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Class Video s!

All the Pics from the show up now!

Overall winners from the NZIFBB Auckland Champs.

Kimberley Cousins, Fitness.
Brooke Thomson-Tuatao, figure.
Garth van derMerwe, Bodybuilding.
Imojen Treanor, bikini.
Nathaniel, physique.
Sarah File, physique



Millie, 6 year old Fitness             Garth van der Merwe      Bikini Short Class Video
athlete routine                           compulsory poses

The Sexy Bikini Tall Class at NZIFBB Auckland Champs.

Over 70 athletes converged into the Destiny Church for a serious dose of muscle worshipping at the NZIFBB Auckland Champs.  The event run by Moe Moussawi and his team was very organised and held in a fun spirit at both the prejudging and night show.

The highlight of this show as probably the huge numbers of athletes competing in the new men's physique class - 5 in short and 20 in tall.  There was some serious eye candy with so many well conditioned men showing there bodies in this class.  Kurt and Nathaniel were the ultimate winners with their full muscled physiques and that 'x' factor the judges were looking for.
The other popular class was the bikini.  Bikini short attracted 9 while the tall had 10 hot bikini bodies in the lineup. It looked a super close contest between Imojen Treanor and Kylie Semmens in the short. 

Kylie had pipped Imojen at the Raechelle Chase Fitness Comp a week earlier, but this time it was Imojen taking the win over Kylie.  Both had great porportions and muscle tone, but it may have been that extra roundness of Imojen that won her the short class and eventually the overall title. 

Kurt and Nathaniel
Physique Overall compare
This show also saw the introduction of the Men's Fitness class which required the athletes to do as many chin ups and dips as they can.  All of the guys competed in the men's physique, so it was an impressive feat knowing they are depleted to see them rock out an average of 20 chins and dips each.

Children's Fitness saw the cute 6 year old Milly Donelly wowed the crowd with her routine to Christina Aguilera. While Kimberley Cousins and Aimee Blok showed how the grown ups do it in their high energy routines in their fitness class.

While its great to see the interest in the new physique and bikini classes, we only saw small numbers compete in the Figure class.  And only one in the female physique.  In saying that, they girls who did compete came in great condition and showed grace during their competition.  Brooke Thomsen-Tuatao with her full lean muscle and stage presence took out the overall title over Toni Williams who won the short class.

There were also only 2 in the Open Men's class.  Matt Clark once again showed great condition to take out the o90kg while Garth van der Merwe showed improvement in muscle mass since his last show.  He also took out the Overall Title.   Nice to see a few novice men lining up in this show and hopefully we'll see a few more at Wellington and Hamilton. 

Thanks to Moe Moussawi and the NZIFBB for letting us take happy snaps and to the athletes for displaying their great bodies and smile for us!

See you all again soon.
Lisa, Go Figure

Men's Fitness

Overall Bikini Comparison
 Soraya       Imojen

Bikini Short
 Imojen 1
 Kylie 2  Jade 3


Bikini Tall
Soraya Olivia Alexandra

Novice Figure Short

   Toni                      Sarah                  Caroline            Leonie
Figure Tall
Sam did a great job
escorting each of the girls
on stage.
 Brooke  Tonya  Trudy
Sarah File

Kimberley 1, Aimee 2

Physique Men Short
Nathaniel 1,  3, Patrick 2, 5, Kane 4
Physique Men Tall
1. Kurt 2. Paul 3. Marco

Open Men o90, o100
 Matt 1st o90                         Garth 1st o100
Novice Men o80, o90
Classic Men
Junior and Teen Men
Masters Men
Novice Men

Happy Snaps!



Judges and Pros
Jess, Jamie and Raechell
Sam and Moe
nice to see you back Sam!

Marise and Lisa
Jo and her girls  Nuria, Karen and Sheldon  Marise, Tonya and Mel

 Giselle, Kylie and Brooke The eyebrows have it!
Darryn and Chris

Ruby and Nuria

Proud parents to be
Darryn and Jamie
Needed wide lens for this one.
Garth and Darryn

Boy helpers

Mobile Beauty Team


Cute couple Kris and Garth



 This little girl was super cute doing children's fitness Hot momma and daughter
Brooke and Tahlia


 Just having a rest. Nice venue and lighting for show. Sam and Sheldon keep the
show running


Go Liv!!!

Tarren, Darryn and Jamie
after a long day




Ruby and her team were super busy before comp tanning all the guys and girls.


Novice Men
 Sheldon had her hands on most of the guys backstage.
    Niue boys

Masters Men
 Novice Hunk Alma    
Open Men

Garth and Matt
o100        o90


Figure Short
Toni, Sarah, Caroline, Leonie
Sarah was also sexy in physique.  Toni and Ruth
Fitness Girls
 Kimberley and Aimee 5-7 girls fitness
Figure Tall
Trudy, Brooke, Tonys
Kylie and Brooke
Bikini Short
Green and Red were popular colours.
Imojen,      , Kylie                   
Bikini Tall
Hot Mel with the Hot boys


 Team Nfusion
Physique Short
So many boys!!!!
Physique Tall
 Its all about the abs
Tu of C4 filiming the nights's activities and then enjoying some well earned donuts.



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