Report and Pics of NABBA Auckland Champs!

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Overalls: Bronte, Fitness. Johanna, Figure. Morne, Athletic. Helen Aloai, Physique. Mark Stewart, Physique. Jess Coate, Shape. 
 Johanna                           Morne                        Helen                 Mark               Jess

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The NABBA Auckland Champs attracted around 60 athletes to the cosy Glenfield College venue.  Although this also included the 'Asia Pacific Champs', only 2 athletes came from the Asia Pacific region to represent their countries.  The athlete in Int'l Men's class travelled all the way from India while Denver Chandry, living in NZ also represented India. Nevertheless, the show itself was a great success and the s
how unveiled new figures and reinvented new ones.

Denver and Allan

The Junior Men was a super close battle between Allan Laumatia and Denver Chandry.  Allan had the nice classic lines of Frank Zane (and posed like him too) while Denver had dense mass and definition way beyond his 22 years.  Good to see young guns coming through the ranks and no doubt we'll see these two rematch again in the future.

Oalls: Sue and Johanna. Darlene was also called up for the comparison

One figure w
ho has reinvented herself is Sue Bettridge who took out the Senior Figure 40 plus class.  This was the best condition we've seen Sue.  She was muscular and lean and probably had the best butt of the show, a feature she attributes to all the stair work she's done in the off season.   It was a pleasure watching Sue and Johanna Mountfort go head to head in the Overalls as they had quite different figures, so was interesting to see which way the judges were going to go.  Sue was ripped but Johanna had the bigger and fuller figure which probably got the vote from the judges in the end.  Was also good to see the big muscles of Helen Aloia and Giselle McArtney on stage in the Int'l and Open physique, Helen with her mass and height was just too powerful to take the Overall title over Giselle who was also in great condition.

Ofcourse when talking about reinvention, we can't go past 57 year old Mark Stewart who made a comeback of the decade.  Its been 16 years since he trained, and the last time he competed was in 1996 but watching him pose on stage you'd think he even left.   He was confident and had the crowd appreciated his condition and posing style as he went through the poses.  Mark showed great muscle density and condition, and his legs were ripped from all angles.  With those assets he was chosen as the Overall Winner which is not a bad welcome back present.


Oall comparisons:                       Mark and Allan                Mark S and Rota

It was great to see the huge lineup of 10 Novice Tall Figures on stage.  Two stand out athletes were Darlene Thomas and Abbey Rapia who had nice structures and muscle condition and placed 1st and 3rd in this class.  We look forward to seeing these 2 move through the ranks in the future. Annette Hosking, who won the overall physique at Counties, competed in this class and placed 2nd.

left: Abbey and Darlene

Novice Physique Men were out in force but not so the Athletic class.  Where have all the Athletic guys gone?  There was only 1 in the open class and 3 novices which was once again won by Morne Barnard who also took out the overall again.  Who's going to come out and put an end to Morne's run :)?

As you can see the year has kicked off well with some great bodies on display and we look forward to seeing more reveal themselves as the year goes on.

Thanks to Peter Hardwick and NABBA for letting us bring the action to our viewers!

Lisa, Go Figure
May 2012


Int'l and Open Figure
Int'l Figure
Johanna 1, Janine 2
Lynette 1st Open Fig


Open Men
 Int'l Men
             2, Mark 1
Open Men
Talia,     Rota 1, David 2
Novice Athletic

Open Athletic 1st


Novice Figure

Nov Fig Tall
Annette 2, Darlene 1, Abbey 3

Nov Fig Short 1st

Teen Figure 1st

Physique Women
Novice 2, Jeannie 1 Giselle, Open. Helen, Int'l
Novice Physique Men
Senior Figure 40+
Sarah 2, Sue 1, Donna 3

     Sue, Cathy, Sarah

    Lyn,                 Donna

Ane 2, Bronte 1, 3
Pechuda 2, Jess 1
Teen Men
            1, 2
Junior Men
Aron 3, Denver 2, Allan 1

Masters 40+
Andrew 3, Nola 1, Nigel 2
Masters Physique 50+
Senior Physique 50+
Ali 1, Joy 2

Happy Snaps!

Nic, Lisa and Donna
at Magnum stand
Jim and Marianne
enjoying lunch in the sun
Mark of Topmark
with the distinctive Magnum banner

Pretty in pink ladies  Fitness 247 Team Tarren's Team wins
Team Trophy again

? and Helen
sorry forgot your name!
Stan giving advice
to the boys
Darlene (Nov Tall winner) and
Mark (Oall)

Caught again Jade and Shannon 20 years and still in love
Donna and Nigel
The boys are back in town
Mark, Hugh and Steve

Maureen and Kellie
teen figure winner
Nicholas and his biggest suppoter.  Loved his peaked biceps.
 Lisa and Monty Robyn, novice tall Mateo and his entourage

Kirsty getting a touch up Looking good Colleen! Judges receive their acknowledgements

Remember his name. Denver. What a physique and only 22.  2nd Junior Men.
Giselle and Helen  Janine and Jo  Niue boys

Darren's big bicep Just gorgeous Jess Micky and his teen daughters.
Can't believe he's also a Grandad!

Michael, Sanjeev, Darren  Bobby and Morne Lyn and Julie


Fitness Models Shape Novice Physique

 Masters Men 60+ Masters Men 40+  Novice Physique

Novice Figure Tall
and 1 Shorty
Novice Athletic and Johanna still pumping up
Sen Physique 50+ Giselle and Helen  Janine, Lynette and Jo
 Lucky Last. Lisa and Marise
Me and my girls Janine and fig in making - Linley

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