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Happy Snaps from Jason Bartley!

Vanessa Bartley,
Oall Figure
Overall winners
Figure - Vanessa Bartley,Physique Wendy Sole,Men- Rota Elliot
Athletic - Paul Mountfort
, Shape - Teresa Edwards

Bart's Happy Snaps!

Fitness Model


Masters Physique
Senior Physique Senior Physique
Nov Figure short  Senior Figure  Senior Figure
Senior Figure Open Figure
Physique Men Nola and Rota Athletic Men
Mixed pairs



Fitness Model - 1st Raquel Standen 2nd Monique Cross 3rd Tania Rauna
Teenage Men - 1st Aron Innes 2nd Hira White-Te Momo
Junior Men - 1st Brendon O'Byrne 2nd Ivan Toopi 3rd Riki Lindsay
Shape - 1st Teresa Edwards 2nd Tessa Hyson 3rd Jessica Johnston
... Masters 60+ - 1st Frank Stucki 2nd Sonny Brady 3rd Digby Barrington
Senior Physique Women 40+ - 1st Wendy Sole 2nd Carol Doyle 3rd Gaylene Marwood
Senior Physique Women 50+ - 1st Gill McCann 2nd Naera Komene
Senior Figure 40+ -1st Lyn Wright 2nd Tonya Fines 3rd Leela Ngamotu
Senior Figure 50+ - 1st Maureen Thomas 2nd Carol Robson 3rd Elmarie Coetzee
Novice Figure Short - 1st Kendra Jackson 2nd Stacey Handley 3rd Anita McHardy
Novice Figure Tall - 1st Jo Parsens 2nd Melissa Adam 3rd Jo Sanders
Novice Athletic Men - 1st Josh Baker 2nd Manuel Korzelius 3rd Darryl Roycroft
Masters Athletic - 1st James Curtis
Novice Physique Women - 1st Trudie Lelieve-Houkamausi
2nd Barbara Moyes 3rd Miriam Johnston
Open Physique Women - 1st Trina Roycroft 2nd Julie Kingi
Novice Physique Men - 1st Ryan Emery 2nd Raimood Alfashkihi 3rd Manase Taufu
Masters Physique Men 40+ - 1st Nola Efaraimo
Open Physique Men - Rota Elliot
Open Figure - 1st Vanessa Bartley 2nd Cindylee Jackson 3rd Suzanne Barker
Open Athletic - 1st Paul Mountfort 2nd Fabian Korzelius 3rd Victor Sharp
Mixed Pairs - 1st Rota Elliot & Julie Kingi 2nd Darryl & Trina Roycroft

Figure - Vanessa Bartley
Physique Women- Wendy Sole
Physique Men - Rota Elliot
Athletic - Paul Mountfort

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