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NZIFBB Nationals!

Check out all the Women's Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding, Bikini and Men's Physique and Bodybuilding Pics.
Overall Winners:
Fawad, Phys. Yoko Washington, Fig. Teina O'Malley, BBing. Sue Bettridge, BBing. Taylor Smith, Phys. Imojen Treanor, Bikini. Soraya, Bikini

The NZIFBB Nationals was only held a week ago but it seems so long ago in this hectic schedule of end of year competitions, so excuse me for the delay of the report.   The show was highlighted by the huge number of men that competed from the novices to the new physique, to the open classes.  Men seemed to outnumber the girls all round.  Where are you ladies?!!!

Prejudging and Night show ran efficiently with the night show kicking off with the national anthem sung by Tumehe (physique competitor and C4 host).  He also put his singing voice to good use when he sang to his wife on stage for their 5 year anniversary.  Moe Mossawi (President NZIFBB) kept the crowd entertained by encouraging the crowd to shout for their favourite athlete in various classes, while Darren Onekawa kept the show going as MC for the night and did a great job too.

The backstage ran like clockwork with head marshall Hayley Freeman making sure everything ran smoothly.  There was a great atmosphere backstage in both men's and women's pump up areas, that day they had separate rooms which meant so much room for athletes.  

Thanks Moe and NZIFBB for letting Go Figure have access all areas to take our happy snaps, this made our day so much more happier and stress free.

The bikini had huge classes and it was tough competition amongst the well toned babes.  But it was Jade MacKinnon and Suraya who came out on top with Suraya going on to take the Overall Title.  On top of that, she's also been offered her Pro card but we're not sure if she's taken up the offer.  While Jade has been chosen to compete at the Arnold Classic in 2013.

The new physique class attracted a large lineup but the main 3 judges had their eyes on were 'Typhoon' Taylor, Sue Bettridge and Paula Signal.  All were in great condition but none could be the mass, symmetry and perfect condition of Taylor.  She took out the title and also the overall title.  Topping off her evening, she was also offered her Pro card.

There were a handful of entries in the novice figure short and tall, a great line up Senior Figures which was one by seasoned competitor Farah Deobhakta. Heidi Kruger in Open Short, and the gorgeous line of Brooke Thomson-Tuato, Michelle Dixon, Kimberley Cousins and newcomer Yoko Washington.  It was Yoko's wide shoulders, small waist and muscle mass that edged her ahead of Brooke to take out the class.  She also took out the Overall Title over Heidi's great little figure.  Yoko was also offered Pro card.  Not bad for only her second NZIFBB show!

There were lots and lots of boys, and lots of eye candy in the physique tall and short.  But the hunkiest of them all were Kurt Dell in the Tall while Fawad took the short and also the overall title.  Fawad was also offered the Pro card.

There was some close calls in the physique class which began with the masters 40 class of Brian McFarlane, Bevan McKenzie and Antz. Brian and Bevan (probably the best condition we've seen Bevan) were super close and could've gone either way but it could've been those signature cut legs of his that just tipped the decision his way.    Another bodybuilding stalwart Mark Stewart was ripped, lean and large in the Masters 50 class.  His terminator routine went down a treat and was probably the best routine of the night.

All the Open Men brought their A game.  It was great to see Supry Sos back with a different blonde look to go with his improved physique.  He was up against Kenneth Clayton who's also packed on some size in the 70-75kg class.  The both had similar muscle mass but Supry just had that extra definition to take out the class.

The Open Men 80-85kg was also a great watch.  Teina O'Malley hot off his win at the Waikato the previous weekend was up against the much improved Tim Wirangi and Reinhart.  Teina with his shorter structure proved that mass was the winner on the day but Tim should be happy with conditioning and mass he has gained since his last show.

Matt Clark had to battle the legend that is Joe Ulberg in the 85-90kg class. Matt has done an awesome job dieting for most of the year to maintain his lean condition but he couldn't match Joe's symmetry, muscle maturity and conditioning on the night.

The 90-100kg and o100kg provided 2 of the closest contests of the day.  Judges found it hard to separate Lance McMillan, Byron Peach and Rob Andrews in the prejudging that after 3 comparisons they were judged again at night time.  Byron had the mass and cuts but it seemed from the audience Lance had the better symmetry and all round definition.  Once again judges took their time at the night show to judge and eventually they awarded the title to Lance.

