Stage Pics!
NABBA WFF Pan Pacific Champs on line now

Overall Winners
NABBA WFF Pan Pacific Champs

WFF:      Ms Athletic, Johanna Mountfort
             Mr Athletic, Naki Rasmussen
NABBA:  Physique, Grant Pieterse
             Figure, Jayne Dowling


WFF Overall Ms Athletic Comparison

WFF Overall Ms Athletic Comparison
NABBA Overall Comparison

NABBA Physique
Senior Figure
Novice Figure
Yoko 1, Kelly 2, 3

WFF Glamour    
WFF Senior Figure and Class 2  
WFF Senior Figure        2, Jayne 1               WFF Class 2  Johanna 1, Kristen 2
 WFF Class 1    
Stacey 3, Donelle 1, Olivia 2
WFF Masters
Masters 40+  Masters 60+ Dieter
WFF Class 3 and 4

1, 3, 2
 Class 4 Winner

Class 3: Fatu 1  Warren 2
WFF Class 2
WFF Class 2: Naki 1 Chris 2
WFF Class 1
           3, Aron 1, 2

Happy Snaps!
 Dave and Donny  Lisa and Tony Leanne and Wendy did
an awesome job running show
 The cosy venue was perfect for the jam packed crowd to watch the conditioned athletes
Hot trophy girls Tarsh and ?  Subway run for athletes  Sam and Lisa Bailey
Frazer and Grant for
Bee and Jo for BSc Grant and Sesa for each other
Busy helpers Kristian and Grant
swapping stories
Chris and Leanne with
Stacey and Jake
  Snapping the papparazi  
Sexy Stacey and Jake  Vibes Team  Just because they look good


WFF Glamour Girls           2, 1, 3 Stacey and Jo


WFF Class 2. Johanna looking lean, full and ripped at 50kg.    Jo and Kristen
Donelle was also in great condition to take WFF class 1

WFF Class 1

Olivia gets final pat down from Sarah
Sarah and her Mum Jo and Tony
Jayne and Lusia WFF Masters
WFF Class 1 Class 1 winner Aron  WFF Class 2

WFF Class 3

Sarah File, Masters NABBA
gets posing tips from Jo
NABBA Novice Figure Yoko and ?
 Michelle and Chanay  Sheree
NABBA Masters NABBA Class 3

NABBA Class 2
Kent and Grant
Jake in the zone
Class 1
 Kristian cools down
Class 1
Grant showing lots of
little improvements
since his last show

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