Ruth Naidoo

INBA Mini Report and Pics
brought to you by Lisa and the dynamic duo of
Catherine Culiccio and her hubby.

what a poser!
Patrick Petelo

Overall Winners
Ruth Naidoo, Physiqe.  Sefa Mafi, Physique. Becks Fraser, Physique. Jess Coate, Shape.  Bronte Culiccio, Fitness

INBA mini report.  Congratulations Ruth!!!!
I can't not write a report as I really need to congratulate our wonder woman Ruth Naidoo on her awesome new body. As you saw in her story she was rather heavy but decided to turn her life around and took care of herself. 

And look how she turned out with awesome stage presentation, conditioning and winning the Overall Physique Title no less.  So congratulations Ruth and her super nutritionist Tarren McCall on your fab new body.

left: Ruth's Amazing transformation Ruth

Other highlight was the fancy poser with the moves to match posing maestros Mateo, Stan and Tony in the men's novice physique.  You can add Patrick Petelo to the list of slick stage performers.  Patrick moved easily from one pose to another proudly showing his hard earned etched physique.   While he looked great, he couldn't quite match the more muscled physique of Sifa Mafi who looks like who's put on some nice size in the off season while still coming in lean to take out the overall title. 

The Open Figure was a great watch and I didn't mind being in the audience for this one lol.  All these ladies were class acts.  Vanessa Bartley's put on some great size in the off season and showed it off with her new 'Marilyn' hair do.   Becks Fraser looked great when I saw her at the NABBA WFF comp 2 weeks ago but she looked much better here, she had great conditioning and probably the best butt I'd seen on an athlete for a while.  Sorry Becks, hope you're not too embarressed!  

Donelle Petelo showed off her new assets and they fit her conditioned figure perfectly - as if she'd always had them.  Probably she had the best bikini and presentation of the show with her great hair.  I Am I hair obsessed?  Actually its not just about hair.  Its also about shoes.  And Ali G surprised us with her entry and also wowed us with the blingiest shoes I'd seen for a while and they were a stand out.  Eventhough we know she had thoughts of pulling out of the show, we're glad that Wonder Woman Michelle Dixon didn't pull out and graced us with her figure on stage.  I've always enjoyed watching this blonde bombshell as she always carries herself so well with poise and presence that comes so easily to her.    Love how Gladys Matthews just pops up at the shows without warning, shows how passionate she is about staying fit and healthy and for the pure enjoyment of the sport.

Linda Hickin in the novice figure class did a fun funky little routine, apparently she did this on short notice so well done Linda on that and the great conditioning. 

Guess we should talk about the guys as there were some pretty good bods on display.  The Open Men's Tall was a great class, as mentioned earlier Sifa has put on some good size but Thomas Brennan and Aron Enoka looked good too but probably needed a couple more weeks to match Sifa's leanness.  The master's 40+ class was close too as it could've gone either way between Jason Bartley and Mat Hura - who incidentally look so much alike in the face that they could've been brothers.  But was
probably Jason's extra muscle maturity that got the nod from the judges.  How could we almost forget our hunk of spunk Jade Haigh in the novice physique class.  Unfortunately we won't have him for eye candy anymore as he's off to Canada soon.  Happy travels Jade!

Woops that wasn't quite mini was it.

Until next time, keep smiling!
Lisa, Go Figure
6 June 2012


Open Figure
Vanessa, 1st open short Michelle 3, Donelle 2, Becks 1  Open Tall
 Ali 1 40+, Gladys 50+

Novice Figure
Linda 1, Bronwyn 2


Novice Physique
3,  Ruth 1, Annette 2


Open Physique

Open Men

Open Men Tall
Thomas 2, Sefa 1, Aron 3
Rota, 1st Open Short

Fitness, Bronte
Shape, Jess
Masters 40+ Masters line up
 3, Jason 1, Mike 2
Masters 50+ Masters 60+
Senior Physique 40 and 50


            2, Annette 1, 3

Joy 50+ winner

Junior Men  
2, Alan 1, 3
Teen Winner
Junior Winner

Couples Jason and Vanessa 1.  Rota and Julie 2.


Novice Physique Men

Novice Physique Tall
Jade 3, Pat 1, Trevor 2

Novice Short winner





Tarren with her team of 11

Separated at birth            Michelle with her     Tarren with Bronte and Kym.  All hands on Pat
Jason and Mike                 party food

Vanessa and Jason

Jo, Linda and B

Donelle and her hideaway
hunky hubby Pat


Elle and Stacey with
CLM Team

Mateo and Patrick

Ali G and Jade


Some More Happy Snaps!
Gorgeous bikini by Ali G. Mateo has muscled up Mike

Lucky Donelle can't keep
her hands off her man

Its all about the shoes

Jo and B with Linda and
Jerry, Wolf's Gym
We'll miss seeing Jade
as he's off oseas soon
  Nice Obliques
Jess and Bronte Masters Men Jess is the only one

Jnr and Teen Men
  Joy in Masters 50+ Novice Figure
Open Figure Novice Physique  


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