Auckland turned on a large crowd to welcome 8 time Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman.   Around 150 muscle enthusiasts came to hear how Ronnie got into bodybuilding and asked him questions about his food and training.
An interesting fact about Ronnie is that his lowest ever bodyfat was .33%, his off season is between 3-5%.  How about that for great genetics and metabolism!

Check out our happy snaps of Ronnie and people in the crowd below.


Myer warms up the crowd with more information on Ronnie's Signature Series products.
Tom Wojcik and Alex Simays listening carefully to Ronnie.  Team Evo out in force.
Lisa and Elle Stewart.
Andrew Murray made a special trip to the big smoke.   Chris and his BBing girlfriend Elle.
Flex Team: Jake, Hamish, Ethan. Kristian and Hamish posedown.  Garth and Leanne.
 Ronnie with the crowd.

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