Report, pics and video from the
NZIFBB Pro Bikini and Amateur Champs
up now!

The bodybuilding season couldn't have begun any better than with the hugely successful NZIFBB Bikini Pro/Am held at the Bruce Mason Theatre on 16 March.  While the numbers may have been small, we must commend the athletes who did compete on their efforts to diet so early in the year. 

We saw a great turnout of athletes in the men's physique and women's bikini, however we only saw a handful of athletes in the bodybuilding and figure classes.  Hopefully this will gradually increase as the year progresses.

Kenny and Kai

The popularity of the new men's physique class was again apparently with big turnouts in the men's short and tall with the tall class being one of the toughest classes of the day. Wael Banjar and Brian Choi had a close competition in the short class but it was Wael's full muscle and hard abs that probably edged him out over ...  In the tall class it was a tight battle between Paul Kennerly who was on a high after taking 2nd at the Australian Amateur a week earlier, Jeremy Tevaga who won the NZIFBB Waikato in 2013 and 3 up and coming hunks Jay McDonald from Chch,  superlean Nigel Elilei and Simon Phillips from Palmerston North.  All these guys were in great condition but it was Paul who nudged ahead of the lineup with his winning smile...and his overall presentation and confidence.   But that wasn't quite enough for Paul to take the overall as Wael, who placed in top 10 at the Arnolds, just had that extra mass and just as bigger smile to take the sort after overall title.

The bikini girls weren't to be outdone with some tough competition of their own, especially in the bikini short class.  Fresh from her Arnold Classic contest, Jade MacKinnon was probably the frontrunner in this class but Wellington's Lou MacDonald wasn't going to let Jade have it so easily.  Both these girls showed off their assets well but Jade just had that little bit extra roundness that won her the class.  She also went on to take the overall bikini title. Jade's night got even better when she was awarded her Pro card and got the opportunity to line up with the Pros later on in the night.  

The bikini tall class also had good competition amongst the 8 athletes. But the judges were looking closely at the top 3 Noor Qoulaq, Hayley Evans and Brie Tawhai as they had similar condition and structure. In the end it was Noor with her lean lines and extra 'X' factor that probably edged her over Brie and Hayley. 


The Pro bikini saw 2011 Ms Olympia bikini Nicole Nigrani line up against fellow American Polliana Moss, Australian Amy Wright and our own kiwi pros Jess Pendergrast, Elyse Inglis and new pro Jade McKinnon. 

It was great to see the Pros live as they really showed the kiwis the next level of competition with the way they posed showing sexiness without being too saucy.  Nicole won the contest with her figure which was still athletic without being too muscular.

Tony Freeman and the Pro Bikini Babes

13-KennyO-March copy

It was great to see Kenny O'Malley compete in this show after his experience at the Arnold Amateurs.  He was still in great condition and was awarded the Overall Title.  However perhaps it was the chance to posedown with Kai Greene that was the greater reward that night.  You can watch our interview with Kenny which also includes his posedown with Kai here.

Speaking of Kai Greene aka 'the Predator', he ofcourse was the reason the Bruce Mason Theatre was packed out on Saturday night.  He, along with Toney Freeman, wowed us with their super large and lean muscle.  While Toney gave us a great routine, Kai took his time on stage to another level coming out wearing a mask and wrapped up in black cloth and wearing spartan boots. He showed passion and his remarkable flexibillity and doing a headstand.  Kai also showed modesty and humility while being interviewed by Moe Moussawi about his thoughts on bodybuilding and how he wanted to share the love of bodybuilding with up and coming athletes like Kenny O'Malley.





Overall, the NZIFBB Pro Am bodybuilding champs was efficiently run and I think was enjoyed by both athletes and audience alike.  The night show particularly was made a memorable night by super MC Tumehe Mauri Oro Ronganui who's energy, passion and quick wit kept the audience entertained throughout.

Thanks to Moe Moussawi and the NZIFBB for welcoming Go Figure and letting us have free reign of the facitlity to bring our viewers the great stories and pics of your athletes.  And thanks ofcourse thanks to the athletes for getting in great shape for us and letting me take pics of you!

