Team L to R:
Nuria, Sarah, Loren, Lisa, Maddi, Jo, Angela

Thank you to everyone who visited our Go Figure Stand at the NZ Fitness Expo. We had a great response to our Go Figure Low Carb Pasta as we sold a few packets! 

So lots of happy and healthy bellies out there.  We would love to get your feedback about the product so please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your thoughts. 

Lisa with her spectacular banners


I want to thank my amazing team who helped me out at the Stand while I was running around like a crazy lady.  Ang, you are a supersales girl and was so lucky to have you for the day.  Loren, thanks for being my second in charge of everything and stepping in when you needed to.  Sarah, Jo, Nuria, Maddi, thanks for your energy and support all weekend. It was great to spend time with you all and hope you all had a great time too!


Below are the happy snaps from the weekend. Lets do it all again soon!
Lisa, Go Figure


Happy Snaps!
Figure girls
Pich, Jo, Toia, Sarah

No one gets past Ang!
Lisa with Fitness Model
Judges Amanda and Evana
We had a great picnic! Sarah loads up Jules and KT pop by
Girls with Guns: Linda and Jo. Lucia                                      Sarah and Loren
Our gofer Paul Pich More girls with guns
Lisa with Leanne Wann Fitness Model Athlete
Mary Ann
Lisa with Marnie Oberer
Lisa and Loren Sarah loved her Sash The babes
Jess, Claire and Brooke
Nuria and Sarah's
Gun Show

Lunch time!!
Jo signs autograph for her
Jess, Kylie and Brooke Jill, Paul and Lisa  Sam and Teina
Giselle and Jo Suz picks up some lunch  Tonya with her pasta
 Nuria and Loren Fitness Model Mum
Shea and her daughter
Jo and Sarah
Fitness Models
Jamie, Emmaline and Lucia
Our stand ended up
being the Bag Drop!
Jamie and Emmaline

Out and About!
Carena West Alex and Leanne Simays  Donelle and Steve
Maureen and Sarah  Chris, Kris and Garth  Marc and Lisa
 O'Malley Brothers  Steve and Jamil Kristian and Tarsh with
Xtreme Team
Sam, Teina, Moe and Kenny.  Yoko and Kylie.            Tu, Yoko, Moe, Jade and Fawad
Optimum Nutrition/Topmark Team.  Nigel and Donna
Steve, Suz and Kurt

Lisa with the boys Jake, Kagen, Kurt and Steve

A girl's meeting place!
Fitness babes are everywhere!
Abigail curling her hair.  Juanita with her gorgeous kids.  Kendra, Chrystie, Lucia, Shea
right: and that's why
Jess always looks great!
The Triplets!
Jo, Linda and Sarah
  After a hard weekend's Expo
Fish n Chips were perfect end!

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