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of Mutant Shred Nationals.                

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With 142 athletes primed and ready to get on stage for the Nationals, the organisers and judges had their work cut out for them to run an efficient show. And they did! The prejuding starting on time at 9.30am and finished at 3.30pm. Unlike previous years where they could've spent time doing needless comparisons, the judges were decisive in their calls and were efficient in judging the huge classes that lined up in front of them. 
Marise and Lisa 
And we sure saw some big and high quality athletes this year that began with the 10 hot bodies in the Shape class. This was a close call between Jesse Coate, Sarah and Fabiany who presented lean figures but Jesse just had the extra curves to take out the title. 

Senior Figure 45 was a spectacular class to watch as all these ladies were in great condition. This class probably took the longest to judge with many comparisons between 5 to 6 figures but it came down to Farah, Monty and Lyn for the top 3. Farah was in the best condition we've seen her this year, which she says has been to extra cardio, that edge her out over Monty and Lyn who've also had a great year on the circuit. Once again it was a battle between Sue Bettridge and Vanessa Bartley in the Senior Figure 35 who met at the Wellington Champs a week earlier. Sue once again edged out Vanessa with her slightly harder figure but both were equally matched in the symmetry and muscle deparment.

Not forgetting the boys in the early part of the show. We are seeing some great potential in the big line up of Teenage and Junior Men. Let's hope they keep on training and commit to long time love of the iron so we can see them come through in the novice and opens in the future.

Senior Physique 45 also saw a huge lineup of seasoned athletes on the scene. Carolyn Mailo, Julie Kingi, Jill Clark, Gill McCann and a host of familiar names fronted again but the main contest was between Carolyn and Julie. Carolyn with her mass nudged out Julie who has made some great improvements this year especially in developing her shoulder width. Tina Walker continued her great run and finished off on a high with with the Senior Physique 35 title which she has dominated this year.

Mark Dreyer, Matthew Matenga and Gavin Larsen were great to watch in the Masters Men 40+ class. Mark's mean condition made him the outright winner but it would've been harder to separate Matthew and Gavin.

Novice Physique Men was also a great class to watch particularly when Sam Mausil stepped on stage. Where has he been? ! Sam, who qualified in Dunedin, showed great full lean muscle and was a runaway winner in the short class. James Phillips, who's also had a great novice year, continued his winning form by taking out the Tall class looking fuller and leaner than his rivals.

Athletes in the Novice Figure Short and Tall also showed some great condition. Jayne in the short class showed muscle hardness and symmetry to take it out over Nic and ... While in the Tall class it was a much tougher mission for the judges. It came down to Nikki Te Wano, Sarah Black and Jayne... The top 3 showed great condition and leanness but perhaps it just came down to posing, with Nikki being able to present herself better, that narrowly edged her over the equally athletic Sarah. Was great class to watch!

By the time the Open classes came on, most of the audience had left during the prejudging which is a shame as we saw some fantastic bodies and close judging. We saw Paul Mountfort take out the Open Athletic Tall while it was a closer call between Andrew Murray and Victor battle it out in the short class. Andrew, with his slightly more muscle mass, took it over Victor but Andrew sure had to work for it.

In a much tighter affair, and perhaps the best class of the Nationals, was the International Athletic lineup of Jason Bartley, Rick Ujfallusy, Greg Mawson and Craig Smith. There would've not been much seprating these guys. All had great mass and cuts but it was probably who had the best of all the bodyparts that won, and that was Jason. Jason had slightly more mass than Rick in the upper body - although Rick did match Jason in the legs so that was a great battle to watch. The contest for 3rd and 4th was also a tight one. Craig didn't quite come in the condition we saw him earlier this year and was edged out by Greg who's condition was slightly better.

The Open and International Figure class was also a great class to watch. Johanna Mountfort was on her own in the Open Short class. Donelle Petelo (1st), Suzanne Baker and Elaine Bishop were in the Open Tall while Janine Haywood (1st) and Teneka Hydman were in the International Class. All these girls were in awesome condition and posed well to show off their figures and we're sure an inspiration to many novices and those in the audience.

