Huge Champion Nutrition Team
I've always thought you had to be one of those big bad loud bodybuilders  with a big posse of other big bad bodybuilders around you to not be allowed in a bodybuilding show. But NO!
Lisa with Leo from
Topmark Nutrition

It took alot of willpower for me to be at the show as it really felt like I was entering Dragon's Den not knowing what was going to unfold, a familiar feeling I usually get going to NABBA shows.  As I said on facebook, I was going to be there to support athletes as best I can and do my usual happy snaps where I can.  So a woman of my word.....

I wasn't allowed to take backstage happy snaps and I knew that.  All I wanted to do was go and watch the show and I wasn't going to get my camera out, it was going to kill me not to take pics inside but I didn't want any drama as I know alot of eyes will be on me. 

But I wasn't allowed into theatre just to watch either, eventhough I had a sponsor's pass. I won't go into nitty gritties as you're probably over the drama Go Figure and NABBA have had, and I'm over it too.  Crux of it is, I feel quite empowered that an organisation such as NABBA would feel threatened by little old me and my website.

I will take that as a badge of honour and use that power to fuel my passion for what I love to do.  That is to take pics of bodybuilding/bodybuilders and support my fellow trainers and nutritionists to help their clients keep motivated through Go Figure.

That said, thanks to Champion Nutrition's Tarren McCall for rounding up her athletes yesterday so that I could take pics of her huge and successful team.  Thanks to Jo Stewart and Michelle Dixon who didn't mind me raiding her facebook for happy snaps to post here.

Thanks again to athletes for your support and I hope I'll be able to continue what I do in  young forward thinking organisations that are much more fun and welcoming like NZIFBB and NABBA WFF who appreciate the effort it takes to do write ups and post pics in a timely manner.

Onwards and upwards and on to my next crasade lol


21 April 13

p.s it was fantastic to see over 70 athletes turnout for the show which is great for bodybuilding generally.  Just a shame that no one other than the ones that were in the little theatre will see them.

I'm truly sorry I couldn't bring you any more pics.  If you took some, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to share with us!


Janine with the next
Naera, Lisa and Tarren Happy Champion Nutrition Team
Gina, Bec and Krista Kathleen and Brooke  Jo and Lisa
 Ra and Nikki  Team Tamar from Taupo    Toia and Stacy
Lisa and Michelle  Julie Forbes
Damian, Poasi, Allan Damien 1st, Mateo,
Jeff Open Physique
Bec, Gina, Krista
Permita Amosa and
Sara Su, Physique
 Shape Class
Michelle and Shennae
Jo Mountfort's Pics
Jo with Allysa,
1st Open Figure
Karen McGough
1st Senior Figure
Ted York
1st Novice Athletic Short
Vaughn Oliver
1st Masters Athletic
Sarah Su
1st Novice Physique
2nd Nov Fig Tall
1st Novice Fig Short
Jo Stewart's Pics!
Annette and Mark
1st open phys, 2nd
Bee and Jo
Great shot! Kent Allan and Kent
Tony and the boys Bee and Mateo
Gladys, Teish and Annette



Best Performance

Allan Laumatia

Mr Athletic


Mr Physique

Damien Aleni


Gina Petrie

Team Trophy

Champion Nutrition

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