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Lisa's Happy Snaps!

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featuring: Trish, Donelle, Heidi and Figure comparisons 
On a cold blustery rainy day in Auckland about 40 athletes stripped down to their sexy little bikinis and posing trunks to compete in the NZFBB Auckland Champs.

Interestingly there were only 4 open athletes (1 man and 3 women) amongst the competitors that day!  I wonder where the Opens have gone maybe they're saving themselves for end of year.  So this was a very novice show, with slightly more girls than guys, but it was great to see new people joining in the thrill and spills of bodybuilding.  Hopefully they will have gotten the bug and compete again. 
Lisa with Supergirls
Heidi and Rhonda
Donelle Petelo

Amongst the many novices competing, thought we'd highlight a couple of notable figures. One was Donelle Petelo. Donelle competed in a very competitve Novice Figure Tall class of 7 well conditioned athletes.

Donelle had a great structure. Wide shoulders, small waist, she was lean, full and had the most amazing legs I've seen for a long time - except for Heidi's ofcourse. Actually would've been quite interesting to see Heidi and Donelle compared, now that would be a good contest.

However Raechelle went on to win the Novice tall and eventally the Overall.  We hope you compete soon Donelle as we'd love to see those awesome legs on stage again!
Trish Muldrock
The other notable mention is the nuggety figure of Trish Muldrock of Northland.  Trish, 53, is a World class powerlifter who holds the World Benchpress Record for her weight class, benching 85kg while only weighing 45kg! And as you can see all that heavy lifting has given Trish some awesome mass. Unfortunately she didn't quite have the legs to beat Nikki who did have some pretty cut legs to take out the class and overall. 

It was a nice surprise to see Trish out of her powerlifting suit and into a bikini. She competed in the u52kg without doing any cardio, use of supps or doing abs.  Ofcourse the same training plan is/was used by Ali Gascoine, who coincidentally helped Trish with this comp. Hope to see you on the bodybuilding stage again Trish!
Click pic to see this cool 'popping' routine @
The novice figure short was a great class too. I think it must've been another close call between Donna and Johanna. However I must say Johanna had a very cool routine to Fergie's 'my humps', I think Johanna must've been a dancer in her former life.

But I think the best routine of the night went to the right guy. He was on a leaner side of a bodybuilder but he sure had some meaty dance moves that got the crowd wild.  If you want to see a really cool routine check out Keith Jolly's for the routine.  You'll be bouncing around in front of your computer!
So there you go, a brief glimpse of the show. The show itself was quite efficient, the morning show finished by noon and the night show by 8pm so I'm sure the athletes appreciate the early night so they can go celebrate....or commesarate!

Enjoy the pics below, for more pics go to
Lisa, Go Figure


Overall Winners

 Physique, Nikki  Physique, Tom  Figure, Raechelle


Novice Physique

Masters Women
1st, 2nd, 3rd
1st Nikki, 2nd Trish
1st, 2nd

Novice Figure Short

 3rd, 2nd, 1st  Donna 1st

Novice Figure Tall

2nd Donelle, 1st, Raechelle,  3rd



Open Figure Short and Tall

 Angie, Heidi, Michelle (Tall)  Angie 2nd, Heidi 1st


Physique Men

2nd, 1st Novice u70kg 
3rd, 4th, 5th Novice u70kg
Mike, 1st Classic Men
 Novice u80kg

Overall Mens Comparisons




Overall Physique Women Comparisons



Overall Figure Comparisons


Were you at the Akl Champs? what were you thoughts on the show?
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