Pics of the 56 athletes who competed at the NABBA WFF Christchurch Grand Prix.  Plus awesome video of Deanne Thin and Nicola Gray battling it out in Women's Physique Class below!

Thanks to Paul McSweeney of Defiined Photography for the pics.

Overalls above L to R:
WFF Mr Athletic - Sam Harley. NABBA Miss Figure - Sue Bettridge
NABBA Mr Physique - Josh Davidson. WFF Miss Athletic - Sarah Simonsen


 Athletic and Junior
 Master and Grandmaster
 Athletic 3 and 4
 Athletic 3
Athetic 1 and 2
 Sports Models
 Novice Athletic
 Athletic Novice and o35
 Athletic Class 1


 Junior Men
 Masters, o40, o50, Class 2, Novice Men
 Figure o35, Class 1 and 2
 Junior Figure and Novice

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