Congrats to Team NZ and their historic achievement in their best ever placings at the Arnold Amateur.

Adding to Sam Andrews 2nd placing, Sheena Martin and Aimee Chitty have also placed 2nd in their bikini class while Jess Coate ATHLETE placed 3rd in figure. Sunny Kim placed 18th in men's bodybuilding

All these classes had huge line ups so the kiwis did a fantastic job making themselves standout. Well done to Jake and Sunny too! We look forward
to seeing those stage pics.

Thanks to Jamie Downes for above pic.

Aimee Chitty, Sheena Martin and Sam Andrews placing 2nd in their classes!
Jess Coate, 3rd Figure!                                     Sunny Kim

25 Feb: It might be 10 degrees in Ohio and severe snow storms in America's North West but nothing is going to stop NZ's bodybuilding reps from taking their hot bods to storm up the Arnold Classic Amateur stage on 1 March in Columbus!

left: Moe, Jess, Sheena, Sunny, Jake
right: Jess and Lisa

NZ reps Jess Coate (figure), Sheena Anderton and Aimee Chitty (bikini), Sunny Kim (bodybuilding), Jake Campus (physique) are only 2 weeks away from the comp and as you can see they're looking great in their final days before heading off to mix it with the best amateurs in the world.

left: Sheena and Jake

I caught up with NZIFBB President Moe Moussawi and asked his thoughts on the team's chances at the show and ask Jess and Jake how their nerves as the show approaches.  Check out the interview below!



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