Congrats to all the NZ Pros who proudly represented
NZ at the Australian Grand Prix!




Men's Bodybuilding

1. Candice Keene
2. Erin Stern
3. Candice Lewis
4. Mallory Halderman
5. Rinna Schmidt
6. Amanda Doherty
7. Yoko Washington   NZ
8. Asher Prior
9. Laura Keddie
10. Summer Bernard
11. Darlene Escano
12. Kristy Thomson NZ
13. Nuria Novoa  NZ
1. Dexter Jackson
2. Toney Freeman
3. Ben Pakulski
4. Edward Nunn
5. Ivan Sadek
6. Michael Kefalianos
7. Jeff Long
8. An Nguyen
9. Luke Timms
10. Luke Shembri
11. Joe Ulberg NZ
1. India Paulino
2. Nicole Nagrani
3. Nathalia Melo
4. Pollianna Moss
5. Rhiannon Harris
6. Jessica Pendergrast  NZ
7. Amy Wright
8. Nina Silic


9 March Fit X Update: Congrats to Paul Kennerly who placed 2nd in the Physique Men's Class while Kurt Dell also looked great but unfortunately did not place.  Stacy Sadler looked fantastic winning her Figure Class.

Below is glimpse of the kiwi athletes in action so far

Nathalia and Jess

Stacy and her fellow competitors

Men's Physique line
Paul with trophy. And his girlfriend Jess.  Kurt


Mens Pro
Dexter Jackson USA
Toney Freeman USA
Ed Nunn USA
Johnnie Jackson USA
Michael Kefalianos Australia
Ben Pakulski Canada
Ivan Sadek Australia
Luke Timms Australia
Jeff Long USA
An Nguyen USA
Joe Ulberg NZ

Womens Figure Pro
Erin Stern USA
Mallory Haldeman USA
Candice Lewis USA
Candice Keane USA
Amanda Doherty Australia
Laura Keddie Australia
Darlene Escano Australia
Summer Bernard Australia
Yoko Washington NZ
Nuria Novoa NZ
Kristy Thompson NZ

Womens Bikini Pro
Nathalia Melo Brazil
Nicole Nagrani USA
India Paulino USA
Rhiannon Harris Australia
Amy Wright Australia
Jess Pendergrast NZ


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