Mutant Shred NABBA Nationals
Happy Snaps

Click above pic for stage pics     The Mutants Team
Hayley, Janine and Frazer
of MuscleMilk
Lisa with Jo Nic the lone Mutant
 Empire Brands Team                                                   
Leo and John of NBE clothing  Janine and Donelle  Jo and Bee
Garth at BSc Monty and Derek  Myer at Nutrition Systems
 Allen, Maree and Naera    ? , Kirsty and Deanna
Marise and Attila with their
Nutritionists to ' the stars' Tarren with hubby and Kerry
Helen with Colleen all dolled up
 Michelle with her sons  Tongan supporters  Stan and his clan
 Go Bea!  Go Paul! Well look who we found...
Mark Stewart and Daryl.
Marty and Marianne
busy backstage
Peter with the Novice Figure Tall girls
Jayne 3, Niki 1, Sarah 2
Brian and Helen
 Loved the shoes Kirsty eventhough they did give you blisters!

Mark and Dean in his
sexy tissue.
Johanna, Jason and Kaye
Overall Winners 
 Shannon and Jess (1st shape)
Marise' Ocean Blue team            Shape contenders   
Monty 2, Farah 1, Lyn 3
Sen Fig45
Jesse 1, Sarah 2, Fabiany 3
Sue 1, Vanessa 2, Kiriana 3, Julie 4
Senior Figure 35
 The huge sen figure 45 class Senior Physique 45
Fitness girls Lyn, Helen and shorty Johanna.  Bev and
Some of the emerging talent in Teenage class  Junior Men
Tarren with Bea, Jason, Vanessa.  Love Lyn's singlet Cheers Sue and Vanessa!
  Big Helen with Novice Physiques  
Masters Men 50+
Cassandra 3, Trina 1
Novice Physique
   George, Nov Physique  
Christine and Kiriana Tina Dieter gets final posing tips

Bea and Cassandra    Novice Figure Short 2 and 1
Masters Men 40+   Mathew 2, Mark 1, Gavin 3
  Novice Figure Tall Niki 1, Jane 3  
 Novice Physique    
Novice Athletic Short Open Athletic Short
Andrew 1, Victor 2
Open Athletic Tall
Paul 1,
Donelle and Janine Open Figure Tall
Donelle 1, Elaine 3, Suzanne 2
Int'l Figure
Teneka 2, Janine 1
Int'l Athletic Men
Greg 3, Rick 2, Jason 1
Johanna, 1st Open Short
Int'l Physique
Stan 1, Mateo 2
Open Men Short
John 2, Rota 1, 3
Rick and Janine  Kaye  Donelle and Mateo
Overall Figure contenders  Overall Physique contenders  
The shortest and the biggest  Filling in the gap Mark Massive again
  Rocka by babies  

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