The view is great from
indoors too
Bikinis and Tans were swapped for cakes, tea and bubbly at Ali G's High Tea party on 19 November at Orbit on top of the Skytower.  

I was one of the lucky ones invited to an awesome afternoon of chatting, drinking and eating as we forget about the diet for the day. 
Class photo lol
Everyone was still looking fit and healthy and in great shape.  Nice to see Alison Rainbow along and sharing some of her stories too.  Thanks Ali for organising the get together!

Lisa, Go Figure

Alison and Lisa Great day to be in Orbit! Ali enjoying her high Tea
Johanna, Ali and Michelle Ali and her gorgeously
creative daughter Ghissy
Michelle, Lisa and Erena
Michelle and bubbles  Janine and Lisa Mmm What diet?
Janine and Kym with goodies
Alison points to her next
delicous mouthful
Monty and Johanna
 Have another bite girls

Jayne and Johanna
enjoying some bubbly

 Erena and Janine
Toia and her goodie bag Moira and Gladys stil
looking great
 Ghissy and Cathy Brenda and Toia polishing off
the plates

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