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Come along and celebrate the end of the year, mingle with fellow gym bunnies and athletes who competed this year.  Have a few drinks, have fun and let your hair down!

Beach Bikini Comp
Only $25 Entry Fee to be in with a chance to
win $150 Prize and More!

email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details

Yay happy we've had lots of interest from gym babes interested in the Bikini Comp at the Go Figure Party! so thought I'd give this brief overview of what we're looking for in the contestants. The pic would be close to the bikini condition...we're looking for. Healthy and athletic with a hint of abs would be great - I'm sure there are many of you who are exactly that right now!

We're not looking for lean contest bikini bodies like in a bodybuilding comp (not that those girls will be competing anyway as they'll be enjoying all sorts of treats by then!)

What to wear and what you'll be doing: As mentioned we're looking for fit healthy toned gym bunnies. You'll be strutting your hot bod in an off the rack beach bikini while wearing heels on a small stage and do a T walk into the audience showing great confidence and working the crowd!
You'll be judged on your presentation, grooming and body but your X factor will be the crucial factor.

The winner will receive prizemoney of $150, voucher from Muscle Fuel and all contestants will receive goodie bags from Go Figure and Topmark Nutrition. There will also be prizes from and RaiseLower training accessories.

$25 Entry Fee. Closing date is 2 November 2013. Hope this covers everything, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you need anything else!


Great Prizes from our Sponsors during the Night!

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This year, we'll be calling on a panel of judges to decide the winners in each category.  We will also be running a People's Choice Online Vote to see who the audience has as their fave.

The winners of the Go Figure Awards will be announced at the Fun Go Figure End of Year Party which will be held at Legend, 373 K'Rd, Auckland on 16 November.

The categories for this year are:

- Figure of the Year.
An outstanding figure who shone at regional, national or international stage

- Male Bodybuilding Physique of the Year

An outstanding male bodybuilder who shone at the regional, national and international stage

- Hunk of the Year

That hunk who caught your eye whether in the NABBA/WFF athletic, NZIFBB Men's Physique
Nominees so far: Warren Young

- Female Physique of the Year

An outside female bodybuilder who shone at the regional, national and international stage.
Nominee so far: Sesa Tomuli, Naera Johnson

- Bikini babe of the Year
That hot momma who caught your eye in the NABBA Shape, NZIFBB bikini who deserves to get noticed by this award!
Nominees so far: Camilla Payne, Brie Tawhie

- Fitness Model of the Year
That babe who has the X factor who strutted her stuff in the NABBA WFF Glamour, Optimum Nutrition Fitness Model or Go Figure Spectacular.
Nominees so far: Claire Calkin

- Transformation of the Year
This person must have made an awesome transformation between November 2012 and November 2013 and have the pics to prove it!
Nominee so far: Maria Shearer, Juhanita Pretorius

Maria Shearer                      Juhanita Pretorius

- Emerging Female Novice (in any class) of the Year
For the newcomer of the year who's made an outstanding entrace into bodybuilding whether by their condition and/or achievements at regional, national and international level.
Nominee so far: Myra Rogers, Bec Nesbett

- Emerging Male Novice (in any class) of the Year
For the newcomer of the year who's made an outstanding entrace into bodybuilding whether by their condition and/or achievements at regional, national and international level

- Nutritionist of the Year

The nutritionist who consistantly enters athletes in to contests in great condition.
Nominees so far: Tarren McCall, Giselle McArtney

- Trainer of the Year
The trainer who consistantly enters athletes in to contests in great condition.
Nominee so far:
Nuria Novoa

So get your thinking caps on and watch the shows closely to nominate your favourite athlete in the above categories!

We welcome nominations of athletes from all federations NZIFBB, NABBA, NABBA WFF, INBA as we love you all eventhough we couldn't be there to witness you ourselves.  This will be a great chance to catch up
and take pics of you myself!

Email your nomination and a brief blurb about them to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 27 October 2013

Nominations so far for Go Figure Awards

Nominations by Kara Awhimate
Nomination 1 - Giselle Mcartney: Nutritionist of the year. Giselle, what can I say about this women. She is so much more then a nutritionist, she is a life coach, a mentor a friend. She is worth her weight in gold. When I went to G, I had a massive goal not just to lose weight, but to compete as well and even though she is a nutritionist, the knowledge I have gained from her which is vital to competition was a life saver. She goes beyond the call of duty and helped me shed about 30kgs (counting all the weight i put on then took off again!) and I started seeing her in January this year. With her help we were able to figure out what foods I operate on best and eliminated all Gluten which was a major problem in my diet. She supported me at my first comp and taught me how to pose. I am still with G now and just looking at the clients she has on her portfolio would explain why she is totally deserving of this award. She sets a high example and is an inspiration to all women and men out there!

