Lisa and Johanna
NABBA Auckland Champs Pics!
Check out the stage pics from the show.

Great to see some new talent show some great potential in bodybuilding. Also good to see some familiar bodies who are still giving it a go like Jerry Muzikowski, Glenys Matthews and Andrew Murray who have all competed for at least 10 years.  Amazing!

Overall Winners:
Giselle McArtney, Physique.
Xiaojun Cao, Athletic.
Charlene Jones, Figure.
Aaron Vaisigano, Physique. Coralie Goldfinch, Shape

Novice Figure Tall
Trish. Spinel. Catherine. Carmen. Danika 
Teenage Men and Junior Men
Teenage: Joshua. Harrison.  Junior: Steven. Jamil
Hailey. Casey. Coralie. Laura. Tiahana
Novice Athletic Tall
Travis. Brad. Alistair


Senior Figure 50+

Jacqui. Luisa. Gladys
Masters Athletic 50+.  Novice Athletic Short
Masters: John. Xiao. Daniel
Masters 70+. Novice Physique Men
Masters: Jerry.  Novice: Simon. Rameka. Jeremy.
Novice and Open Women's Physique 
Novice: Billie. Sarah. Open: Giselle
Masters Athletic 40+. Open Athletic Tall
Masters: Mark.  Open: Paul
Senior Figure 40+. Novice Figure Short. Open Figure 
Senior: Vanessa. Sharon. Open: Charlene.  Novice Short: Sylvia
Open Physique Men Short and Tall
Short: Andrew. Tall: Andrew. Wei


Results of the NABBA NZ Auckland BB Championships 25 July 2015
Overall Ms. Physique & Ms. AUCKLAND: Giselle McArtney
Overall Mr. Athletic & Mr. AUCKLAND: Xiaojun Cao
Overall Ms. Figure & Ms. AUCKLAND: Charlene Jones
Overall Mr. Physique & Mr. AUCKLAND: Aaron Vaisigano
Ms. Shape AUCKLAND: Coralie Goldfinch
Best Male Performance: Andrew Murray
Best Female Performance: Sharon Lang
TOP AUCKLAND Gym: Just Workout Forest Hill

Novice Figure Tall
1st Trish Cottier
2nd Danika van den Heever
3rd Carmen Quedley
4th Spinel Dennison
5th Catherine Lovell

Teenage Men
1st Harrison Rowe
2nd Joshua Roscoe

Junior Men
1st Jamil Khan
2nd Steven Hong

Novice Shape
1st Coralie Goldfinch
2nd Laura Rayson
3rd Casey Davies
4th Tiahna Stannett
5th Hailey Ashton

Novice Athletic Tall
1st Alistair Patterson
2nd Brad Munn
3rd Travis Committie

Senior Figure 50+
1st Gladys Matthews
2nd Jacqui Fisher
3rd Luisa Winters

Masters Athletic 50+
1st John Armstrong

Novice Athletic Short
1st Xiaojun Cao
2nd Daniel Suckling
3rd Alfred Williams

Masters 70+
1st Jeremi Musialkowski

Novice Physique Men
1st Simon Matau
2nd Rameka Pita
3rd Jeremy Price

Novice Physique Women
1st Billie Thomas-McKenzie
2nd Sarah Stannett

Open Physique Women
1st Giselle McArtney

Masters Athletic 40+
1st Mark Cornaga

Open Athletic Tall
1st Paul Wezenbeek

Senior Figure 40+
1st Sharon Lang
2nd Vanessa Mager

Novice Figure Short
1st Sylvia Kara

Open Figure Tall
1st Charlene Jones

Open Physique Men Short
1st Andrew Murray

Open Physique Men Tall
1st Aaron Vaisigano
2nd Wei Li

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