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Ms. East Coast Figure - Maureen Thomas
Mr. East Coast Athletic - Mike Smith
Ms. East Coast Physique - Tina Walker
Mr. East Coast Physique - Soteila Fatui
Ms. East Coast Fitness-Model - Florrie Brooking
Ms. East Coast Shape - Prue Rodgers

Masters 40+
1. Nola Efaraimo
2. Mathew Matenga

Masters 60+
1. Sonny Brady

Novice Athletic Tall
1. Mike Smith
2. Steve Norris
3. Ewen Atkins
4. Jason Schilling

Novice Athletic Short
1. Michael White

Novice Physique Men
1. Soteila Fatui
2. Darren Crosby
3. Ivan Te Momo
4. Peter Haenga

Teenage Men
1. Aaron Mitchell

Junior Men
1. John L’Huiller

Open Physique Men
1. Leo Tanirau
2. Rota Elliott
3. Andrew Murray

Best Male Performance
1. Leo Tanirau

1. Prue Rodgers

Senior Figure 50+
1. Cora Irving

Novice Figure
1. Maureen Thomas
2. Dianne Akurangi
3. Maxine Neustroski

Novice Physique Women

1. Trudy Le Lievre-Houkamau

Senior Physique 40+
1. Tina Walker

Senior Physique 50+
1. Joy Crockett

Open Physique Women
1. Julie Kingi
2. Julie Wordsworth

Fitness – Model
1. Florrie Brooking
2. Sue Miki

Best Female Performance
1. Trudie Le Lievre Houkamau

Mixed Pairs
1. Rota Elliott / Julie Kingi
2. Mathew Matenga / Tina Walker
3. Darren Crosby / Dianne Akurangi



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