Lisa's Stage Pics, Overalls and Happy Snaps from the Show!

Overall Winners Brooke and Tahlia.  Lovely lighting...and bods too. Phily and Lisa 

Overall Winners        
 Jess, Bikini Jamie, Figure  Carolyn, Physique  Nathan, Physique  Hayley, Fitness

Overall Bikini comparison    
Overall Figure Comparison    
Overall Physique Comparison    
Overall Men's Comparison    

Novice and Masters    
 Farah,      , Carolyn, Joy    
    Hayley 1, Brooke 2    
 Steve and Carolyn    
Bikini Short    
             2, Sheldon 1    
Bikini Tall    
          3, Jess 1, 2
Novice Figure Short and Tall    
Farah 3, Christine 1, 2    
Open Figure Short    
       Nury 2, Jamie 1    
Open Figure Tall    
         Hayley 2, Claire 1    
Novice u55kg and o55kg    
  Joy, Carolyn    


Junior Men    
          2, Andy 1    
Joe Ulberg, 40+    
Masters Men 50+    
 Steve 1, 2    
Nov Men    
 Jhoon 2, Andy 1    
Classic Men    
            2, Aron 1    
      Steve 2, Supry 1    
 Jamil 2, Mateo 1    
   John 2, Joe 1    
Open u90, 90-100, o100kg    

Adela Got Air!!!! 
Wow!!! is all I can say.  Adela's fitness routine was amazing. Such energy, strength and explosive power. 
Not to mention her flexibility.  Thanks for coming to NZ Adela!
Our girls weren't to be outdone either.

Brooke Thomsen showed a great combination of funky style with explosive moves.
While lean mean machine Hayley Freeman showed off her strength and gymnastic moves to take out the Fitness class.

Happy Snaps!
Moe with bikini girls Kyle, Lisa and Tarsh Phily, Adela, Raechelle and Darryn
Team NfusioN  Nuria and Kirsty  Darryn and Chris
Kerry and Craig  Donelle, her daughter and ?    Eat Me and Nury
Garth and Kris Lil cuties Nuria and Nury  Kirsty and Donelle
Jamie getting Makeup  Jamil and Kristy  Joe with his family
Trouble in the backrow  Marise and her babes Matt the Marshall with Jamie and Darryn
Claire, Hayley and Jamie  Claire and Jamie  Hayley and Claire in Tall Figure
     Nury and Jamie in Short
Novice Figure Tall 
A smile from Hayley!    
    Brooke and her gorgeous daughter
Bikini Short

Jess in the plastic corridoor


Bikini Tall 
Overall Bikini contenders
Sheldon and Jess
Overall Figure contenders
Christine, Jamie, Claire, Farah

Masters Physique  Carolyn, Steve, Farah Farah and Carolyn
    Hair out and Voila!
Farah is Figure
Joe's Back! Nathan with the girls
Claire and Jess
Kristian and Mateo
checking eyeing each other
 Supry and Claire Camera followed Joe
Mykela and Nathan
Masters 50+ Junior  
John enjoying the rub down  Kristian sick of chocolate?   Mateo and Supry

Jhoon and Jay Law 
Andy and Jhoon 
Joe and Nathan    

Tarsh and Kristian 
Peanut butter not
spinach for muscles

The lil weights are a struggle

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