Overall Winners
Report, Stage Pics and Happy Snaps up now!

Another Spectacular show done and dusted for another year!  Thanks to all the athletes, trainers, nutritionists, family, judges and the audience who came to the show or contributed to the show in some way. Your contribution is appreciated!

Tiare, you did an awesome job as MC making the show run smoothly and on track. Finishing at 5.30pm, everyone had the chance to go out and enjoy a decent feed after a hectic show day.

MC Tiare, Naera, Lisa
The show would not have been a great success without our awesome sponsors Club Physical, BSN, Optimum Nutrition, Hyperstrength, Body Pro, Zeagold, Gymstick, EHP Labs, Miss Lift, Supplements.co.nz, Scheik and Go Figure.  So thank you for your goodies as they are truely appreciated by us and the athletes.

My happy lil snapper
Abby and Lisa
As a novice show, our aim is to purely introduce people to the unique sport of bodybuilding and encourage them to continue to compete in the future at national bodybuilding organisations.  As part of that vision, we aim to create a fun, friendly and no stress show which I think we achieved again this year.  By all the feedback, athletes had a great time and enjoyed the process, especially getting the free pizza and cake backstage didn't hurt either!

Past shows have revealed some amazing raw talent and this year was no different.  There was some great potential on show who we hope will go and give more shows a go.  Some of the athletes in the ladies classes include the Overall physique and figure winners
Michelle Wong and Michelle Kerr who were in great condition.  Notable mention should also be made of Maky Redon who's lost a massive 50kg to compete in the novice physique class.  Although a small class, the bikini babes Ashleigh Hector and Dayna Spiller had great figures and posed well and have heaps of potential to go on to greater things.

In the men's classes, you could not help but notice the amazing shoulders of Gary Franke!  Wow his was definitely like barn doors. That, added with his excellent conditioning scored him the Overall Men's Title.  Also outstanding conditioning goes to Nigel Turnbull in the Athletic Men. He was lean and full and a definite standout in any federation so we wish him luck in his future comps. Ofcourse we took note of the Men's Fitness Model Class which was popular this year.  Both the winners of short and tall, showed great mass and structure topped with that Extra sparkle in their smiles which made the crowd go wild.  We look forward to seeing which hunks come out of the woodworks next year.

Not forgetting The Biggest Losers who are athletes in their own right!  Thank you to trainers Linni and Tony from Livfit, Stephanie Livingstone from Body Business Bootcamp and Jamie from Club Physical Albany who kept their chargers inspired to achieve great weight and fat loss stats in this class.  Congrats to Glenda Lawrence and Wendy Remmington who were placed equal 1st, and Jamie Turnbull for her 3rd place.  All from Livfit, so a great night for the team.

Thank you to Linda Hickin who put an amazing effort into her routine which left the audience mesmerised.

Finally, a great BIG thank you to Naera Johnson who pretty much single handedly put this show together and I'm just the sidekick filling in the gaps.  You did an amazing job.  Don't know how you managed to find the time in between your training, work and preparing for the Worlds.  You truly are a wonder woman.

Hope everyone enjoyed the show and that we've helped you make your journey into the rewarding sport of bodybuilding a little easier!

Happy training!
Lisa, Go Figure
9 September 2014

Men's Fitness Model Short 
1. Des                   2. Andy                  3. Dan                          4.
 Men's Fitness Model Tall
1. Aaron                  2. Paulo                3. Aman                  4.                          5.
 1. Ashleigh Hector
2. Dayna Spiller
 3. Laura Parke
 Fitness Model
1. Chloe Belli
2. Nadia Jooste
3. Jennifer Beckham

 2nd Jenna, 1st Alex, 3rd Elizabeth
Men's Athletic
 2 Les, 1 Nigel, 3 Aron
 1. Nigel Turnbull
2. Les Laban


Overall Comparisons 
Men's Fitness Model

 Happy Snaps!
 Marc with Jo and Naera Naera makes Derek weak
at the knees
Janine, Lisa and Giselle
Lorraine from Zeagold Sharn from Miss Lift Dylan for EHP Labs
Lucia and Kimberley with Larissa for Optimum Nutrition and BSN.  
Wil and Lisa Pich, Lisa and Stacey
 Marshall extradionnaires  Trophy girls  Music maestro


 Leigh Ann  Michelle
Pich with her clients Looking great Liz
Goddess Chloe! Babes waiting Fitness Models

 Jennifer and Chloe
You're supposed to be
snapping Abby not flexing :)
Brotherly love. Aron came from Australia just to compete with his sister. Awwwweeee
 Masters Men winner Tony and his trainer

Too much hunkiness in
one picture

1st Half of Show Below

Masters and Junior Men

2 Ashley, 1 Charlie, Terry 3

1 Junior Men, Tim
 Novice Women's Physique
1. Michelle Wong
2. Maky Redon
Senior Women's Physique
 1. Roseanne Wilson
 Senior Figure
 1. Julie Nouri
 2. Lourdes Noronha
 Novice Figure
 1. Michelle Kerr
2. Chloe Belli
3. Allison Lesage


Novice Men o80kg
 1. Gary Franke
 2. Simon Matua
 3. Jerry Westerlund
 Novice Men u80kg
1. Troydon   2. Andrew
 Biggest Loser
Biggest Loser Results
1st Equal Wendy Remmington and Glenda Lawrence.   3rd Jaime Turnbull  
4th Toni Stevens
5th Equal
8th Equal

Final Results

Competitior Placing
Tim Schweder 1
Charlie Choi 1
Ashly Smith 2
Terry Vaevae 3
Michelle Wong Overall 1
Macarena Redon 2
Rosanne Wilson 1
Julie Nouri 1
Lourdes Noronha 2
Michelle Kerr Overall 1
Chloe Belli 2
Allison Lesage 3
Gary Franke Overall 1
Simon Matau 2
Jerry Westerlund 3
NOVICE MEN U 80KG Troydon Luicien 1
Andrew Barrett 2
Des Faafoi Overall 1
Andy Ah Chee 2
Dan Randall 3
Aaron Marsters 1
Paulo Heha 2
Aman Gulia 3
Ashleigh Hector Overall 1
Dayna Spiller 2
Laura Parke 3
Chloe Belli Overall
Nadia Jooste
Jennifer Beckham
Alix Bartholomew Overall 1
Jenna Te Wake 2
Elizabeth Turnbull 3
Nigel Turnbull 1
Les Laban 2
Aaron Parke 3


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