Lisa's Happy Snaps and Stage Pics up now!

     Tarren and Lisa

Donna 3, Shannon 1, Stacey 2    
                            Francesca 4, Shannon 3, Ane 1, Aimee 2  
  Ane 1st Fitness  
Physique Women    
 Giselle 1, Jane 2 Open Phys                              Nov  Jill 2, 1 Senior Phys
Open Figure Short    
Heidi 3, Janine 2, Teneka 1    
Open Figure Tall    
Monty 1, Suzanne 2, Elaine 3    
Senior Figure 45 and 35    
Carol 2, Farah 1, Gladys 3 o45    
 Farah, 1st o45 Vanessa, 1st o35  
Novice Figure Tall    
      3, Carolyn 1, Nats 2
Couples Winner    
 Vanessa and Jason    


Junior and Teen
Brandon 2, Gurjeet 1,  

Nabi 3.  Andrew 1st Junior 
 Tim 2, Dave 1 Masters 40 Gavin 1, Steve 2 Masters 50   
Athletic Short, Masters, Open    
Craig 1st Short, Warwick 1st
Fabian 2, Jason 1, Darryl 3
Open Tall
Open Physique Short and Tall    
Open Tall
Jake 4, James 2, Mateo 1
Kristian 3

 Stan 1st Open Short

Novice Athletic    
    Francois 1, Darryn 2
Novice Short
    Heny 2, Mannell 1, Joshua 3
Novice Tall
Novice Physique Short    

Paul 3, Hernan 4 , Henry 1
Micky 2
Novice Physique Tall    
 Andrew 3, Tony 2, Tua 1    

Happy Snaps!    
Lisa with Supergirl clients
Carolyn and Janine

Elvis is in the building!

Tarren and her
Super Winning Team
Jim and Marianne  Marise and Attila Kerry and Kristy
gorgeous trophy girls
Vanessa and Jason  Shape girls Creo team indulging in
cake and wine
Jake and Stacey in
great shape for their
Heidi's impromptu return
to Open Figure
 Shape girls dress up
 Open and Nov Ath  Nov Fig Tall  Helen and Rick
Mateo has packed on
some more mass
more Tall Figure Kristian missing his other half
 Farah and Carol in Sen Fig Smiling James   Open Short and Tall Figure
 Warwick and Gavin  Steve and his team  Jill and ? in Sen Phys
 Fitness Girls  Ane and her dapper man  Carolyn and Janine
  Fitness girls practicing  Ane shows her flexibility
  This team brought their own hair and makeup artist
 Junior Men  Teen Men Craig, Fabian and Darryl
Jane Matua in Open Phys Ness peaking to see
how Bart's going
 Novice Physique
 Gladys and Farah  Steve and Nats (?) lol  Dark hair girls from Tauranga
Kerry and Craig
can finally eat yay.
Giselle shows femininity
and muscle do mix!
Elle - the other half
of team Carolyn

NABBA North Harbour Overall Comparison Pics!

Overall Winners
Shannon - Shape
Giselle - Physique
Jason Bartley - Athletic
Teneka Hyndman - Figure
Mateo Vaihu - Physique
Ane Bartlett - Fitness

Shannon, Giselle, Jason, Teneka, Mateo, Ane

Overall Figure    
Monty, Teneka, Vanessa, Carolyn, Farah  
Overall Physique    
Overall Athletic    
Overall Physique    

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