Mark Reed looked fuller and even freakier than he did a few weeks ago to take out the Open Tall Title. While Rota Elliot and John Afoa had a tight battle for the Open Short. Rota was probably in the best condition we've seem him all year, perfectly timed to win it over John who did look pretty good too. Once again long time friends and training partners Stan Tautalanoa and Mateo Vaihu went head to head for the International class. Stan was slightly leaner than Mateo on that day and took the title in this battle.

Just when we thought Kaye O'Neil couldn't improve on an already great condition, she wowed us again with a much fuller and grainer looking body to take out the Open class over Anj.

When it was finally time for the Overall Judging ( which by this time was around midnight!) everyone was looking forward to seeing the best of the best lineup for the supreme title. For the athletic class, Jason was the clear cut winner with his mass and cuts. Same with Mark Reed who took out the Physique but he was pushed by Mark Dryer for condition, but in the end mass won the day. Kaye O'Neill with her mass and condition was a clear cut winner but figure was going to be a harder task for the judges. Lining for the figure title were some seasoned figures who've had a track record this year. Janine Haywood had won numerous overalls, likewise Johanna Mountfort. Beside them were Sue Bettridge, Teneka Hydman, Niki Te Wano, Donelle Petelo.

After the first round of judging it wasn't clear who the winner would be but then Sue Bettridge was moved to go beside Johanna and Janine. These 3 perhaps had the better overall condition than the rest of lineup and the judges wanted to have a closer look at them side by side. As the comparisons went on we could see Johanna with her extra mass had the edge over Janine and Sue. It would've been a close call but Johanna with her confidence and stage presence took out the overall title.

Considering how many athletes we had to get through the Nationals, the show finished at a reasonable hour of 12.30am. Another fantastic show and thanks to backstage marshall Helen Aloia who must've walked a few kms getting the athletes organised backstage.

Well done to all the athletes who competed and I wish you a happy off season!
Lisa, Go Figure
4 October 11


Overall Winners
Kaye O'Neill, Physique. Johanna Mountfort, Figure. Mark Reed, Physique. Jason Bartley, Athletic. Jess Coat, Shape

Overall Athletic    
Overall Figure    

Overall Physique

Open Physique    
Open and International Figure    
Johanna Open Short
Donelle 1, Elaine 3, Suzanne 2
Open Tall

Teneka 2, Janine 1
International Figure 


Open and International Men    
 Mateo 2, Stan 1 Int'l  John 2, 3, Rota 1 Open Short
Mark 1st Open Tall

Open Athletic    
Open Athletic Tall

Open Athletic Short
 2, Paul 1, Darryl 3  Andrew 1, Victor 2  
International Athletic    
  Greg 3, Rick 2, Craig 4, Jason 1  

    Fabiany 3, Jesse 1, Sarah 2
 Lisa 1, 2    
Senior Figure 45    
Lyn 3, Monty 2, Farah 1    
Senior Figure 35    
  Sue 1, Vanessa 2, Kiriana 3                               Julie 4

Junior Men    

Senior Physique 45    
    3, Carolyn 1, Julie 2  
Senior Physique 35    
Novice Physique    
    Cassandra 3, Trina 1, Giselle 2

Novice Men Short    
Sam 1, Leon 2, Tee 3
Novice Men Tall    

Novice Figure Short    
Novice Figure Tall    
 Nikki 1, Jayne 3, Sarah 2    

Novice Athletic Short    
Novice Athletic Tall    

Ms. New Zealand Physique – Kaye O’Neill
Mr. New Zealand Athletic – Jason Bartley
Ms. New Zealand Figure – Johanna Mountfort
Mr. New Zealand Physique – Mark Reed
Ms. New Zealand Shape – Jess Coate
Ms. NZ Fitness-Model – Lisa Gifford
Teenage Men
1. Alex Spenceley
2. Alister Withers
3. Julio Papps
4. Josh Pendreigh
5. Murdoch Razmi
6. Mitchell Devonshire
David Tuisaula
Nabi Qaitoli
William Falconer
William Cullen

Junior Men
1. Allan Laumatia
2. Mando Ahmed
3. Andrew Barton
4. Ray Edmonds
5. Chon Wa Chu
6. Dilla Kalantan

