Pics and Results from the NZFBB Wellington Champs 
Here are some pics from the NZFBB Wellington Champs thanks to our favourite foreign correspondents, The Stubbingtons.  Sorry not sure which classes are which at this stage but will endeavour to caption them for you.

If you have some pics to share, please email them to us!
Click link below to read and watch Jonah's story on TV 3

We thought Jonah did well to compete considering the medical issues he has to deal with.  Afterall its tough enough doing this sport with 2 kidneys, let alone just functioning on 1.  Great for bodybuilding too so thanks Jonah!

right: Maree Stubbington with the man of the moment, Jonah Lomu


The Women    
Neralee Montague and        Neralee was packing some serious muscle
Tina Dunlop                       Tina's come down heaps from Taupo too.

Good job girl! 
The Men    
     Sample Image


Teenage Men Under 18
1st: Mario Miranda

Junior Men Under 21

1st: Sam Andrews
2nd: Said Constantine

Masters Men Over 40

1st: Ross Gray

Masters Men Over 50

1st: Steve Philp
2nd: Chris Mechen
3rd: Glen Avison

Masters Women Over 35

1st: Lauren Turner

Senior Figure Over 35

1st: Michelle Allen
2nd: Nickie Lemmens

Senior Figure Over 45

1st: Judith Taylor
2nd: Tracy Toulis
3rd: Susan Coppersmith

Novice Women Under 55 kg

1st: Michelle Bain

Novice Women Over 55 kg

1st: Sharleen Wood
2nd: Liz Smith
3rd: Sue Latta

Novice Men Under 70kg

1st: Atul Patel
2nd: Manu Menard

Novice Men 70-80kg

1st: Leo Tanirau
2nd: Marcel Austmann

Novice Men Over 80kg

1st: Corbin Halcrow
2nd: Jamie Dunn
3rd: Tim Leatuau

Classic Men

1st: Jamie Olsen
2nd: Darren Buck
3rd: Adam Gyongyos

Novice Figure - Short

1st: Andrea Keene
2nd: Andrea Berry
3rd: Sheryl Ferguson

Novice Figure - Tall

1st: Lois Tuarau
2nd: Kiri Van Stratum

Open Figure - Short

1st: Neralee Montague

Open Figure - Tall

1st: Tina Dunlop

Open Women Under 55kg

1st: Jan Dixon

Open Women Over 55kg

1st: Mandi Matheson
2nd: Keri Bryant

Open Men Under 70kg

1st: Gino Di Leva

Open Men 70-80kg

1st: Karl Cook
2nd: Mike Kharkrang
3rd: Mike Gaeta

Open Men Over 90kg

1st: Daniel Wagstaff
2nd: Jonah Lomu

Mixed Pairs

1st: Darren Buck & Tina Dunlop
2nd: Jonah Lomu & Tracy Toulis
3rd: Leo Tanirau & Kiri Van Stratum

Best Posing Routine - Male

Darren Buck

Best Posing Routine - Female

Neralee Montague

Best Team

Team Lifestyle

Overall Women's Physique

Jan Dixon

Overall Figure

Neralee Montague

Overall Men

Karl Cook

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