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Vid 3, Big Boys @ Waikato  Vid 2, Helen Aloiai  Vid 1, behind the scenes with the girls

Lisa's Happy Snaps!

The NABBA Waikato was full of surprises! firstly there was the surprising 55 competitors who weathered the immenent thunderstorm to compete in Hamilton. Think this show is the biggest of the year out of any of the federations so far so well done to Shelly Boyes for getting out and about around the Waikato/BOP region to encourage the athletes to compete. 

Then there was the appearance of the 'golden couple' Alex and Leanne Simays who competed in the couples class - and won. But the big suprise here was that Leanne competed in the Shape Class! 

Lisa with Leanne 
However Leanne had a wee bit too much muscle in this class so wasn't placed in the very competitive line up of 7 hot shapers.  Teresa, the blonde bombshell won this class but it was great to see she'll now have some competition at the Nationals as they'll be chasing her very high heels to the title.

The other nice surprise was the great lineups in each of the classes.  Cathy Orevich from Kaitaia just keeps looking sharper with every show and took out the Senior Figure. It was great to see an equally impressive line up of novices in the Novice Figure class too. Christelle from Mt Maunganui had a great structure and muscle mass while Amor and the lady from Martin were lean.  In the end judges went for structure and balance and Christelle took out that class.
Overall Winners
Teresa, Andrew, Alex, Kym, Moira

The 'find' of the contest would've been Moira from Sunnygymz in Whakatane - Sunnygymz incidentally brought along 9 athletes to the show to its great to see the team spirit alive and well.  Back to Moira, at 45, she has amazing musclemass and for this comp she dropped 20kg over the past 18 months. Moira won the Overall Physique title and we hope to see her in another show.

The 'Super trooper' award would go to Kym Carter. She'd been seriously sick the past couple of weeks and hadn't been able to train regularly. But being the super athlete she is, she got up on stage and competed.  While she wasn't her super sharp racehorse self, she posed her butt off and took out the Open figure against some tough competition from PK, Janine and Sheta.   

Power Couple
Sesa Timuli and Grant Peterse

And lastly the big Open Men, and they were worth waiting for. Its been a long time since we've since some big boys on stage at the same time and this was our lucky night. Deciding to come out to play were big Nathan, the ever in great condition Alex and the super vascular Phil. These boys were big and the audience appreciated seeing their big muscles flexing and pumping as they went through their poses. While Phil had great hardness and vascularity he didn't quite have the mass of Alex and Nathan. And while Nathan was big (huge in fact!), he didn't quite have the detail of Alex's physique and Alex took out that class and eventually the overall.  Hopefully we'll see a rematch of these guys at the Nationals, now that will be a sight to see!

This was a fantastic show - thanks Shelley, well organised and the backstage marshalls were onto it getting all athletes to stage on time.  All athletes walked away with a bagful of goodies.  The audience were also treated to guest posing by Big Helen Aloiai who's aiming to compete at the Universe later this year.  You can see her pics at bottom of the page.

Below are some pics of the show, enjoy!  more pics available at

Lisa, Go Figure

p.s we'll have video from the show in the next week

   2nd, 1st, 3rd
Angela, Teresa, Rose

Senior Figure
3rd, 1st, 2nd
Katherine, Kathy, Claire

Novice Figure

1st Christelle, 4th Laura

3rd Jody, 2nd Amor

Open Figure

1st Kym, 3rd Janine, 2nd PK, 4th Sheta 



Physique Women

   Novice and Sen Physique 2nd Wendy, 1st Moira
Sen Phys o35

Physique Men

Jnr Men 

Masters o40 

Masters o50 

Novice Physique 

Athletic Men

Andrew, 1st Open Short 
2nd Greg, 1st Matt
Nov Athletic tall
Masters Athletic
1st Mike, 2nd
Matt, 1st nov athletic tall

Open Men

3rd, 1st, 2nd 
Philip, Alex, Nathan



Alex and Leanne

Jody and Brett 

Overall Comparisons
Kym, Christelle, Kathy

Athletic Men
Andrew, Matt, Mike
Physique women
Moira, Karen

Physique Men 
Tesina, Nigel, Alex, Hyung


Guest Poser, Helen Aloiai
Lisa with Big Helen.
Video of her coming soon!


1. Hyung Sik Cha
2. Brett Walford
3. Jerry Musial Kowski

1. Michael Pouhila
2. Maura Childs
3. Felix O'Carroll

1. Michael Cassidy
2. Peter Bratton

1. Tesina Tongi
2. Dean Shilton
3. Adrian Ion

1. Matt Cole
2. Greg Mawson
3. Gary Fowell
4. Anthony Joyce

1. Nigel Jenkins
2. Rodney Favia
3. Marty Ngaio
4. Paul Burke
5. Kanawa Kingi

1. Andrew Murray

1. Alex Simays
2. Nathan O'Hearn
3. Philip Puttick

1. Teresa Edwards
2. Angela Taggart
3. Rose Hyde
4. Stella Hemmes
5. Leanne Simays
6. Debbie Bradley

1. Moira Lavender-Ashburn
2. Wendy Sole
3. Rachel Jarvis
4. Colleen Sloane

1. Cathy Orevich
2. Katherine Moore
3. Claire To'omata

1. Christelle Coetsec
2. Amor Kisling
3. Jody Walford
4. Laura Bothomley

1. Karen Bishop
2. Sela Kingi

1. Kym Carter
2. Parekura Herewini
3. Janine Haywood
4. Sheta Hall

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