Report and Pics!
NABBA Waikato up now!

Overall Winners
L to R: Jess Coate, Shape. Sifa Mafi, Phys. Janine Haywood, Fig. Jason Bartley, Ath. Sesa Tomuli, Phys. Bronte Coluccio, Fitness

When NABBA announced that their Waikato was going to be held in Whangamata instead of the traditional Hamilton venue, we were all probably wondering who was going to Whangamata!!! 

It seemed such a long way to go and is anyone willing to travel, especially the Aucklanders.

But we all needn't worry.  With the awesome pre promotion by new organisers Vanessa and Jason Bartley and the way they've attracted by sponsors and prizes for each class, the show was a very attractive prospect to athletes and consequently we saw 71 athletes competing at the show.

        MC Vanessa
They had prizes galore from NZ Muscle who contributed almost $2000 in protein supplements.  Russell Athletic also ensured the Open Figure class shared over $1000 in clothing.  Winners of various classes also got crockpots and rice cookers while all place getters got goodie bags filled with treats and samples.
Right pic: Pat Petelo of Russell Athletic not only spoiled athletes but also Go Figure with a hoodie and a puffer jacket!


Shape class once again was huge with 9 in the lineup.  The shape varied between the athletes and it must've been hard to decide for judges to decide between the different degrees of muscularity, structure and routines. However,it was Jess Coate once again taking the title to continue her reign on this class, a close second went to Pechuda Copeland and Tara Campbell third.  In the fitness class, Bronte Coluccio also continued her form by nailing her high flying routine, Ashleigh McCaw looks like she's done a great job leaning down her figure however it was Stella Jenkins just edge her to second place.

Also on a roll is Pat Petelo who once again busted out his posing skills and presented a well conditioned physique to take out the Novice Physique Short title.  The teenage men was quite impressive for their youth and muscularity.  Daniel Roodt and Nathaniel Ogilvey, 1st and 2nd in the teen showed great condition for their age and we look forward to seeing them in future years.  Also want to mention the great effort by 15 year old Ethan Coulter also in the teen class who's made a huge difference to his physique dropping many kgs over the years.  Another young gun Richard Aholelei also showed great condition to take out the Junior title.   Mark Cook improved his condition, particular in his leg definition, to take the Novice Athletic class.   Matt Hura and Jason Bartley also continued their winning streak taking out the Masters and Open Athletic classes.  Jason not only had to battle his competitor but also his bad bicep on stage.  He's torn bicep but still managed to take the stage so well done on your super man efforts Bart!

Tarren McCall and Mateo Vaihu looked awesome in their guest posing routines.  All that posing made Mateo a little tired.

We probably saw the best Women's physique line up for a long time at this show. Barbara Moyes, Carol Doyle and Gill McCann showed superb condition and it was nice to see some hard battles between the senior classes.  Ofcourse there was the awesome Open Physique line up which saw Sesa Tomuli flexing her muscles after 2 years absence from the stage. 

She had initially wanted to do figure but did not make weight for her class, nevertheless she fitted nicely into the open and was up against Julie Kingi, Rachel Jarvis and Anj Winterbourne in the Open.  Sesa with her great symmetry and muscle mass took out this class while Helen Aloai took the International.  It was an awesome sight to see Sesa and Helen on stage together as its been a long time since we've seen such big muscles posedown.

The Open Figure was also a spectacle to watch.  Jayne Dowling, Donelle Petelo and Kiriana Clark had a tough tussel in the Open Tall while Janine Haywood and Sue Bettridge did battle against each other the 3rd time this year.   Both Jayne and Donelle improved their figures presenting a much more muscular and leaner physique than last year, it would've been a very close call but Jayne nudge Donelle to take the class. 

In 2 previous shows this year Sue had beaten Janine but this time Janine took one back and took out the class with her fuller and leaner figure.  No doubt we'll see these 2 again this year and both will be firing to come out with their best condition yet.   In the Overall, it came down to Jayne and Janine.  In the end it was probably Janine
's cut legs and maintaining her muscularity from the prejudging that got her the Waikato overall title.

Overall Figure comparison

Rota Elliot in the Open Short was in his best condition yet this year.  Sifa Mafi was also looking sharp in the Open Tall to take the title.  Was great to see Rota, Sifa and Pat pose down for the Overall title as they were all in great condition but once again it was Sifa with that extra height and muscle that took out the title.

Overall it was a great show! Vanessa and Jason have been confirmed as organisers for the show next year so no doubt we can look forward to another great event with lots of goodies for everyone!

Lisa, Go Figure
4 July 2012

Open Figure Short and Tall  
Open Tall Open Short
Donelle 2, Jayne 1, Kiriana 3.   Janine 1, Sue 2

Open Physique Women
Sesa 1st Open, Helen 1st Intl. Anj 4, Rachel 3, Julie 2 Open

Novice Figure
Novice Figure Short
Toni 1, Janelle 2, Stacey 3
Novice Figure Tall
Kerry 1, Miriam 3, Tonya 2


Physique Women
Sen Phys 40+ Nov Phys Sen Phys 50+
 Sharon 2, Carol 1 Barbara 1, Lynette 2 Gill 1, Naera 2
Senior Figure 40+
Lynn 1, Lisa 2
Senior Figure 50+
Lynn 1, Maureen 2, Carol 3



Ashleigh 3, Bronte 1, Stella 2
Pechuda 2, Jess 1, Tara 3

Men's Overall Comparison

Open Men
Rota, 1st Open Short Sifa, 1st Open Tall


Open Athletic Masters Athletic
Jason 1, Victor 2                    2,Matt 1


Novice Phys Men
Patrick 1st


Nov Athletic Men Tall
Mark 1st
Nov Athletic Short
Adrian 1st


Junior Men
Richard 1st
Teenage Men
Daniel 1st

Happy Snaps!
Show organisers Jason n
Vanessa Bartley
Kirstine with her devilish
trainer :)
Guest posers
Mateo and Tarren
Lisa and Ali Rainbow Marianne with the
sound team
Ness takes care of
the finer details

 Kaye and Brian Helen and Bart with
1st Whanga show organiser
Niki on tanning duties
for a change
Grant and Sesa
surprise us
Jake with his clients
? and Jess

Girls about town
Jill, Monty, Lisa and Janine

TrainStation team

Coulter Boys

Teresa and her protege

Sister and brother looking
lovely with their flower

Ali, Lisa, Donelle, Sheree Son and proud Mum
Not just marshall but
cleaner too :(
Teen winner Daniel and Ali Tarren's Team


Ruth and Naera Brian and his Team Kawerau Team Rota and Julie
Grant hamming it up Donelle and Sesa
Donelle and Pat veg out
Tarren's hot boys Tara puts on finishing touches     Talia pumping up
Fitness girls in beautiful
Sifa and his helper

Girls resting

Shape girls earned their treats.  Kirstine and Petchuda. 


Teen Men Sen Figure 40+  Junior Men
Novice Athletic  Fitness Models Senior Phys 40+
Nov Fig Short  Masters Athletic  Nov Fig Tall
 Nov Physique  Tall and short of it  Sen Physique 50+
Open Physique  Matamata Team  Separated at birth
Tonya and Lynn
Tarren's Madonna outfit
 Grant and Brian Physique girls
Anj, Helen and Sesa
 Lisa and Marise
Barbara,1st Nov Phys Shape top 3 Had to see how Sesa
looked in heels
Pat and Rota posedown
in overalls
Jess  Janine and Lisa

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