NZIFBB Nationals
Women's Figure, Bodybuilding and Physique Bikini Pics are up!

Bikini Video! Open Figure Short Video.

Congrats to Overall Winners!
Wael Banjar, physique (awarded Pro Card). Brie Tawhai, bikini (awarded Pro Card)
Kenny O'Malley, Bodybuilding (awarded Pro Card), Myra Rogers, Figure (awarded Pro Card)
Trinity Lawrence, Physique. Sue Bettridge, Bodybuilding 

Jeremy Tevaga was also awarded the Pro Card for winning the Physique Tall.
Jess Coate, Sheena Martin, Moe Alif, Tyrone Bell have been invited to compete at the Arnold Amateur in 2014.

Open Figure Short Video    Open Men's Physique Video and Novice Men Bodybuilding


Happy Snaps!
 Jamie and Lisa  Tarren and Fawad  Moe with young muscle
Jeremy and Brie, New Pros!   Teina guest posed  Tony gets all the luck
Salah eating (again) Babes in the audience Team Jess
 One of many cameramen  Team Dymond!  Jamie and Aaliyah
Friendly competition  Sex bomb Leile  Tanning team
 Harry, Supry and Joe  Jamil and Kristy  Pros Bros!

Figure, Physique and Bodybuilding
A penny for your
thoughts Jess!
Open Figure Short

Brie, Camilla and Myra

Novice Fig Short  Nov Fig Tall  Alma and Myra
Julie was super
happy about her
Rare bodybuilders
Julie and Sue

Kristy with the
chch babes

Trinity with
all her prizes
Physique Trinity pumping up
 Jess and Tamar  Beth and Heidi, Sen Fig  Shenae in Nov Fig Tall
Separated at birth
Nikki and Alex
Laura, Overall Novice Winner    Roma, Sue and Paula
 Trinity, Sarah, Hayley, Shenae  


Julie 1st u55kg                                          Sue 1st o55kg

Trinity 1st                              Paula 2nd
 Sarah 3rd  Katrina 4th

 Novice Figure Short
Victoria 1st                                               Elysha 2nd
 Nikki 3rd
 Novice Figure Tall
Laura 1st                                              Alex 2nd
 Shenae 3rd
Open Figure Short
 Myra 1st
Jess 2nd

Carissa 3rd

Open Figure Tall
Tamar 1st                                              Kirsten 2nd
Senior Figure
Beth 1st                                                Emma 2nd

Heidi 3rd


Bikini Short Bikini Tall
 Bang bang!  Bikini Short
 Aimee, Victoria, Amy  Brie  Camilla and Brie


Bikini Short
 1st  Camilla 2nd
Lou 3rd

Bikini Tall
Brie 1st                                                     Amy 2nd
Victoria 3rd                                               Hayley 4th
 Aimee 5th


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