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Overall Winners WFF: Ms Athletic, Johanna Mountfort WFF: Mr Athletic, Tony Ligaliga NABBA: Figure, Sue Bettridge NABBA: Physique, Steve Orton
Johanna Mountfort.  Tony Ligaliga        Sue Bettridge        Steve Orton



With 91 athletes registed to compete at the NABBA WFF Nationals promised to be a high quality show. The athletes certainly delivered it and then some!  It was great to see many athletes we hadn't seen for a while surprise us - you'll read about them throughout the report.

Wendy and Garry with winners
Show organisers Wendy and Garry Jones did a fantastic job organising putting the show together at Sky City. No athlete left empty handed with each athlete getting a nice goodie bag filled with delicous food and supplements from their large number of sponsors who supported the show.  They were helped by the efficient backstage team of Missy Hawkins, Lisa Bailey and the Trophy girls Jess and ? who also kept the show going well behind the scenes.

Thanks to NABBA WFF and athletes competing on the day for letting Go Figure have free reign taking happy snaps of all the happy faces and bodies on stage and behind the scenes.  Was great catching up with you all.   Now on with the show!


8 gorgeous glamour girls took the stage during the day in their costumes which included bikini, sports and evening wear.  Judges had some tough decisions to make as all the girls were of a high calibre and showed confidence in their walks.  However it was Shannon Balzat who took out the class over equally glamourous Anita Staheli and Claire Calkin.

The Masters o40 Figure class encompassed a huge age range from 40 to 50s and we must say some of the 50 ladies sure are looking great for their age.  Actually for any age.  Particularly Sheryl Summers who's been competing for years has developed awesome muscle maturity and hardness, and has a butt that most of us would envy.  Sheryl placed 3rd behind Paula Fearnley and Jayne Doherty who the judges must've had a toughtime judging as these girls were very close.

Johanna Mountfort was the only one in her Ms Athletic class 2.  She again came in great condition displaying full lean muscle and posed it off perfectly.

We saw a super close contest between Donelle Petelo, Toia McDonaldand Jules Trevallion in the WFF Ms Athletic Class 1.  Donelle and Toia matched each other in matched each other with muscle size and also had similar structure.  These two were so close, the judges brought them out again for another comparison but in the end Toia took out the title with extra leanness.

WFF Men's classes saw the most competitive lineups of the night.  Aron Noble in class 4 returned to the stage with his immaculate condition we remembered from 3 years ago to take out the title over Daniel Corke who's made an amazing transition from once being overweight.  Class 3 saw a tight contest between John Pyers , Fatu Sua and Michael Hamby.  The main clash was between John and Fatu who were evenly matched in mass and condition but it was perhaps it was John's extra little bitof leanness that just edge out Fatu but it was a great watch for the audience.  Michael looked great too but just couldn't match the top 2 in mass.

Class 2 of Tony Ligaliga, Naki Rasmussen, Pat Petelo was always going to be a close contest.  These guys were in great condition but it came down to a closer inspection by the judges between Tony and Naki to go through their poses again.  Naki had the nice symmetry but couldn't match 'the master' Tony in mass and cuts.   Pat was also close to the top 2 but perhaps just didn't have that extra full and lean look.   This class was also spoilt for choice with other great physiques including Dean Teiho, Alan Laumatia and the up and coming Julio Papps.

Class 1 provided another treat for the audience with Sifa Mafi, Aaron Enoka and Chris Euale battling for the top spot.   Once again it was really between Sifa and Aaron.  Both had the muscle size but Aron could quite match Sifa in the extra leanness and Sifa took out the class of 6.


We saw a huge lineup of 8 novice figures with the immediate standout being Linda Hickin for her outstanding hardness.  Second and Third went to Caroline Timmins and Charlotte Hawley respectively.

Beks Fraser and Lauren McLennan were the only atheltes in Figure Class 1 and 2 respectively. 

The Senior Figure 35 class was a great class to watch with awesome figures Anne Jamieson, Jayne Dowling and Sue Bettridge vying for the title.  All were in great shape, Jayne looked like she's sharpened up since we saw her in July.  Nice to see Anne make a comeback too showing she can still get into condition.  But it was Sue, in her 10th show, and with full lean muscle took out the class.

It was fantastic to see the women's physique lineup of Helen Aloia, Eleanor Stewart, Julie Harris and Joy Crockett. Who would've thought we'd see this line up on the same stage?  Helen looked in the best condition we've seen her and with that much more mass than the shorter physiques of Julie and Eleanor, she took out the title.   Julie once again showed vascular condition, Eleanor looked great too but didn't quite have the condition on the day.

