NZIFBB Wellington Champs Pics and Results!

Thanks to Paul McSweeney of PWG Photography for the great pics.

Right: Moe Moussawi, NZIFBB President with the Overall Winners

Overall Winners; Bodybuilding Men Kruse Butler. Bodybuilding Women, Carolyn Mailo, Women's Physique, Paula Signal. Figure, Carissa Ludlow. Bikini, Becky Penn. Men's Physique Sam Andrews. 

Open Women's Bodybuilding
Novice Figure Short and Tall
Open Figure Short and Tall
Senior Figure
Women's Physique
Bikini Short
Bikini Tall

Junior Men
Masters 50+
Novice 70-80kg
Novice 80-90kg
Novice o90kg


Novice Men's Physique
Open Men's Physique


Open 70-80kg

Open 80-90kg
Overall Comparisons 
Novice Figure Overall
Open Figure
Novice Men's Physique Short
Novice Men's Physique Tall
Men's Phyique Open Short and Novice Comparisons


 Men's Bodybuilding


Open Bodybuilding Women under 55kg
1st-Irene Braithwaite...

Open Bodybuilding Women over 55kg
1st-Carolyn Mailo- Overall

Figure Short Novice
1st-Elysha Sos

Figure Tall Novice
1st-Laura Pigou
2nd-Jeri Danks Paikea
3rd-Sarah Walsh
4th-Laura Wildbore

Figure Short Open
1st-Carissa Ludlow – Overall
Figure Tall Open
1st-Tina Jeune-Smith

Womans Physique Short
1st-Paula Signal- Overall Winner
2nd-Yane Westerheide
3rd-Irene Braitwaite

Womans Physique Tall
1st-Carolyn Mailo

Senior Figure
1st-Tina Jeune-Smith
2nd-Michelle Riwai
3rd-Andrea Massignani

Bikini Short
1st-Becky Penn-Overall
2nd-Mariska Hall
3rd-Georgia Choveaux

Bikini Tall
1st-Emma Gabrielsen
2nd-Tania Prince
3rd-Sarah Raynor
4th-Jasmine Savage
5th-Stacy Hogwood
6th-Kim Wyatt

Mixed Pairs
1st-Carolyn Mailo and Steve

Teenage Men
1st-Liam Phillips
2nd-Oliver Wood
3rd-Ethanik Kilmister

Junior Men
1st-Kyle Dolan
2nd-Micheal Fowles
3rd-Ryan Galland

Masters Men 50yrs
1st-Steve Quinn
2nd-Paora Liddell
3rd-Gary Day

Novice Men 70-80kg
1st-Cameron Macgregor
2nd-Richard Brown

Novice Men 80-90kg
1st-Kruse Butler – Overall Men
2nd-Darren Borlase

Novice Men Over 90kg
1st-Vaitoa Baker
2nd-Aaron King

Mens Classic
1st-Jermani Robinson

Novice Men's Physique Short
1st-Beau-Zhan Velly

Novice Mens Physque Tall
1st-Reinaldo Castilho Abe
2nd-Mark Johnson
3rd-Oliver Wood
4th-Tamehana Johnson
5th-Lloyd Brooks
Alex Marker
Fred Groen
Max Fisher
Kevlin Payne

Mens Physique Short
1st-Nate Suen

Mens Physique Tall
1st-Sam Andrews-Overall
2nd-Tom Carey
3rd-John Gatfeild
4th-Gary Tautalafua
5th-Josh Lomax-Jones

Open Men 70-80kg
1st-Supry Sos
2nd-Peter Dolan
3rd-Kenneth Clayton
4th-Steve Quinn
5th-Pravesh Sharman

Open Men 80-90kg
1st-John Dearaza

2nd-Des Foo
Open Men 90-100kg
1st-Dan Wagstaff

Open Men Over 100kg
Tie -Nick Reynolds
Tie-Chris Hiemer

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