Thanks to Paul Adams for sending us some happy snaps from the show!  And to Frances Robinson for writing us the report.  This is great team work and we appreciate it heaps!!!!

left: Frances, Wendy and Julie













Report from NABBA Taranaki Championships, 10th March 2012
By Frances Robinson, Ms Taranaki Physique, 2012

Bodybuilders from all around the north island wowed New Plymouth's Theatre Royal on Saturday night. It was a small show of 22 athletes with often one competitor per class but we welcomed some quality talent from Wanganui, Kawerau, Feilding, Manawatu, Auckland, Hamilton and Gisborne.

A supportive, very vocal audience and cheerful competitor comraderie backstage was encouraging for the athletes who had eagerly anticipated this day. There was positive feedback after the competition:

Julie Kingi from Kawerau: "An excellent show, well run and we as bodybuilders were looked after from the start. The marshalls in the back were the best that I have ever dealt with, so will be back again and with my team next time."

Pru Rodgers from Auckland: "Hospitality from the local Taranaki folk was awesome! Big thanks to the main back stage man at the comp who kept all athletes up-to-date with absolutely everything. Thank you."

Maria Foley-Dunlop from New Plymouth: "A big thanks to NABBA for believing in the Taranaki's Passion for the sport."

Charmaine Sutherland, Contest Organiser: "I'm so pleased to have NABBA finally here in Taranaki. The volunteers who rallied together were awesome and we are unique here in the 'naki I am told. Some other regions have only one person doing all the work, we are a little different apparently."

I had time to duck out into the audience and catch some of the show. Two physiques in particular stood out for me - Sue Bettridge, Overall Figure winner and novice Mike Smith, Overall Athletic winner. These two athletes presented absolute perfection in shape, symmetry, muscularity, definition and posing execution and were a dream to watch. I find bodybuilders of this calibre extremely motivating. They give us the enthusiasm to get back into our training with a passion. Well done Sue and Mike.

Although not taken into account in the judging process, an athlete's routine is an important part of the entertainment value for spectators at the Evening Show, and there were some beautifully executed routines on stage this night. Nina Ryan's smooth, graceful, feminine posing was an absolute pleasure to watch. Her style was in stark contrast to Maria Foley-Dunlop's fast, exciting, punchy, precise poses to a Michael Jackson track - which won her the Best Female Performance award. This was novice Aidan Carr's first competition. Aidan did so well to win the Best Male Performance award, especially since he'd only put his routine together in the last week or so.

Although this was a small show we have sponsors already indicating their intent for 2013. This was a great a start, but 2013 will be bigger and better now that we have the NABBA ball rolling in Taranaki.

Frances Robinson

Ms. Taranaki Figure -  Sue Bettridge
Mr. Taranaki Athletic - Mike Smith
Ms. Taranaki Physique - Frances Robinson
Mr. Taranaki Physique - Mathew Matenga
Ms. Taranaki Fitness-Model - Ashleigh McCaw
Ms. Taranaki Shape - Prue Rodgers

Teenage Men
1. Aaron Mitchell

Junior Men
1. John L’Huiller

Masters Athletic
1. Shane McNab

Novice Athletic
1. Mike Smith
2. Aidan Carr

Open Physique Men
1. Mathew Matenga

Best Male Performance
1. Aidan Carr

Novice Figure
1. Maureen Thomas
2. Audrey O’Keefe
3. Clare Weyden

1. Prue Rodgers

Senior Physique 50+

1. Frances Robinson

Senior Physique 40+
1. Wendy Sole

Open Physique Women
1. Julie Kingi

Senior Figure 50+
1. Lynette Burgess
2. Trisha Legg

Senior Figure 40+
1. Sue Bettridge
2. Maria Dunlop

Open Figure
1. Nina Ryan

Ms. Fitness-Model

1. Ashleigh McCaw

Best Female Performance
1. Maria Dunlop

Top Gym
1. Rampage Fitness


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