom 1, Dean 2
WFF Class 1    
Alvaro 1,   2, Tiare 3
WFF Class 2    
         3,  Chris 1,   2
WFF Class 3    
               3,    1,       2
WFF Class 1    
     Jayne 2,  Lesley 1,    3
WFF Class 2    
   Yoko 3, Teneka 1, Toia 2  
WFF Senior Figure    
Gladys 2, Lynette 3, Ali 1


A glimpse at the Overall Winners and Overall Contenders at the NABBA/WFF Nationals.

left: Kaye O'Neill and Lesley Rothera NABBA and WFF Overall Figures

right: Garth Van der Merve was in super condition against Mark Reed for the NABBA WFF class 2 but big Mark won with his mass.


 Lesley Tom Wojcik Overall Athletic    Kaye

Overall Contenders
WFF Figure
Lesley, Ali G, Teneka
WFF Athletic
Tom, Alvaro, Chris,
NABBA Figure
Mary, Lauren, Kaye
NABBA Physique
Phil, ? , Kristian

Mark, Hamish, Eddie


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