Pics and Report! NABBA WFF Christchurchurch Grand Prix

left: Overall Winners with Alex Simays and Maree Stubbington
NABBA Figure, Sue Bettridge. WFF Athletic, Alex Faulkner. WFF Miss Athletic, Stephanie Blake. NABBA Bodybuilding, Phil Kuklinski

Overall Winners: Alex, Stephanie, Sue, Phil


A great venue, great entertainment from 'Moorehouse', prizes for audience participation, plenty of prizes for each class of the 56 athletes and ofcourse the show had a great MC in Kingsley Hannah.

The NABBA WFF Christchurch Grand Prix had it all and Kingsley did a fantastic job keeping the crowd entertained and making the athletes feel welcomed on stage.

Kingsley with the
Glamour Babes

In front of a sold out crowd at Burnside High, the audience were treated to lots of new talent emerging in the men's and women's classes.  The first of these was the WFF Junior Men's class who were all in great condition but it was the 19 year old Alex Faulkner from Dunedin who not only took out that class but also the Overall with his incredibly muscular physique for a young guy.  He's off to compete Internationally soon and we wish all the best and look forward to his progress through the ranks.  Other male talent spotted was Elroy Shum and Guy Priest in the WFF athletic class 4 and 2 respectively.  Elroy had great conditioning while Guy had nice symmetry and shows great potential in this class.  We also saw the introduction of the new Men's Fitness Model class with its sole participant Simon Collins strutting his stuff.  He did a great job showing off his physique and headstand skill.
We didn't see too many men compete in the NABBA section at this show but it was good to see the return of Phil Kuklinski back and in awesome condition as always in the Masters 50+ class and fended off the young guns to take off the Overall Title.  We also saw the return of Matt Clark return to stage after some time away to compete in the NABBA Class 2 and looked in good shape but he was up against the monster of ( ?) who edged Matt out in muscle and conditioning.
Lisa with Moorehouse

This show was really about the girls and it was great to see girls outnumbering the guys for a change. There was a bevvy of babes in the glamour model class who were all in great shape and must've been hard for the judges to decide the final outcome.  The Glamour Model places alot of emphasis on an athletic figure combined with presentation and that X factor in the bikini, sportswear and evening gown rounds.  It was pretty tough between the top 2 Lucia Oles and Jemma Goldsmith but it was Lucia with that extra fullness that possibly edged her ahead of Jemma on the day.

We also saw a new Bikini Model class introduced where judges are looking for a body that's not as hard as the Glamour Model class.  We saw quite a range of conditioning here and I guess since its the first time, athletes weren't sure how to come in so the more 'muscular' athletes were marked down for the definition.  These girls had great figures but perhaps they were just in the wrong class, so heads up girls and try again in another class.  In the end the competition came down between Claire Calkin and Amy HardcastleClaire had a great walk and showed confidence in her posing, she showed a great bikini body without being too lean fitted the criteria perfectly and took out the class.

All the winners of the WFF Athletic Classes were amazing.  Catherine Tear in Masters 35+, Stephanie Blake in Novice and Amy McClintock in WFF class 1 showed great conditioning for first time competitors so well done to them and their nutrition/support team.  It was great to see them posedown for the overall title, particular the battle between Catherine and Stephanie. Stephanie had the height and symmetry while Catherine showed more muscle maturity.  The competition was probably super close and Stephanie edged out Catherine for the title.  Look forward to seeing these athletes at the Nationals.

In the NABBA Figure section it was a ncie surprise to see the return of Deeane Thin who hasn't stepped on stage since 2006, and she didn't disappoint with her muscle mass!  Perhaps just a wee bit too much for the figure class but it was great to see her compete against Louise Morley and Sue Bettridge All these ladies had a great figure with Louise gaining some good muscle since her last show and presenting a much leaner figure this year.  Sue Bettridge presented an amazingly conditioned muscular figure as always and was the judges choice for the Overall Title. 

As mentioned early, this show had something for everyone.  Everybody left feeling good about the show. Athletes left with some great prizes in their goodie bags while the audience left feeling entertained and even a few left with some great prizes of their own.

Credit must go to Richard and Annette Parnham who put a huge effort making sure everything ran to plan and all the athletes felt they were being looked after backstage and on stage.

Thanks for the southern hospitality everyone!
Lisa, Go Figure
19 May 14

WFF Bikini Model

WFF Glamour Model

 3rd, Lucia 1st, Gemma 2nd

Bikini Round
Sportswear Round
Evening Wear Round



WFF Overall Figure Comparison
Miss Athletic over 35 years
Miss Novice Athletic
Stephanie Blake, 1st and Overall Winner
Miss Athletic Class 1 and 2
Extreme Body, Angela Wilkinson

NABBA Figure Overall Comparison

NABBA Novice Figure
Vendy 1st
2nd                                                 3rd

NABBA Open Figure
Sue Bettridge, Class 1 and Overall Winner
Louise Morley, Class 2 Winner
Deeane Thin, 2nd
NABBA Physique Women, Rosalie Conroy 1st

Masters 50+, Phil Kuklinski. Overall Men's Winner
Novice Men
Open Men

WFF Male Model, Simon Collins

Junior Men
Masters Men
WFF Athletic Class 2
 Athletic Class 1
Athletic Class 4, Elroy
WFF Overall Comparisons

Winner, 17 Year old Junior Alex Faulker

 Happy Snaps!
 Spot the photobomber!  Gymeez  Wendy for Athlete X
 Dave and Lisa  Matt and Alex  Mike K for BSc
 Kent with his athlete  Lucia and Susan  Angela taking a nap
Catherine with her
Team Henshed
Bikini Model Ladies toilets where the
actions at
Glamour models Gemma with her team WFF masters
Robyn and Claire Sexy Lucia, Glamour winner
  19 year old
WFF Overall Winner
 WFF Juniors
 WFF Overall Winner Stephanie
East Coast Boys
Louise, NABBA Fig class 2
Mark might've lost this
most muscular pose down
Mark and Vendy,
Nov Nabba Fig winner
Sue Bettride,
Overall Nabba Fig
Cute posedown Warren and Deanne Thin
Simon (men's model)
with Glamour girls
 Bikini Models Glamour models in one of their outfits

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