Teina                 Tim           Matt        Joe                 Rob    Lance   Byron

Another one that had the crowd guessing was that of the o100kg class between Garth van der Merwe and Nolan Smith.  Nolan made a huge improvement from the week before to come in lean and tanned which made a big difference to his physique.  Garth had also made a big transition from his Auckland win to come in more vascular and showed overall hardness.   This was a goliath battle and each athlete did their best to show their best to the judges.  The night show judging also took a while but eventually it was awarded to Garth.  Well done to Nolan too as its great to see an athlete determined to redeem himself.

As you know,  Teina O'Malley took out the overall over a couple of seasoned competitors in Joe Ulberg and Garth van der Merwe.Teina was also offered and accepted a Pro card.   However since then Joe has also been offered and accepted a Pro card and Garth has been chosen to compete at the Arnold Classic. 

Other athletes selected to compete at the Arnold's include: Mens Bodybuilding: Garth VdM,Kenny O'Malley. Bikini: Jade Roxanne MacKinnon, Mens Physique : Kurt Dell, Wael Banjar

So a happy ending to another memorable Nationals.  Don't forget the NZIFBB Waikato Champs are on in Whangarei this Saturday, its a qualifer for next year's show so we're sure they'll be a few athletes who've kept in shape for this show.

See you next year!
Lisa, Go Figure
8 October 2012




Children's Fitness 5-7years 

Children's Fitness 14-15 years

Women's Fitness Short Fitness Tall

Imojen 1, Sarah 2

Bodybuilding - Masters Women 45

Julie 2, Sue 1, Blossom 3
Open Bodybuilding Women u55kg and o55kg  
Sue o55. Farah 2, Julie 1 u55kg


Sue 1, Taylor 2, Paula 3

Novice Figure Short    
Leonie 3, Toni 2,  1

Open Figure Tall    
        Tina 1, Brucena 2

Open Figure Short. Heidi
 Open Figure Tall    
                                   Brooke 2, Kim 4, Michelle 3, Yoko 1


Senior Figure
 Roma, Alex 3, Paula 2, Farah 1, Karen
Bikini Short
Bikini Tall

Open Men

Open Men u70kg and u75kg
Paul u70.  Kenneth 2, Supry 1
Open Men 75-80kg
Mark, Adrian,
Open Men 80-85kg
Teina 1, Tim 2, Reinhardt 3
Open Men 85-90kg
        Matt 2, Joe 1
Open Men 90-100kg
Rob 3, Lance 1, Byron 2
Open Men o100kg
    Nolan 2, Garth 1

Teen and Junior Men
Masters Men 40+
Antz 3, Bevan 2, Brian 1
Masters 50+ and 60+
Mark 1, Paul 2 50+. Michael 60+
 Novice Men 70kg
           1            2
Novice Men 70-80kg
               Dave, Jordan
Novice Men 80-90kg
Novice Men o90kg
            2, Kenny 1

Classic Men
        2, Dave 1, 3

Physique Short
     Pat 3, Fawad 1, 2
Physique Tall


Happy Snaps!
Tarren and Lisa. Moe in front of the judges table. Judges Jasmine, Kristy and Bronwyn
Brian, Mark and Moe Marshalls Sam and Hayley     Jamil and Kane
MC Darryn and Tu Trophy Girls Kylie and ?  Nathan and Claire
Taylor, Sue, Heidi, Paula
with oompa loompa at back
 Momma Onekawa  Rob and Siobhan
Children's Fitness Cuties Millie.  Bronte and Taleia             Taleia, Maddie and Millie
Nuria did a guest pose. Fitness girls Kimberley, Sarah and Imojen. Michelle and Sue
Champion Nutrition Team
Toni, Brucena, Brooke, Sarah
Novice Figure Short
Caroline and Toni
Open Figure Tall
Yoko, Brooke, Kimberley, Brucena
Hurricane Heidi and Typhoon Taylor. Tina, Blossom and Sue.   Sues' solid back
Awesome Physique Class  Bikini Babes Jamie with her team
Bikini Short Bikini Tall  Bikini Tall
NZ's New Pros Taylors's amazing condition
Suraya and Taylor Yoko  Overall Winners


Masters 40+ Paul hanging 10 Mark the brown terminator
Jordan and ? Ants and Mickey Interesting way to pump up
Hot Physique boys


  The Hotly contested posedown for the Men's Overall Title

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