Olya Lomakina (3rd from right) won the Arnold Amateur Tall Bikini Class.

More results below

Some great results from the kiwi babes. Sheena Singh won her novice class. Olga Botneva and Rebecca Moody came 4th and 3rd respectively in their up to 162 cm class. Olya Lamonika follows up her 2nd place at Arnold Classic in Ohio with 1st place in the over 172cm class while Anna also placed 3rd in same class. In the fitness class, Bronte Coluccio placed 3rd while Hayley Freeman was 5th. Well done ladies!

Kurt Dell Athlete's never say die attitude has finally earned him a well deserved 2nd placing and a huge smile after a year of hard grind. Geoff Hoeflich placed 5th in same class. Congrats to cantab Jay Mcdonald placing 3rd in his class. Marjohn Abelardo also placed 5th in his short class. Congrats boys!!!

Amateur Fitness, Hayley Freeman (far left) 4th, Bronte Coluccio (3rd from left) 3rd

above: Kiwi Myra Rogers

1. Carmala Rodriguez
2. Candice Keene
3. Candice Lewis
4. Gennifer Strobo
5. Latorya Watts
6. Dana Ambrose
7. Heather Dees
8. Myra Rogers
9. Amanda Doherty
10. Larissa Reis
11. Eliyan Lobez
12. Asher Prior
13. Rinnah Schmid
14. Maria Garcia
15. Tara Amos


Pro Bikini Lineup
Above: Kiwis Jade McKinnon and Sheena Jayne Anderton

1. Janet Layug
2. Ashley Kaltwasser
3. India Paulino
4. Stephanie Mahoe
5. Narmin Assria
6. Summer Bernard
7. Pollianna Moss
8. Sheena Jayne Anderton
9. Barbie Heng
10. Jade McKinnon
11. Whitney Wiser
12. Ebony Quince
13. Amy Wright


Pro Men Results
1. Dexter Jackson
2. Branch Warren
3. Justin Compton
4. Evan Centopani
5. Brandon Curry
6. Roelly Winklaar
7. Ben Papluski
8. Toney Freeman
9. Joshua Lenartowicz
10. Corey Mathews
11. Luke Schembri
12. Sam Mohammad
Kiwi Sam Mohammah

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