NABBA WFF Nationals

WFF Men's and Women's
NABBA Figure and Men's Pics are up

Plus Overall Men's Comparison Video
Overall Champions:
Mark Anderson NABBA Phys, Sue Bettridge NABBA Fig,
Neralee Montague WFF Athletic, Tony Ligaliga WFF Athletic


NABBA Physique Woman, Naera Johnson

NABBA Figure Masters Athletic
NABBA Figure Class NABBA Senior Figure 35+, Class 1 and Class 2
Sue Bettridge, Senior Figure 35+

NABBA Figure Class 1, Linda Hickin 1st

Stephanie Wakelin 2nd
NABBA Figure Class 2, Lauren McLellan 1st

WFF Glamour
Claire Calkin 1st
Lisa Gatman 2nd

Laura Old 3rd
Maria Maltseva 4th

WFF Masters Athletic 40+
Paula Fernley, 1st
Jessie Foley, 2nd                              Nicola Bailey, 3rd
WFF Class 2 Neralee Montague
WFF Class 1 Toia McDonald
WFF Overall Comparison


WFF Men's Masters o45 and Teen
Israel McDonald, Teen

Alo Pouhila 1st

Tony McMillan 2nd
Grant Mclellan 3rd
 WFF Men Class 3 and 4
Fatua Sua 1st                                                        Karan Shevde 2nd
 Daniel Corke, 1st class 4


WFF Men Class 2
 Tony Ligaliga, 1st  Chris Gooch, 2nd
 Paul Nelson  Shane Murray


WFF Men Class 1
 1st  2nd


NABBA Masters Men 40+ and 50 (Naera posed with the guys!)

Grandmaster o50. Michael Cassidy
Master Men o40. Darrin Farrow 1st
Darrin Orchard 2nd
International Junior, Kagan Orton

NABBA Novice

NABBA Men Class 2 and 3
Class 3, Chris Savage
Class 2 Grant Pieterse 1st, Nate Williams 2nd
Class 1 and 4
Class 1 Mark Anderson
Class 4 Ben Holmes 1st                        Aaron Brinsdon 2nd


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