More Stage Pics Added!
Thanks to our mystery happy snapper
for sending us more stage shots of the show.
Overall Winners Bronte Coluccio, Fitness Model. Johanna Mountfort, Figure
Paul Mountfort, Athletic. Mateo Vaihu, Physique

Junior Figure
Novice Figure Short
Novice Figure Tall
Senior Figure

Senior Figure 50+

Left: Senior Figure 40+
Donna 1, Sarah 2
Open Figure Tall    
Overall Figure Comparison  


Men's Model
Junior Men
Masters Men
Masters Men
Masters Men 40+
Novice Physique Tall
Novice Athletic
Open Athletic Short and Tall
Open Physique Tall


Overall Men's Comparison

With 130 athletes competing at the NABBA Nationals I was all psyched to be part of the action of what was to be a very long day.  But that was ok, it was the last show of the year I was going to go out on a high note.

But alas all that was thrown out the window when I was informed after happily snapping away up till the Shape class, that I wasn't actually allowed to take stage pics at Nationals.

Lisa with Nic of
Topmark Nutrition,
(Mutant) Major sponsor
of the show
Apparently there's now a new rule that only the Official photographer was allowed to take pics at Nationals, eventhough I had been at the same events as him doing many shows before this year. And I photographed the Nationals last year. Go Figure! 

There were plenty of other high end cameras there taking pics, plus Maori Television who had a video camera front of stage and backstage. 

During intermission I asked the secretary and organiser how come Maori TV were able to take pics and was answered with 'they are media'.  "Ummm helllo, what is Go Figure." I said.  I did not get much of a reply to that question.

Just a little background, I had emailed NABBA a week earlier making sure that I can take pics and one would assume that this meant normal stage pics.  I was quite prepared for not being backstage after my previous run in with the organiser.  I spoke with the organiser while picking up my Official Pass at checkin on Saturday night, again to make sure I was ok to take pics.  He informed me that they had an area backstage for me so that made me feel good.  However, NABBA et al did not inform me specifically that I was only allowed backstage and that I wasn't allowed to take stage pics until I got there so it was quite a surprise to me.

Long story short, Go Figure was pretty much brushed aside and confined to an area beside the stage.  How are we suppose to report on a show without seeing the bodies under lights and in competition mode.

At other organisation's shows such as NABBA WFF and NZIFBB, we have appreciated the co-operation of the organisers and athletes to just let us do our thing roaming between front of stage and backstage without stress or drama.  This leads to a happy event for everyone, athletes get great pics and a fair report of the show.

Its also a win for sponsors who have signage at the show.  Go Figure is very popular among the huge bodybuilding community and pics with signage is one of only a few ways sponsors can get their products seen other than at the show.

So that's the way it was for Go Figure at the NABBA Nationals.  As we felt confined and being put away to the side like we're not part of bodybuilding, there really wasn't much incentive for us to stay for the whole show.

We are truly sorry that we just couldn't hang on and bring you more pics.  Hope you understand.   If you were there and have pics, please email them to us.

In the meantime enjoy what we did take!
Lisa, Go Figure
15 October 2012

p.s we did put stage shots on here and we'll probably get into trouble for it but que sera sera, whatever will be will be.  We will do our best to collate results and gather more pics!

pss.  needless to say there's no point being at the NABBA North Harbour this Saturday due to the limitations placed on us and I'm sure NABBA will be relieved lol


Happyish Snaps
Bee and Jo for BSc Mutants Leo and Nic Sheta's awesome cake
Ruth looking awesome ahead of her Natural Olympia comp in Nov. She was a great backstage marshall too with ???? marshalling the troops up and down the stairs a gazillion times.
International and Open Physique

Helen and Giselle
Before Overalls Novice Physique Masters Physique 40+
Vanessa, Bronte,
Kellie (Junior Figure)

Tina 2, Wendy 1

Novice Figure Tall
Cindylee 4, Jayne 1, Kirstine 3, 2
Jess 2, Susan 1, Teresa 3
Teenage Men
Novice Ath and Fitness Model
Masters Athletic 50+, 40+

Fitness Model
 Open Physique Short
Kenneth 1, David 2
International Physique
Mateo 1, Rota 2
Masters Physique 50+, 40+
Frances, 1st 50+ Gladys, 2nd 50+ Wendy, 1st 40+
Teresa 3, Susan 1, Jess 2

Open Figure Short
 Vanessa 1  2  Lynette 3
International Figure
Janine 2, Johanna 1

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