Nomination 2 - Steve Campbell: PT of the year Steve is an amazingly genuine and caring Personal Trainer with knowledge and experience I have never encountered before...and I have used quite a few PTs. He treats each and everyone of his clients as unique individuals and is passionate about helping them achieve their dreams. Steve put a lot of time into me so I was able to present a decent package on stage at my first show, intense training sessions, time on the weekend to learn posing and routine, I feel its the least I can do to show my gratitude to this wonderful trainer and I feel he is definitely deserving of this title.

Nomination 3 - Sesa Tomuli: Physique of the year I'm nominating Sesa partly because she is my idol. I met her once backstage at my first comp and the beauty this women shows from the inside is what gives her the whole package. I was so nervous and scared I didn't make my weight class for NABBA Figure so I had to enter Physique which I was less then impressed with however, Sesa made me see the beauty in it, she calmed me down and she taught me a lot about the industry just by talking to her. She is so dedicated and disciplined I aspire to be like her one day! She is my motivation and anyone who has a beautiful physique that they work hard for as well as a beautiful heart is a total winner.

Nomination from Sheena Dunn
I would like to nominate Tarren McCall for the ”best nutritionist” award. I am pretty sure that you will get many nominations for Tarren however we each have a story to tell and our own reasons for our nominations.

Not only is she a exceptional nutritionist but she is also mentor, life coach, counsellor and best of all friend to her “Team of Champions”.  Through experience and observation, Tarren actually cares about each and every one of her clients on a personal level and this is displayed through her actions. 

What other nutritionist works 12 hours per day 7 days per week (especially pre-comp) to make sure she can see every single one of us when we want. 

Who else charges just a fraction of what their time is worth?

Who else opens their home and by default their personal life to a bunch of self-centred, thankless athletes who, most of the time takes them for-granted? 

Who else is on call 24/7 to answer nutritional questions, smooth down ruffled feathers, sooth pre-comp nerves and generally keep us on track?

Who else helps us pick ourselves up when we have taken a knock. Dusts us down and sends us on our way smiling again?

For me personally, Tarren has help me believe in myself and has shown me that “I can” when everyone around me has said that I can’t J  For that I owe her quite literally, my sanity.


Nomination from Sheena Pink
I would like to nominate Maria Shearer for the transformation of the year.
Maria has not only transformed her own life but she has helped motivate many kiwi women through out NZ to get active and be healthy.
Maria runs a closed group Facebook page called Kiwi Clean eaters.
It is an online support group for kiwi women wanting to change their lives.
We have 1037 members in this group.
Maria is on it daily giving advice an encouragement.
Maria is now training towards her first figure comp for next year!

Nomination from Maria Shearer for Nuria Novoa - PT of the year
Nuria is a role model.She is a role model in helping tackle body image issues and wanting to show everyone the joy of being healthy, fit and strong.She takes care of all her clients physically and mentally and she is there for us 24/7.Her knowledge in training is so vast that she can train men and women competitors in all classes, teach posing and make nutrition plans based on their goals. But she is also able to train every day to day non competitive clients and help with their nutrition plans, based on their goals. Her eye in watching and perfecting everyone's lifting techniques is beyond anything I've seen.We have learnt so much from Nuria, whether it was from one on one PT's or group trainings. The group trainings are the best, specially in summer where we can be outdoors. We train hard but also have a good laugh, it's also great to catch up like like minded people. We wear our team shirts with pride. Knowing we are representing Nuria and team NfusioN but also knowing that we are supporting a great cause, Paw Justice.

Nomination from Misse N for Donelle Petelo
I would like to nominate Donelle Petelo for nutritionist of the year and figure of the year also. Firstly in regards to being the nutritionist of the year Donelle knows her stuff (obvious by looking at her bod!!) but also as my nutritionst she has helped me loose 36kgs, something I have tried many other times and failed until now!!!! D always makes herself avalable to me and I know to other clients working well into the night most nights on top of her full time job with flush fitness not only that but she is super friendly and welcoming too - she is tops in terms of being a nutritionist in my books and secondly for figure of the year D looks amazing year round and always pushes herself to the extreme to bring the best to stage everytime. D stays lean year round and trains most days if not everyday. Her figure is amazing and it should be celebrated how she has changed her life from the person she was 4 years ago

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