Masters 40+
1. Mark Dreyer
2. Mathew Matenga
3. Gavin Maxwell
4. Dean Geddes
5. Nola Efaraimo
6. Gary Fowell

Masters 50+
1. Steve Quinn
2. Roy Baxter
3. Scott Burgess

Master 60+
1. Bertie Cocking
2. Frank Stucki
3. Dieter Horn
4. Michael Pouhila
5. Jerry Musialkowski
6. Sonny Brady

Masters Athletic
1. Tony O’Sullivan
2. Warwick Richards
3. Jacky Burtin
4. Kerry McEvoy

Novice Physique Men Short
1. Sam Mausii
2. Leon Chiplin
3. Tee Whyte
4. George Hatzopoulos
5. Micky Dolan
6. Paul Naepi
Reuben Wright-St Clair

Novice Athletic Short
1. Donovan Chisholm
2. Tony MacMillan
3. Owen Turei
4. Roger Symes

Novice Athletic Tall
1. Fabian Korzelius
2. Paul Wezenbeek
3. Ben Butler
4. Abraham Dyer
5. Reza Shahmiri

Novice Physique Men Tall
1. James Phillips
2. Daniel Patchett
3. Sefanaia Ngata
4. Jamie White
5. Chris Hennessy

Open Athletic Tall
1. Paul Mountfort
2. Ferg d’Ardis
3. Darryl Barrett

International Athletic
1. Jason Bartley
2. Rick Ujfalussy
3. Greg Mawson
4. Craig Smith

Open Physique Men Short
1. Rota Elliott
2. Johnny Afoa
3. Gavin Makins

Open Physique Men Tall
1. Mark Reed

International Physique Men
1. Stan Tautalanoa
2. Mateo Vaihu

Best Male Performance
1. Mark Dreyer

Senior Figure 45+
1. Farah Deobhakta
2. Karen Montague
3. Lyn Wright
4. Julie Baines
5. Cathy Orevich
6. Moira Hughes
Juddy Duggan
Kaye Perry
Maureen Thomas
Christine Baker
Gladys Matthews

Senior Physique 45+
1. Carolyn Mailo
2. Julie Kingi
3. Joy McFarlane
4. Debbie Otten
5. Sheila Fisher
6. Gill McCann
Jill Clark
Joy Crockett


1. Jess Coate
2. Sarah Goldsmith
3. Fabiany Vecchionacce
4. Katrina McKinlay
5. Rose Aoake
6. Shannon De Connick
Dianne Akurangi
Pichuda Copeland
Wootyee Wynn
Caroline Cloete

Senior Physique Women 35+

1. Tina Walker
2. Janette McKeown
3. Julie Wordsworth

Senior Figure 35+
1. Sue Bettridge
2. Vanessa Bartley
3. Kiriana Clarke
4. Julie Forbes

Novice Figure Short

1. Jayne Doherty
2. Lynette Burgess
3. Nici Scott-Savage
4. Pari Maxwell
5. Shona Cortland

Novice Physique Women

1. Trina Roycroft
2. Giselle McArtney
3. Cassandra Craighead
4. Tara Jones
5. Ali Richards
6. Beatrice Southwell
Jennifer Jones
Melanie Harvey
Nicola Whiston d’Ardis
Davina Playle-Thompson

Novice Figure Tall

1. Nikki Te Wano
2. Sarah Black
3. Jayne Dowling
4. Maeve Neilson
5. Neisha Brooking
6. Coral Ruri
Natalle Levi

Open Physique Women

1. Kaye O’Neill
2. Anj Winterbourne

Open Figure Short

1. Johanna Mountfort

Open Figure Tall

1. Donelle Petelo
2. Suzanne Barker
3. Elaine Bishop

International Figure
1. Janine Haywood
2. Teneka Hyndman

Ms Fitness-Model

1. Lisa Gifford
2. Francesca Hosking

Best Female Persofmance

1. Johanna Mountfort

NPC Top Region - Waikato

Mixed Pairs
1. Steve Quinn / Carolyn Mailo
2. Jason Bartley / Vanessa Bartley
3. Rota Elliot / Julie Kingi
4. Mathew Matenga / Tina Walker
5. Chris Hennessy / Julie Wordsworth

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