Men's and Women's Stage Pics and Report!

                                   Overall Champions
Laura, Bikini. Sarah, Bodybuilding. Pat, Physique. Alma, Bodybuilding. Myra, Figure

While the NZIFBB South Island Champs was a cosy show held at the Manning Intermediate, the talent on display was HUGE!  The physiques were of great condition and the NZIFBB discovered some new stars in the process.  Particularly the hot couple of Myra Rogers and Alma Clayton shone in the classes and also taking out the Overall Titles.  No doubt we'll see them progress well through the NZIFBB ranks.

Myra, Moe and Alma
Beth Spence in the Novice Figure Short also was a stand out for her condition and well proportioned muscular figure.  The bikini classes was also a good watch and no doubt we're going to see some huge classes at the Nationals if regional comps are anything to go by. 

It was nice to see some girls come out for the bodybuilding classes.  Been a long time since we've seen Sara Su and her hardwork has shown through with more mass.  But the best condition of the day would have to go to Tania Pitt who was full and lean, unfortunately didn't quite have the mass compared to Sara but a great physique for her weight class.   Mel Smith was just the right condition and mass to win the physique class ahead of Sarah and Shenae.

Taylor, Lisa and Kate

Cosy venue
We saw some good novices take the stage.  In particular Junior Men, Shaun Verbeek who has some nice mass and cuts for a young guy. Jack Foley in the men's u70kg also showed great condition to take out his class. But all eyes were on Alma Clayton in the open men o90kg who had great mass, cuts and symmetry...and probably had the best calves of the show too!

The one show format chosen by NZIFBB for this show was perfect for athletes and audience alike.  The show began around 12.30 and finished by 4.30pm and the classes moved efficiently during that time. 

Thanks to Moe Moussawi and the NZIFBB for welcoming us and letting us do our thing in a stress free and fun environment!

We look forward to be what's going to be a big turn out for the NZIFBB Auckland Champs in August!

Lisa, Go Figure
28 May 13


Overalls - Bikini  


Maddi Tennant, Fitness

Novice Figure Short  
Beth, 1st Maeve, 2nd Ami, 3rd

Open Figure Short and Masters
Open Figure Short, Myra  
Open and Novice Figure Tall 
Kirsten, 1st Open Shenae, 1st Novice Jacqui, 2nd Novice


Bikini Short
Annie, 1st Becki, 2nd Cassandra, 3rd
Bikini Tall
Laura 1st           Catherine 2nd           Kristy 3rd         Jo 4th

Novice and Open Bodybuilding
Sarah, Open o55kg  Tania, Open up to 55kg
Trish,  Novice o55kg


Women's Physique
Mel, 1st.  Sarah 2nd. Shenae.  Tania

Men's Overall Comparison


Junior, Masters and Novice

Junior Men
Masters Men

Novice Men 60-70kg


Novice Men u70kg
1st Jack  2nd Bashar

Novice Men 70-80kg
Novice Men 80-90kg, Jay Novice Men o90kg, Alec  
Open Men 90-100kg, Alma    


Men's Physique
 Pat 1               Vick 2                  Ben 3            Rikihana 4

 Happy Snaps!!
Myra, Tarren and Alma
Taylor Smith looking
very glam
Judging panel
Chris, Moe, Bronwyn, Tarren.

Alma with Moe
Les Mills athletes Team Nfusion  Kristy's Team
Hot couple of the moment. Myra Rogers and Alma Clayton
Powerlifters back on a roll.  Annie and Catherine  Sheryl and Kristy
Team Dixon Jade had a busy day tanning
all the hot bods
Girls looking very relaxed

Beth Spence Myra sister's lends her
hairdressing skills
Michaael and Kirstie Kirsten gets a hand from
her man
Shenae looking cute
in her earmuffs
Kate, Kirsten and Annie. Beth and Myra Moe showing us how
to pose bikini style
Alma and Myra Food time!


Physique boys
Jack and Jamil

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