Women's Shape, Fitness Model, Physique and Figure Pics Added
Overall Winners
Melissa Standing, Physique. Penismani Tuipoluto. Jessie Foley, Figure, Nat triviaswavate. Amy Waters, Shape

Spectacular Report!

A Spectacular Show
we envisioned and a Spectacular Show I think we managed to put together!  What do you think audience and athletes?  Those who were there were treated to a night of fun and laughter hosted by the amazing Pat Petelo and Selo and Pua aka the SnP Show.  They kept the show going in such great spirits and I think the audience also appreciated all the great prizes that came their way throughout the show.

Spectacular Team
Timi, Naera, Lisa, Patrick
Talking about prizes, the athletes were spoilt by some amazing prize packs from our sponsors Club Physical, Gymstick, Russell Athletic, QVS, Labrada Nutrition, Mass Nutrition, Scheik Accessories, Mobiile Beauty, Supplements.co.nz, Shore Prestige, Sports and Supplements. Plus Flush Fitness also genereously gave goodie bags to all athletes that participated.

It was great to see a number of spectacular athletes (57 total) compete at the show competing in all classes from shape, to figure and physique to the new Biggest Loser, Fitness Model and Beach Body classes.  We saw some new talent emerge particularly Penismani who won the Overall Men's Title after taking out the Novice u80kg. Wow where has he been hiding!  He was amazing with great mass and conditioning so we hope he continues to compete in one of the organisations as would be a shame to hide that body again.

Apart from the amazing feats of the biggest losers we also saw some athletes who revealed great bodies after losing large weight of their own.  Melissa Standing, the Overall Physique winner had lost 90kg to reveal her muscles while Selio Solomon in the Novice o80kg had lost more than 50kg to flex his muscles on stage.  We now there are probably many other transformation stories like them but just don't know about. 

And that is the purpose of this show!  We want this to be a goal for people to compete in in a no stress fun environement situation that you are comfy to show your hard work.  So we hope to see lots of new bodies revealed next year.

While the show is for the new, we also saw the return of former competitors - particularly that of Jessie Foley.  Its been more than 8 years since we've seen her but she hasn't lost any of that pzazz on stage and that body which has probably come in her best condition yet!  It was great to see her compete along a great lineup of Senior Figures including the equally sexy Sarah FileIt was a close contest been Jessie and Sarah but it probably was Jessie's extra leanness that edged her ahead.

From the Spectacular Team, thank you so much to athletes and audience who competed and attended this show.  Hope you had a great time and hope to see you again next year!!

Lisa, Go Figure
4 September 2013

Happy Snaps! 
Thanks to our spectacular sponsors for spoiling our athletes, you all were so amazing and your generosity was much appreciated by all!
Nic and Leo for Labrada. Super MC and Sponsor for Russell Athletic. Lisa with Matt - Schiek Accessories.
Lisa with Bec for
Go Figure Low Carb Pasta
Kim and Jason for supplements.conz with Nic and Leo Pat and Donelle
for Flush Fitness
Lusia and Naera.  Lusia's Team of Mobile Beauty did an amazing tan and make up job on the girls!
The amazing prizes!!! Paul with the Trophy for
Team Champion
- with Naera and Timi
Thanks Mass Nutrition!
SnP Show Sela and Pua provided great eye candy and entertainment.
Stage is set and the
audience is ready!
                               Donelle with many samples for athlete goodie bags. Food glorious food

Our Spectacular Trophy Girls
Lucia Oles and Gina Petrie
did a great job most
of the time - except
for when they were on
facebook lol.  Thanks ladies!

Our Spectacular Judges
Chad Diehl, Christine Henwood. Paul Richards, Rhonda Bryers. Nikki Harris given some tips by Momma T who was there cheering her big team on.

Our Spectacular Helpers. Our Show couldn't have happened without you!