See you again soon.
Lisa, Go Figure

13-ToneyFreeman-Snapshot copy

 Bikini Pro
Nicole 1 Poliana 2
Jess 3 Jade 4
Amy 5 Elyse 6



Novice Figure Short
Melody 1 Courtney 2
Novice Figure Tall   Open Figure
Kelly 1 Jade 2 Stacy

Novice Men 70-80kg
Mando 2, Travis 1, Bharat 3
Novice Men 80-90 kg
Lutoviro 2, Sunny 1
Men's Classic
Sunny 2, Sefanaia 1
Open Men 90kg and up to 100
Kenny O'Malley
Open Men o100kg
            Kristian 1, Sam 2

Bikini Short
Jade 1 Lou 2
Jessica 4
Bikini Tall
 Noor 1 Brie 2 Hayley 3
Samatha 4  Amy 5

Men's Physique Short
Wael 1 and Overall Winer Brian 2 Adrian 3
Saurav 4 Kaz 5 Byung 6
Men's Physique Tall
Paul 1 Jeremy 2 Jay 3
Nigel 4 Simon 5

 Happy Snaps!
NZIFBB's Pres and VP
Moe and Bronwyn

Stacy, Gareth and Jasmine
for Sci-Mx

Lisa and Jamie O

Jess and Jake Tarren and Yoko
Johanna had no idea
what monster was behind her!
Real Men wear bronzer Brian with Nuria and Kristy NZ Pros Salah and Mike
Babes in the crowd
Jess, Kyliem Brooke, Kayla
Cute little fitness girls Poppa and Momma McCall
Super MC Tumehe Brian and Moe Trophy girls
Katie and Claire
Michelle and her protege  Team Tempest Jamie multitasking tanning
and rocking baby
Tarren and Tony Bronte and Alan Big crowd for the night show
Jamie and Aaliyah Children's fitness
Men's Physique
Wael and Paul
 Fluoro twins Jay
1st and 2nd Short

Paul 1st Tall, Wael 1st short and overall winner

Men's Bodybuilding
Kenny and Kristian posedown
for overall
Kenny and Salah Kenny and Tony


Hot boys and girls

Short and tall bikini girls.
Paul and Jessica Jeremy and Brie Brian and his babes
 Brie  Jessica Hayley and Jade
 Paul, Jessica and Simon
Novice Figure   Open Figure
Novice Tall Novice Short Stacy
All the figures
Pro Bikini
Elyse Jess  Nicole and Jess
Tony with the Pros  The Bikini Pros

Nicole 1st and Pollianna 2nd



Nicole Nagrani- 1st
Polliana Moss- 2nd
Jess Pendergrast-3rd
Jade Mackinnon-4th
Amy Wright-5th
Elyse Iglis-6th

Overall Winners:

Kenny O'Malley-Bodybuilding Men
Jade MacKinnon- Bikini Overall
Wael Banjar-Mens Physique
Stacey Sadler- Figure
Ella Lythe- Children's Fitness

Children Fitness – 5-7yrs
1st Millie Seaman
Children Fitness – 12-13yrs
1st Ella Lythe     - overall winner
Novice Men 70-80kg
1st Travis Kaulimo
2nd Mando Ahmed
3rd Bharat Verma
Novice Men 80-90kg
1st Sunny Kim
2nd Lutoviro Fifita
Men’s Classic
1st Sefanaia Ngata
2nd Sunny Kim
Open Men Over 90kg up to Incl 100kg
1st Kenny O’Malley
Open Men Over 100kg
1st Kristian Bray
2nd Sam Koloa
Men’s Physique up to Incl 174cm
1st Wael Banjar – Overall Winner
2nd Brian Choi
3rd Adrian Colyer
4th Saurav Bhanot
5th Kaz Eskerie
6th Byung Kyu Kang
Men’s Physique Over 174cm
1st Paul Kennerley
2nd Jeremy Tevaga
3rd Jay Macdonald
4th Nigel Elilei
5th Simon Phillips
Novice Figure Short
1st Melody Leung
2nd Courtney Jenkins
Novice Figure Tall
1st Kelly Hunt
2nd Jade Evans
Open Figure Tall
1st Stacey Sadler - Overall Winner
Bikini Short
1st Jade Mackinnon – Overall Winner
2nd Lou Macdonald
3rd Emily Thomas
4th Jessica Thompson
5th Le-Anne Karkie
6th Lexie Annan
Bikini Tall
1st Noor Qoulaq
2nd Brie Tawhai
3rd Hayley Evans
4th Amy Vanden-Brock
5th Samantha Leaper



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