NABBA WFF Pan Pacific Champs
Pics and Report

Video! Tony ligaliga pump up and awesome stage routine here

Video! NABBA Figure routine and compulsories
featuring Linda Hickin and Naera Johnson here

Overall Winners;
WFF Athletic; Tony Ligaliga.  WFF Figure; Toia McDonald. NABBA Figure; Naera Johnson. NABBA Men; Grant Pieterse. NABBA Physique; Sesa Tomuli

For the second week in a row, the girls were outnumbered by the guys but the girls who did take the stage at the NABBA WFF Pan Pacific Champs were awesome to watch!

Donelle Petelo and Toia McDonald once again went head to head, last time was at last year's Nationals.  And once again Toia just edged out Donelle. 

Linda and Lisa

The girls were in amazing condition and presentation of the show must possibly go to Donelle for her amazing hair and sparkly bikini. Also sparkling in her bikini was Sesa Tomuli who joined her partner Grant Pieterse in this show.  With her mass and symmetry she beat out Christine Henwood's great physique in the NABBA Physique class.   Linda Hickin and Naera Johnson were lone figures in the NABBA Figure Tall and Short class but it was great to see them on stage together giving each other some competition for the Overalls.  Linda definitely looks like she's been working hard in the past year with bigger and rounder muscle while Naera was immaculate in her conditioning and with a routine that is envy of many!

Great to see the WFF and NABBA men's classes well attended and seeing some familiar and new talent coming through. Possibly the best class of the day was the WFF class 2 with the battle between the seasoned Tony Ligaliga and the young gun Chris Gooch.  Chris has made huge improvements since the Chritchurch Grand Prix with a fuller and leaner body and deeper cuts but its Tony's full mature muscle that won it over Chris.  It was great to watch the showman aka Tony go to work and you can watch the video of Tony here.

NABBA Masters Men 40 was also a good one to watch with another seasoned athlete Darrin Orchid up against Alo and George. But it was Darrin and his well known conditioning that won it over the 2 athletes.  Reuben Martin was a standout in the Novice Men with his great legs and overall conditioning. NABBA Class 1 was another close class with Ben Holmes up against Kristian Bray and Mark Mete.  It was close between Ben and Kristian but perhaps it was Ben's back that won it for him on the day.  Grant Pieterse sparkled in his posing trunks but as colourful as they were, it was his great physique and routine that the audience admired.  The judges also admired his physical attributes and awarded him the Overall Title too.

Leanne and Alex Simays organised a great show with some fantastic prizes for their athletes from their many sponsors.  The lighting was also great so thanks for making the pics look good!  Want to acknowlege Mark de lew who did an amazing who was head slapper backstage putting on the tans backstage.  Everytime I saw him he was busy and always ready to help whoever needed him. So thanks Mark!

Thanks to all the athletes who were ready for happy snaps and look forward to seeing you at the Nationals!

Lisa, Go Figure
18 August 2013

Happy Snaps!
Nic and Leo for
Steve and Matt
for Mass Nutrition
Naera and Tarren

Tony in great condition

Team Livfit wins team award
Mark and Tom Toia  Donelle
Guest Poser Mark

Chris's christmas has come early
Great hair Donelle Gladys lends a hand Damian enjoys some treats

Nice one George
Les Mills Team
George, Martin, Nate

Reuben's ripped legs
Novice Men Mark and Sesa
Nabba Men Colourful couple Grant and Sesa


 WFF Glamour Models


WFF Athletic Class 1
Toia McDonald 1st
Donelle Petelo 2nd


NABBA Physique
Sesa Tomuli 1st
Christine Henwood, 2nd


NABBA Figure
Figure Short, Naera Johnson

Couples; Toia and Tony


WFF Junior, Masters,

WFF Class 2
Tony Ligaliga, 1st
Chris Gooch 2nd

WFF Class 1
            3, 1, 2


NABBA Masters Men
Darrin Brown, 1st
Alo, 2nd
George 3rd
Grand Master 50. Michael Cassidy
NABBA Juniors


NABBA Novice
 3, 1, 2
 NABBA Class 3 and 2
Grant Pieterse, Class 2

Christopher Savage, Class 3


NABBA Class 1
Ben Holmes, 1st
Kristian Bray 2nd

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