AV guy. Tony and DJ Olly McCall did an awesome job with the music. Thank you Olly!
Richie supporting his babe
The foyer was packed with eager audience waiting to see the hot action.  But the show didn't start until Jo and Linda came in. Then the show began!


Naki and Stacey with
new talent
Tony and Selio

Rebecka with her helper
Junior Men Kane's amazing condition  Physique girls
Beach Babes Mateo Guest Posed Senior Figure
Rebeckah and friend Jess's Great Comeback Sports Models
Maria and Lauren
Nat can't decide what
he wants to eat
Novice Figure Lisa and Jo
Open Men Mark and Nate. Ready for the Overalls. Nate's great condition

Shape  Sponsored by Gymstick
 Amy Waters 1st, Rebecka Hart 2nd, Amanda Foggin 3rd, Mari Hecter 4th
Fitness Model  Sponsored by QVS
Laurel Jury, 1st                                    Amanda Bush 2nd
Lauren Van Arondonk 3rd
Maria Shearer                  Lauren Chellew

Novice and Senior Physique
Novice Physique  Sponsored by Mass Nutrition
Melissa Standing, 1st
 Natasha Ratuva 2nd
Senior Physique  Sponsored by Mass Nutrition
 Rosanne Wilson


Novice Figure  Sponsored by Gymstick

Sheena Dunn 1st


 Senior Figure Sponsored by Mobile Beauty
Jessie Foley 1st
Sarah File 2nd
Julie Nouri 3rd
   Susi                                              Janet Kelly

Biggest Winners!
3rd Karl, 2nd Georgia, 3rd Lisa. Biggest Losers wait patiently backstage.

Thank you to all the Biggest Losers who made the effort to flash up for us on the night. Sorry we didn't warn you about Pat's 'grilling' on stage of each of you but it was great to hear about your journeys from you.  Hope you had a great night and you keep going and we'll see you in bikinis and trunks next year!

Big Thank you to our Sponsors Prestige Cars who sponsored this class with $500 and Supplements.co.nz with $150 voucher.  The Biggest Loser was won by Lisa O'Neil who took home $250, Georgia Spence won $150 and Karl Taaka $100.  Anna Mason won the The Most Amazing Award of $150 voucher from supplements.co.nz

The Amazing Biggest Loser Transformations
1st Lisa O'Neil
Lost 20.7kg. trained by
Robin Dangem Cunningham
2nd Georgia Spence
Lost 18.1kg
Team Champion
3rd Karl Taaka
Lost 17.6kg
Team Champion
Team Champion aka Tarren McCall and Catherine Coluccio
Rosa Ugapo Lost 14.5kg Tui Vito Lost 10.9kg Ashleigh Gooch Lost 14.7kg
Dan Filipini Lost 16.7kg   Cara Napier Lost 10kg
Team Beth Spence PT

Anna Mason Lost 7.5kg

Jessie May Lost 8.3kg
Anna won the the most Amazing Transformation Award

Team Jo Stewart PT                   Team Taylor Smith PT
Bevan Richmond Lost 16.5kg Tracey Mitchell Lost 7.5kg


Junior Men  Sponsored by Sports and Supplements
Jamil Khan 1st
 Henry Lim 2nd               Reuben Thompson 3rd
Masters Men  Sponsored by Sports and Supplements
 Jeff Nepe 1st                   Trent Lewis 2nd
Beach Body  sponsored by Scheik Accessories
David West 1st                                       Kane Rene 2nd
Matty Campbell 2nd                           Santosh Patel
Rawiri Moranga                                    Gary Singh


Athletic and Novice Men
Athletic Men  Sponsored by Gymstick
 Nat 1st  Michael 2nd
Novice Men u80kg Sponsored by Russell Athletic
Thomas 2nd, Penismani 1st
Novice Men o80kg Sponsored by Russell Athletic
 Poasi 1st  Selio 2nd


Open Men  sponsored by Mass Nutrition
Nate Williams 1st
 Mark Mete 2nd

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