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Lisa's Happy Snaps!

Part 1 video here. Behind the scenes. Check out all the fun as we capture some of the antics that go on backstage from Tarren, Naera, Novice Figure Tall, Stu and Sandy, mens posedown and more! 

Part 2. Video Interview with Lisa and Tom, Overall Figure and Athletic winners. 

Part 3 Video. We chat with Tarren, Naera and Fiona while they pump up and sneak up on Jill, Wendy and PK.

All the familiar faces and bodies came out to surprise us at the first NABBA comp of the year, NABBA Auckland Champs on 3 May. Out of the woodworks came the girls Lisa Bellingham, Naera Johnson, Tarren McCall and Rachel Radich who were all in great condition so we were in for a treat as the girls battled in their various classes.

Seemed there were slightly more girls than guys in this show and the novice figure classes had some great potential amongst them. In the novice figure short, Fiona ( a Mum to a 14mth old and 2 year old) was in super condition. While there was a good class of 4 tall lean timbers in the Novice Figure Tall class. We would say it was a close call between PK and Emma but it was Emma who just took out that class.  Not bad considering PK was struck with kidney infection a couple of weeks ago.
Lisa with Diana
'also out of the woodworks' Flynn
The physique classes also presented the judges with some thinking to do. The senior 35 physique class saw Sarah Su just outmuscle Wendy Sole and Carol Gooch to take out first place.  While the senior 45 physique class was a delight for muscle lovers with Tarren McCall (who did Sen Fig last year) up against the return of ultra muscular Rachel Radich who asn't competed for a few years.  These ladies were in full, lean and detailed condition but it was Tarren who probably just pipped Rachel for the class.  Naera Johnson returned to stage with eyes fully focused on going hard for the Worlds in 6 weeks. She's got plenty of muscle this year so good luck to Naera with her training. 

So when the battle for the Overalls  arrived, it was a pleasure to see the showdown between Naera, Tarren, Sarah and Wendy Rowe, all that muscle on stage got the crowd enthralled but in the end it was Tarren and her camouflage bikini that won over the judges to take the Overall title.
Overall Contenders
Figure; PK, Lisa, Fiona.         Physique; Sarah, Naera, Wendy, Tarren.   Athletic; Tom, Stu,

What can we say about Lisa Bellingham? She came in great shape as always and with her usual ' glamazon' polish. Lisa looked much tighter and muscles looked fuller than previous years..and with a set of abs.  Yes I noticed Lis!  However, she was going to have tough competition from PK and Fiona as they were in pretty good shape too. They all posed their butts off but it was Big L who took out the overall, to go with the one she won earlier this year.  Lisa's now off to compete in a NABBA comp in Melbourne 10 May, good luck!

Guys were thin on the ground this year so it was good to see the ever conditioned Tom Wojick pumping up backstage.  Tom's been tinkering with his final diet contest prep and with great results as he's come in fuller with much deeper striations this year, so obviously his timing worked out great and he walked away with the overall Athletic Title. 


Weren't too many physique guys around but a couple did catch my eye.  A teenager in the Junior boys class has awesome muscle mass and definition, his aunts tell me he used to do lots of running so hopefully he'll stop in the gym for a while now as he has great potential.  An ex Junior, Nolan Smith, towered over everybody with his 6'4" frame and muscle balance to take out the overall physique title.  Welcome to the big boys Nolan!

Thanks to Peter Hardwick for putting on a great show.  I'm sure the athletes enjoyed their prizes and the relaxed atmosphere of the comp.   Look forward to seeing you all at the next show with your great bods and smiling faces!

Enjoy the pics! More available from

Lisa, Go Figure


Overall Winners


Figure; Lisa Bellingham. Athletic; Tom Wojcik. Physique; Tarren McCall. Physique; Nolan Smith

Physique Girls

Above: Sen Phys 45+ Jill 3rd, Rachel 2nd, Tarren 1st

Above centre: Sen Phys 35+ Sarah 1st, Wendy 2nd, Carol 3rd

Above right: Open and Nov Phys. Naera 1st Open, Wendy 1st, Sandy 2nd

Right: Novice Phys 1st Wendy, Sandy 2nd

Below: Sue, Wendy glams up for nite show, Naera, Rachel


Figure Girls

Open and Nov Fig Tall
Lisa, Emma, PK,Lesley,Sarah
Nov Figure Short and Sen Fig
Sheralene, Anne, Fiona
Fitness Model
PK, 1st Nov Fig Tall.                                    Fiona, 1st Nov Fig Short

Below: Lisa, Open and Overall Fig

Physique Boys

    Left: Junior Men
Teisina, Daniel, Sean
    Far left: Masters Men
Left: Nov Physique Richard Paki
and Richard Tigafua
1st Open and Overall Men
Nolan Smith
2nd Open Men, Andrew


Athletic Boys

 Tom, 1st Open and  Overall Athletic
 Vitaliy  Eduardo, 2nd Open  Stu, 1st Masters

Stu and Sandy

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