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Report and Pics! NABBA WFF Christchurch Grand Prix

Plus video of Tom Wojcik pumping up backstage.
Check out his great condition!

Not even an earthquake that brought down most of christchurch, finding a new home or changing competition venue could stop our super heroes Richard and Annette Parnham organise an awesome, efficient and fun show- but compete in it as well! 

The show attracted 42 well conditioned athletes who shared in over $10,000 worth of protein prizes and where the overall winners walked away with a 42" flat screen tv each.  That's amazing considering these economic times, so thank you to all the sponsors for their generosity.

The one show format was excellent!  Show began at 12noon and we were all finished by 5pm in time for a normal dinner time.

As I spent most of the time backstage I wasn't able to put many stage pics up but have got some from Keith Jolly @  Hopefully he will send me more soon.

Lisa with Hamish in his eyecatching suit


Super Heroes
There some outstanding athletes and classes, some of these were the WFF Glamour Models.  All the girls were gorgeous and had stage presence but they couldn't beat the experienced Justine Swittala from Australia who showed us her class.  Lisa Gatman wasn't too far behind and we look forward to seeing her and the rest of the Glamour models develop in future shows.

Sam the creative snapper
Lesley Rothera nailed her condition once again to take out the WFF Figure class against some great competition. Talking about condition, Tom Wojcik is the master of it and took out the Masters and Overall Title with an ever improved physique and condition. This time he came in looking fuller and leaner which augurs well for his WFF Universe later in the year.

Food for athletes before
and after
The NABBA section of the show gave us some awesome figures and physiques to marvel at.  The future is bright for NABBA WFF with the 2 young guns Kagan Orton (19) and Ethan Coulter (16) showing us their potential.  Kagen at 19 has freaky mass and maturity for his age, a physique that gave some of the old guard some trouble during the Overalls.  We can see Ethan has it all going on and with a few more years in the gym we'll see a great body develop too.  While at the other end of the age scale Phil Kuklinski showed he's still a contender with his physique winning the 50+ class.

The standard was also high in the Figure section with lots of hard figures on show.  Lauren McClennan showed a change in diet made a huge improvement to her hardness and was rewarded in first place for the Senior figure. Becks in the Novice Tall class also had great condition and ripped butt to boot. 


Ofcourse when talking about outstanding figures we can't go past Lisa Bailey and Annette Parnham in physique and figure.  Once again no one else competed against them, then again, who would dare?!

Lisa came in much leaner than last year and is looking good for her NABBA Worlds in June.  Annette was lean and hard as usual but no doubt she still had to work her butt off to get into that condition just like everyone else.  Annette and Richard are both competing at the Southern Hemisphere this weekend, along with Hamish too.

There were some great physiques and contests in the Men's classes.  Hamish Coulter showed plenty of mass but was looking a little full on the day.  No doubt he'll have this sorted by the Gold Coast show and we look forward to seeing the changes.

Was good to see former Strongman Nate Williams give bodybuilding a go, and gave a good showing on his first show.  We're sure he'll improve as he competes more (we hope!).  But he had tough contest as Richard Parnham was in this class, who's condition and muscle maturity was just too much for Bob Seagar to beat and had to be contented with second.

Donny, Kristian and rest of the class decided to mingle with the audience.  Guess who's idea that was?

The most competitive class was Class 4 of Donny Henderson, Kristian Bray and the other athlete from Australia who I've forgotten the name.  This was a close call indeed.  Donny had the nice symmetry, Kristian had the mass and came in the best condition we've seen him while the other guy had a little of both mass and symmetry.  The judges moved these 3 around so they could have better view of various comparisons but in the end Donny took it out and there was good sporting spirit shown between these 3 which was nice to see.

Finally probably the best line up of the day was the contest for the NABBA Overall Men's title.  An awesome lineup of athletes were faced in front of the judges but it was Donny, Richard and junior Kagen that drew the most attention.  Kagen had the mass and cuts but not quite the leanness that comes with time and that's possibly where Richard had the edge.  Donny looked great but compared to Richard he didn't quite have the mass of Richard and Richard took out the title. 

Overall, it was a great show and it looks like the standard of athletes at the NABBA WFF shows are steadily getting better with each show.  We look forward to seeing how this federation progresses over the next months and years.

Thanks for letting us check out the show and take happy snaps for our viewers!
Go Figure


Overall Winners
Richard, Tom, Lesley, Annette

Happy Snaps!
Judging panel Lisa and Annette More judges
Aron and Hamish Team Gymeez Wendy and Missy
Dave being all presidential :).  Nate and Lisa                  Kingsley the MC
Team DHS from Aus; Justine, Donny and ..
Lesley finding somewhere warm to put her trophy. Tom and Lesley.  Annette carbs up
 Warming up Lauren and her training partner. Tom looking ripped.
 Hamish and Phil Kristian and Donny
Kent tends to Kagen while rest of his team pose.
This guy had veins on veins!

Brotherly muscle
Donny and Annette
Kagen was centre of
attention in many ways.
Where's there's a mirror,       Hot head Nate, just kidding
there's Kristian.
NABBA Open Figure - Annette Parnham's great condition on show as usual!

NABBA Physique - the awesome Lisa Bailey

WFF Glamour Girls
WFF Masters
WFF Figure
WFF Athletic and Masters


NABBA Junior Men

Kagen and Ethan

Hamish sees Ethan to final step
The family Orton Steven and Kagen
NABBA Novice Men  
NABBA Masters Men  
NABBA Senior Figure  
NABBA Novice Figure  
NABBA Novice Figure Tall  
Class 1 - Hamish Coulter in a class of his own
Class 2?

1. Richard

2. Bob

3. Nate


Class 3

1. Donny




3. Kristian

Overall Comparisons

WFF Athletic
WFF Figure
NABBA Figure
Super close call between Donny, Kagen and Richard

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