NewsflashHere are final results from the NZ team who competed at the NABBA Worlds in Spain 14 June.

Naera Johnson - Women's Physique  - 1st
Tarren McCall - Senior Figure - 1st 

Rose Lowery - Figure Short - 2nd ,
Rachel Radich - Senior Figure - 2nd
Rose and Conrad Lowery - Mixed Pairs - 2nd

Donna Knowles - Physique Women - 3rd;
Emma Thompson - Figure Tall - 3rd;
Lorraine Terris - Senior Figure - 3rd

Parekura Herewini - Figure Tall - 4th;
Conrad Lowery - Athletic Tall - 5th
Congrats our 1st ladies!!
Naera and Tarren

Rose, 2nd
Conrad 5th

Rachel, 2nd

Parekura, 4th

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