NABBA and WFF Stage Pics!
NABBA WFF Nationals

L to R Overall Winners
Linda Hickin, NABBA Figure. Kagan Orton, NABBA Bodybuilding.   Johanna Mountfort, WFF Figure. WFF Men.  Neara Johnson, NABBA Bodybuilding

Overall Winners

 Naera Johnson Johanna Mountfort  Jo Endrina  Kagen Orton


Guest Poser Phil Kuklinski, Retiring in Style at his last show appearance!

NABBA Senior Figure 35+.  Miss Physique
Lauren McLellan
 Natasha King
1st Naera Johnson, Ms Physique
NABBA Grand Figure 50+
 NABBA Novice Figure
 1st Linda Hickin
2nd Stephanie Wakelin
NABBA Figure Class 2
1st Louise Morley
 2nd Tracey Donovan

1st Liam Phillips
2nd Henry Lim
 3rd Marley Mason
NABBA Novice Men
1st Callouts
 1st Adrian Owen  2nd James Moyle
 3rd  Pedro Molina
 Warren Young  Rodney Ellis
 Men Combined Class
Deon Smith, M o35
Yoram Kalev, Men Class 3
 Kagan Orton, Men Class 2

NABBA Men Class 2
1st Dave Forward
2nd Ben Holmes
3rd Ralph Akuso

 Happy Snaps!
 Leanne and MC Linni  Jo and Lisa  The Super Jo Mountfort
Health HQ stand

Nebbia babes
Vendy, Shannon, Mark stand

Pedro, Linda and Maree

Judges Mark,     Richard and Annette
 One Rep Max Mark Rainbow in the house!
Donna and Nigel

Vegan beasts  Lisa and Ally Connecting over Kale
The Guys
 Fresh Start Fitness Team  Sarah's Dreamboat - Dave   Ab selfie
 Tom Masters 35+  Sports model hunks  WFF Overall Winner
 Bryn, 1st Sportsmodel NABBA bodybuilding

WFF Juniors

NABBA Overall contenders
Kagen, Dave, Yoram
 The Girls

Bikini babes Sportsmodel hotties Never say never Claire!
 Cat in WFF 35+ Awesome 50+ ladies  Beauties reflecting
 Lucia 1st sportsmodel  Lisa and slapper Ang  Bikini
 Paula and Giselle

WFF Class 1
Toia 1, 2
Lucia and Donna

 Tina, 2nd Extreme body  Yoram and Becs
 Fiona and  in WFF 35+

 WFF 50+

 Cat 3rd and Paula 2nd
WFF 35+
Special Johanna Mountfort Stalkers' Section Ha ha

WFF Bikini
WFF Sportsmodels
 above: 2nd Emily, Lucia 1st, 3rd Kiimberley
1st Lucia Oles
2nd Emma Fogerty
 3rd Kimberley Hicks
 Victoria Shaw
Simone Jordan
 Rebecca Louise Alo

WFF Extreme Body
1st Giselle McArtney
2nd Tina Merriman
 WFF 35+
1st Fiona Trask
2nd Paula Fearnley
 3rd Catherine Tear
 Daniela Shephard
 Hellena Gilmore

WFF Class 2
1st Johanna Mountfort
2nd Helen Semmens
WFF Class 1

2nd Suzanne Barker. 1st Toia McDonald


WFF Novice Figure
1st Nicky Johnston
Michelle Kerr
Marsha Rogers

WFF Junior
1st Alex Faulkner
2nd Brayden Green
WFF Masters Men o35
1st Tom Wojick
2nd Mike Smith
 3rd Nigel Turnbull
WFF Novice Men
1st Jayesh Parekh
WFF Class 2 and 4
Benjamin Smith
 Robin Vis
1st Cory Hagenaas Class 4


 WFF Class 3
1st  Jo Endrina
2nd Dean Teiho
WFF Men's Class 1
3rd Adam Lee Williams,1st Chris   2nd, Damian Garrett
WFF Men's Sports Model
1st Bryn Goodall
2nd Moses Penitani
 3rd Tomasi Ofa

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