Paul's Happy Snaps from NZFBB Nationals

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Updated Overall Comparison Pics

   Overall Figure Comparisons  
 Overall Physique Comparisons
 Overall Physique Men

 Guest Posers Moe Moussawi and Kaye O'Neil

 Physique Women
 Masters o35  Masters o45
 Nov Phys u55kg                                   Nov Phys o55kg
 Open u55kg  Open o55kg 2nd, 1st, 3rd o55kg
 Overall Physique Comparison


Figure Women
 Sen Fig o35                         Sen Fig o45
 Nov Fig Short                      Nov Fig Short
Nov Fig Tall
Nov Fig Tall
 Open Fig Short  Open Fig Short 2nd, 1st, 3rd
 Open Fig Tall  Bodyfitness Short
 Overall Bodyfitness Comparison  Bodyfitness Tall



 Masters o40  Masters o50  Nov Men u70kg
 Nov Men u70kg  Nov Men 70-80kg  Nov Men

Classic Men
    Left and above:
Open Men 70-80kg
 Open Men 80-90kg
 Open Men o90kg
 Open Men Comparison


Overall Winners
Figure: Sheryl Paterson
Physique: Michelle Heggie
Bodyfitness: Niki Taylor
Men: Daniel Hibbs

Teenage Men (Under 18) [2]

1st:  Mario Miranda

2nd:  Zachary Paterson

Junior Men (Under 21) [2]

1st:  Dylan Stephens

2nd:  Ben Mills

Masters Men Over 40 [4]     

1st: Max Stott         

2nd: Dean Teiho

3rd: David Gallagher

Masters Men Over 50 [5]     

1st: Peter Hunt

2nd: Murray McMichael

1st: Paul Adams

Novice Men Under 70 [9]

1st: Rede Frisby

2nd: Kyle McFarlane

3rd: Gino Di Leva

Novice Men 70-80kg [6]

1st:  Brent Dor

2nd: Nic Whitehead

3rd: Sione Savea

Novice Men Over 80kg [1]

1st: Richard Hughes

Novice Men Over 90kg [1]

1st: Petaia Aiono

Classic Men [6]

1st:  Aron Noble

2nd: Will Garrick

3rd: Lee Lynch

Open Men Under 70kg [5]

1st:  Daniel Hibbs

2nd: Supry Sos

3rd: Karl Cook

Open Men 70-80kg [5]

1st: Richard Best

2nd: Brad Thomson

3rd: Yoram Kaleu

Open Men 80-90kg [5]

1st:  Sanjeev Narayan

2nd: Nikawana Perese

3rd: Tawhiti Henare

Open Men Over 90kg [2]                                

1st: Grant Pieterse

2nd: Phily Nuku



Masters Women Over 35 [4]             

1st: Belinda Muller-Jack

2nd: Carolyn Mailo 

3rd: Jan Dixon        

Masters Women Over 45 [5]             

1st: Sheryl Summers

2nd: Debra Teiho

3rd: Denise McKenna

Senior Figure Over 35 [6]

1st: Karen Montague

2nd: Suraya Dewing

3rd: Judy Duggan

Senior Figure Over 45 [10]

1st: Vickie Cattell

2nd: Farah Deobhakta

3rd: Minda Galvin

Novice Women Under 55 kg [8]

1st: Gretchen McFadden

2nd: Lucie Thompson

3rd: Nikki Dickson

Novice Women Over 55kg [7]

1st:  Hayley Freeman

2nd: Marama Cameron

3rd: Bonnie Weekes

Novice Figure - Short [10]

1st: Teneka Hyndman

2nd: Fiona Wallace

3rd: Kathy Burnell

Novice Figure - Tall [9]

1st:  Kat Bunting

2nd: Raechelle Chase

3rd: Lynette Skeats

Open Figure - Short [8]

1st:  Sheryl Paterson

2nd: Rachel MacKenzie

3rd: Melanie Westland

Open Figure - Tall [3]

1st:  Kara O'Halloran

2nd: Michelle Dixon

3rd: Jennifer Wood

Body Fitness - Short [3]

1st:  Niki Taylor

2nd: Roma Shapleski

3rd: Tanya McEwan

Body Fitness - Tall [2]

1st:  Amanda Armitage

2nd: Lisa Bellingham

Open Women Over 55kg [5]

1st:  Michelle Heggie

2nd: Julie Harris

3rd: Danielle Manu

Open Women Over 55kg [5]

1st:  Ra Paku

2nd: Karyn Kelly

3rd: Mandi Matheson

Mixed Pairs [2]

1st:  Phily Nuku & Hayley Freeman

2nd: Steve Quinn & Carolyn Mailo

Best Posing Routine (Male)

Daniel Hibbs

Best Posing Routine (Female)

Niki Taylor

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