We saw Brian McFarlane once again display great condition, a tough ask to do as it was his 3rd weekend of competing in a row, so well done Brian on that feat!  He was up against just as impressive physiques of  Terry Holland and Brett Cullen .   These men were hard but it was Brian's cut legs that possibly won him the close contest.

Novice Men saw a huge lineup of 9 athletes of varying structures and conditions take the stage.  But it was the physiques of Alo Puhila, Chris Heimer, Jack Laurie, Jeremy Wey and Travis Craig Walton that judges wanted to have a closer look at.  All the aforementioned looked great but they just didn't quite have the overall sharpness and mass of Alo, and he took out the class.

Yoram Kalev was hands down the the hardest guy on stage of the night.  He came in vascular with his skin almost paper thin we could see the finest of muscle fibres as he posed.  With those attributes, he took out Class 3 over Hamish Coulter who didn't quite have the sharpness on the night.

Class 2 saw 22 year old Steve Orton step on stage with a huge and ripped physique.  Freak is a word that easily describes Steve's mass and condition, and it certainly was a pleasure for all muscle worshippers in the audience to see all his freakish definition as he went through the poses.  Darren Farrow also showed great condition to place 2nd while a much improved Nate Williams placed 3.

A close contest was seen in the NABBA Class 1 between Ben Holmes, Kristian Bray and the returning physique of Phily Nuku. But it was Phily who got the welcome back present with a win over the Kristian and Ben.

In the Overalls.  Tony Ligaliga topped off his successful comeback taking out the WFF Overall over some tough competiton against Aron, Sifa Mafi, John Pyers.  With more mass and cuts than the lineup, Tony was a standout against the classy line.

With her outstanding muscle mass, cuts and symmetry, Johanna Mountfort won the Overall Ms Athletic over Toia McDonald and Paula Fearnley.

In the NABBA Figure, Linda Hickin and Beks Fraser was up against Sue Bettridge's full conditioned muscle.  Sue, competing in her 10th show for the year, took out the title making it a very good year for her considering she has only had one 2nd out of 10. Go Sue!

Then there was the monster Steve Orton.  No one came close to the 22 year old who's mass, condition and freaky cuts was well beyond his young years.  He won the Overall and puts him in happy place to take on the world at the NABBA Universe in 3 weeks where he'll compete as a junior. 

All in all it was a great show filled with some emerging talent in the NABBA WFF.  Was well organised and show focused on the athlete.  Thanks again for letting us take Happy Snaps.

Till next year, happy training!
Lisa, Go Figure
11 October 12


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WFF Overall Comparison  
WFF Overall Comparison  
NABBA Overall Comparison
NABBA Overall Comparison


Novice Figure
Top 4
Figure Class 1 and 2
Lauren Class 1 (left)
Beks Class 2 (right)

Senior Figure o35
Sue 1. Jayne 2. Anne 3
Julie 2, Joy 4, Helen 1, Elle 3



Class 1

 Class 2
Class 3


Junior Men
Masters Men 50
Masters Men 40
Novice Men


Shannon 1. Anita 2. Claire 3
Masters o40  

Sheryl 3, Paula 1, Jayne 2

Ms Athletic Class 1 and 2
Class 1
Class 2
Toia 1, Jules 3, Donelle 2    


Masters Men o35 and o60

Class 1
Chris 3, Sifa 1, Aaron 2


Men's Class 2
Tony 1, Pat 3, Naki 2



Men's Class 3
Isaac 4, John 1, Fatu 2, Michael 3
Men's Class 4
Daniel 2, Aron 1

Happy Snaps!
Nic and Leo for Optimum
'The Powers that Be'
Dave, Leanne and Alex

Lisa and Eleanor
Myer and Mark Kent with his athletes
Beks and Steve
Trudy and Gareth
Girl Power!
Jo, Helen, Naera, Lisa

Siobhan finds a soft spot

Grant and Andy's Gun Show
Goodies ready to go.  Elle looking great in her singlet.  Tarsh and Chris.

Kagan and Phil Sam at computer All athletes on stage
Jason and Kim
Lusia of Mobile Beauty
gives Naera massage

Mark strikes a pose
WFF Masters Julio and Steve Papps
Dean and Naki with rest of Vibe/247 Team Tony and Toia. Michael and Isaac
Jo dying for a choc lollipop Toia and Paula Jo and Donelle
Sly Foxes Sue nails it Lynette and Sheryl
Linda and Sue Jayne and Anne Novice Figure
Elle, Joy and Julie Helen Shorties posedown
Beks Grant and Lauren Nice Abs
Bikini Babes
and one stalker
  Alan Novice Physique
Masters Men Brian and Terry.  Tonga twosome Sifa and Alo with rest of gang.
John flashes his abs Aron and John Aron

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